Hey guys, RyanH here with another Duelyst Deck Lab. This time, we’re revisiting our favorite faction: Vetruvian.


We’re going to be visiting 2 cards today, Inner Oasis, and Fountain of Youth. They’ve been around since the start of the game, and despite their many changes no one really gave a damn since no one played them (much like the Spirit of Valknu “nerf” recently). Still, these cards are a match made in heaven for Vetruvian Structures.

Let’s get started.



Inner Oasis + All Strcutures / Pax / Dervishes / Anything: We want things to live. This card lets us make things live. Hurrah.

Fountain of Youth + Aymara / Nimbus / Obelysks: Fun fact: These all have high health. Why not pop them back to full from the brink of death, just to make your opponent’s life that much harder?

Nosh-Rak + Things: 50% discount on your lethals. Why not.

That’s about it for synergies, this deck really isn’t that heavy on the “theme” I suppose (since Vetruvian and these cards are a perfect fit). I’d say the major disadvantage is that against dispels, this deck suffers greatly but that’s any Obelysk deck anyways.


Lyonar: 1-1

Songhai: N/A

Magmar: 0-2 (Plasma Storm + Natural Selection OpieOP)

Vetruvian: I’m the only person who plays Vetruvian it seems

Abyssian: 1-0 (Wraithlings? Meet Star’s Fury.)

Vanar: 1-2 (Dispels are hard.)

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Voice them all below!

As usual, GL and HF. Especially that last bit.

Have Fun.



You are awesome Ryan :smile:. Although I feel kinda sad 1st Wish is not a 3 of :frowning:. But then, you had to take out something to include fountain


Thanks buddy! Means a lot to me.


Do you ever feel like a lot of these cool Vet themes rely on power-houses such as Aymara Healer, Pax, and Falcius to be workable? I think it unfortunately waters down a lot of the personality in deck building, but is a necessity to even have a good time with them.

Your decks are still always a fun read though.


Maybe its because oasis and fountain works better in an arcanyst deck compared to an obelysk one


Cool deck, can you make an economic version of this one?


As many others have said, Vetruvian is and always has been a faction with a lot of pretty weak cards (think Fountain of Youth, Corpse Cobustion) that relies heavily on some choice broken/very strong cards (think Aymara, pre-nerf Siphon)


You sir have my utmost respect for trying to make Fountain work. Over 2000 games on Vetruvian and I’ve only seen it once(I got in off L’kian as I was about to die and figured might as well go out with style.)

Also, why on earth did Songhai disappear off the the face of the earth? They’re extremely favored versus Magmar and the nerf didn’t hit them THAT hard.


No idea but damn if it ain’t a good time to have fun with crankyhai.


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