Ryan's Deck Labs: HONOR TO VETRUVIA!


Hi all, RyanH here again. I’m sure you’re all sick of my stupid decks, but this time I bring you a pure-bred deck. This means: no neutral cards. Only Vetruvian cards.

The best part? It works. Boasting an 80% winrate so far, it’s still going strong even against the top of meta decks.

Story Time:

When I first joined Duelyst, I thought that the Vetruvian Imperium had to be the best faction (this was in the pre-alpha, so it was). Their cool blast minions! Second Wish giving Celerity! Aymara Healer! Time Maelstrom that let you take another turn! The magnificence of the Portal Guardians! So, my Forum name?


And with this deck, we will bring honor back to the Vetruvian Imperium.


Behold, the pure-bred Vetruvian deck. Obviously, we’re going for a semi-Dervish theme. Let’s look over our cards!

Siphon Energy
Obvious choice. We don’t have dispels. Just run 2, we have other removal options.

Scion’s First Wish
Cycle cards and buff dudes. Enough said.

Our bread and butter, so to speak. Since we will spawn Dervishes pretty easily, Dunecaster provides a very welcome buff. Give permanence to your Obelysk Dervishes or just buff up your Iron Dervishes.

Ethereal Obelysk
Every deck needs 2 drops, and this is our best option. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, your Dervishes will be just in the right place to reach the enemy and start doing their work. If this eats a dispel, all the better since the rest of our deck is pretty effect-heavy.

The absolute best 2 drop, second to none. 2/1 which spawns 2 dervishes for our buffs? Yes please. Careful however, since it loses effectiveness over time. You do not want to be at 1/6 cards in hand and replace a Second Wish into this.

Rasha’s Curse
Since people run things like Ghost Azalea, Arclyte Regalia and all that, you will need this. Plus, it’s a good rush minion, like a mini-Saberspine Tiger that you can buff with Dunecaster.

Scion’s Second Wish
A fantastic buff, gives immunity against Generals, good for all your minions. Watch as they become the biggest pain in the neck ever known to man.

Another method of removal with a solid body.

Fireblaze Obelysk
If you haven’t noticed already, we’re running a lot of Dervishes. Although we’re not committing to the full Dervish (with Third Wish), the +1 Attack is still a very welcome buff.

Divine Spark
This is our only method of real card draw, as all others are cycles. Use it wisely.

Entropic Decay
A superb form of removal. Use it against big, strong minions who don’t have Dying Wish.

Wind Shrike
Why Wind Shrike over say, Allomancer (or even Mirage Master)? Well, Wind Shrike has the same stats as Allomancer, but more importantly we really don’t need that Obelysk. Since we’re not running Portal Guardian (press F to pay respects) and we’re in no shortage of Dervishes, why not boost one of our weaker aspects: card draw? Wind Shrike also has Flying, giving it reach which is sorely needed.

Although people have dismissed her as being too slow (and she has faded from the meta after the expansion), she is still a solid 5 drop, albeit a bit slow. However, the Soulburn Obelysks she puts out are still a force to be reckoned with.

Star’s Fury
This will be our unorthodox finisher / board clear. The impact of this card is massive however, with the right setup you can clear their entire board and even sneak some damage onto the enemy General. Bonus points if you yell “FOR AIUR” when the P̶r̶o̶t̶o̶s̶s̶ Dervishes come down.

Aymara Healer
The iconic Vetruvian staple. A must have, and better in threes. A great effect, and amplified further with the Grandmaster.

Dominate Will
I only included one copy because honestly, you should have removed most of their threats with what you have (Entropic, Falcius). But if that Excelsious is 16/16 and doesn’t have Aegis Barrier, go for it.

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak
Lethals for 50% off. This card will really test your maths skills too, so I hope you’re up for that. Use it to either kill the enemy outright or put them on a timer; Nosh-Rak has Flying and Blast for the next turn.

That will be all, I hope you have fun with this deck (as well as restoring honor to Vetruvia).

Comments, criticisms and compliments are all welcome!


Is Vetruvian Dead?

You know, as much of a Vet fanboy as I am, I will have to run this deck with Meltdown instead of Nosh-rak because RNG seems determined to deny me the Grandmaster for as long as possible. I have EVERY other Vetruvian card, as for the legendaries, I have gotten Excelsious, Twilight Fox, Grandmaster Embla, Grandmaster Variax, Meltdown (in that order). Still, at this rate, I’ll get Drogon soon and Nosh-rak in the last one.


I understand your struggles. But fear not! The road to greatness is long and enduring. One day, you’ll be blessed with the presence of our Grandmaster.

Seriously though, sorry to hear that. Personally I think Nosh-Rak might become our next faction staple simply because of how powerful the effect is!


I’m right there with @phayze on being a Vet fanboy.

As a new player, I’ve dedicated myself to only playing Vetruvian. It’s not easy to climb from Bronze to S-Rank. It’s even harder as Vetruvian. I’m maxing out at Gold 8 before I hit an impassable wall.

It’s a great deck. Is it more of a “fun” deck? Or, is it something that could/can be competitive with the other factions?


Like I said, it’s gotten 80% winrate so far in higher ranks. It’s definitely viable, although certainly not fine-tuned by some tournament winner, it’s fun and it works. And in the end, isn’t that what really matters? It’s fun, it works. <3


This deck looks really good. I would probably fit whispers of the sands in there somewhere, add L’kian, who is technically a Neutral, and probably run Allomancer. The part about Grandmaster Nosh-Rak testing math skills works both ways. The opponent rarely factors in the fact that you can double your damage at any time after 7 mana and often leaves Obelisks or Sand dervishes alive. Would you consider L’kian a Neutral card? To me, she seems more like a faction card that has a unique version for each faction.

Wait, you’re VetruvianHonor!? I think it was your posts that made me a Vet fanboy in the first place! If it wasn’t for you, I might be stuck in the Church of Makantor :grin:.

P.s. Didn’t you say that you were a professional Vanar player…?



I suppose I should mention I’m playing a self-built Sajj deck.

I’m definitely going to try this deck out. I don’t really like the way obelisks play. However, I’m willing to give them another shot.

Edit: Fun IS the name of the game. Some of us are, however, a tad bit competitive. I can’t stand losing to a mechanic I can’t control(out of hand damage, ranged minions, kiting) when I’ve outplayed my opponent at every turn.


loved the deck man! I found it incredibly powerfull after a couple of runs on the ladder

Now I’m looking to fine tune it. How would you advise going with it as not a pure-bred deck?


Patience child, as the armies of Rasha were destroyed by their greed, so too will any who desire too greatly the power of Grandmaster Noah-Rak. It will appear in due time and when it does then, and only then, will you be able to prove the folly in the enemies decision to underestimate the power of the Vetruvian Imperium.
As for the deck, well done. Not only did you prepare a viable vet deck, you did so using only faction cards; a feat not so easily done. Instead of wind shriek, you could tech in whisper since you synergize more with your obelisks while retaining that card draw that you want (it’s low mana cost also enables you to combo more often!), if you really want a flying minion then just replace 2nd wish with astral phasing (this gives you the ability to take out ranged minions more reliably while giving your minion more survivability. Use on nimbus for better board control), siphon’s been an underwhelming card for me ever since it’s nerf, but if it works for you then by all means go for it! Finally, if you have any more doubts just hit up vet master @F8D. I’m sure that he’ll have answers for you


Yes, but oh well. I’d love to find room for Whispers of the Sands, maybe even replace Star’s Fury with it.

L’kian is neutral scum.

Yes, it is I, VetruvianHonor, from a long time ago. Thanks for the kind words!


I’m still short of 2 star’s fury and 2 aymara to test this :frowning: any other replacement?


Update to my earlier post:

I had 20 wins the day I made my original post. I was around Silver 14. I ended at Gold 10 with a 9 game winning streak. 30 Wins total from bottom of Silver to Gold 10.
It definitely competes.

I’ve only played for 3 seasons now. I always cap out at Gold 8. I’m hoping I can finally make it to Diamond.



So glad its working out for you.

@jkmaikhoi Whispers of the Sands for Star’s Fury, Aymara is non-replacable.



Update: 67 Wins
Just hit Diamond Rank for the first time. Currently on a 4 game win streak.


Lies! Aymara Healer clashes with both Nimbus and Nosh-Rak for slots. Def no longer the single card powerhouse she used to be. Biggest issue with the list I see is the Second Wishes, which probably want to be Conduits or Third Wishes (given your Dervish spam potential.) Not sure DW works here either with all of the high-end material. This pretty similar to my own Midrange Zirix list dubbed “Space Lord”, where I run Krons and Healers over Nimbus and Nosh-Rak as well as 2x Lady Locke to stall for 3rd Wish combos (also only one Star’s Fury because it’s a strong OTK tool, but often backfires as hand-rot) as well as 2 First Wish and 3 Divine Sparks, because I want the cards in my hand to have more overall impact.


i got to s rank yesterday and wanted to try some vetruvians for fun and played this deck.
at first it was fun but than the faes came.

how on earth do you deal with mechazor/ranged with this deck?

my results were:
win - loss
magmar: 1 - 1
vanar: 1 - 4
songhai: 0 - 1
abyssian: 0 - 1
lyonar: 1 - 1

do you have some tips maybe?
i haven’t played vetruvian seriously since the dispell nerf.


So the main tools of Faie are Enfeeble and Cryptographer. If you want to stick with my deck, my tips would be:

  1. Keep pressuring them, and destroy whatever they produce. This can be done with Falcius, Entropic Decay and minions. If they drop Meltdown, drop Dominate Will.

  2. Enfeeble is a bit harder to deal with, so just make sure you always have a backup plan.

If you’re going to tech stuff in, I’d say:

Run Shroud over Siphon, try to fit in some Bloodtear Alchemists, as well as Azure Heralds.


Dealing with distant threats as Vetruvian 2017 LUL


mechazor fae seems like a thing.
she can just shoot with the 2/2 ranged mechazor parts or when she gets the mechazor summoned i feel like there is nothing in the deck that could help.

it works descent against lyonar and magmar, but fae is more popular now especially in s rank.
i think i will have to look for a fun faction elsewhere :’(


Feels Bad Man.

Feels pretty bad.