Ryan's Deck Labs: GRANDMASTER Z'IR!


Hey guys, RyanH here again. This time, I’ve got a rather interesting lab. Since the card in question works with both Generals, there’s gonna be 2 decks.


There was once a card in the Core Set, known as the OG Grandmaster, before all these other ones came around. He was Grandmaster Z’ir, a 7 mana 5/12 that replaced your General if he or she died. However, dispels exist, and so Z’ir isn’t as good. Still…

…I think I can make Grandmaster Z’ir Work.



So the main goal is by using small buffs to boost not only Grandmaster Z’ir, but also your own minions. These include:

Prism Barrier, for Forcefielding your Z’ir, and Aegis Barrier, for making your Z’ir immune to spells (aka the bane of Songhai). Not only are these buffs good on Z’ir, they can also be used on any of your minions to great effect, like Scintilla, Sunbreaker and Silverguard Knight with Aegis Barrier, or Tiger, Slo and Azurite Lion with Prism Barrier. Obviously, Arclyte Regalia is good on both your General and Z’ir.


The way you want to play this is like a tempo deck, but with Z’ir and Sky Phanlanx as a late-game backup. Scintilla should help you survive, and if you’re literally about to die, just drop Z’ir and Prism Barrier, then commit sudoku.


This is more of a Healyonar deck, and since Sunforge Lancer’s attack buff boosts both Zir’an and Z’ir, this means the Lancer will become a persistent threat throughout. Otherwise, play as normal healing deck. But keep in mind, when all hope seems lost, topdeck Z’ir and win the game.


Lyonar: Argeon 1-1, Zi’ran 1-2.

Songhai: N/A, nobody plays Songhai.

Magmar: Argeon 2-1, Zir’an 2-2.

Vetruvian: LUUL

Abyssian: Argeon 1-2, Zi’ran 2-2.

Vanar: Argeon 3-2, Zi’ran 1-2.

Comments? Compliments? Concerns? Voice them below!

Remember, GL and HF. Especially that last bit.

Have Fun.



Not sure if it was intentional, but you made me laugh out loud with sudoku


FeelsSajjMan. This made me grin and cry at the same time.


Despite my love for sajj…



No Draining Wave??? I thought the goal was to kill yourself as fast as possible, and become the Grand Master???

In all seriousness, I love this card. Always have. I wonder if it would work in an Owl deck, using Magnetize, Aegis Barrier and Divine Bond to wreck people with Owls or Z’ir.

Dropping Z’ir and suiciding always feels good. But you usually lose anyways lol


Sad day for Songhai :frowning:


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