Ryan's Deck Labs: EMBLA & WINTER'S WAKE!


Hey guys, RyanH here, and I’m back with another one of my deck concepts/experiments. I used to call this series “Ryan’s Stupidest Decks”, but I soon realised that some of these are actually (relatively) viable. So from now on:

Ryan’s Stupidest Decks will denote decks that haven’t been field tested.

Ryan’s Deck Labs will indicate that these decks have been field tested.

Let’s get started.


With Rise of the Bloodborn, Vanar finally got its Grandmaster: Grandmaster Embla. However, as we all know he hasn’t seen much play lately.

Another card that came earlier in Denizens of Shim’zar is the “8-mana uber spell”, Winter’s Wake. So far, nobody has really used it because of the setup needed. However, with Grandmaster Embla, Winter’s Wake is much easier to setup. Assuming the General is surrounded by no minions at all and Embla creates all Blazing Spines, you get +32/+32 worth of stats…in theory.

I think I can make both of these cards work, in one deck.



Let’s start with our faction staples.

Chromatic Cold, Hearth-Sister, Concealing Shroud, Enfeeble.

Then, our neutral staples.


Finally, our deck staples.

Winter’s Wake, Grandmaster Embla.

The way this deck works is that you control and stall them enough until you drop Embla on curve, then Winter’s Wake or just use walls to bash the hell out of the enemy.

Deck choices:

Snow Chaser is used over Bloodtear Alchemist because you need more Vespyrs for Glacial Elemental.

Bonechill Barrier is used because a) you need more walls and b) Glacial Elemental proc.

Boundless Courage is for minions to last longer as well as syngery with Sleet Dasher.

Glacial Elemental is here to control the enemy board.

Gravity Well for even more walls.

Sleet Dasher to oppress the enemy board.

Razorback in case you don’t get Winter’s Wake and your walls are already in range.

Dancing Blades to control the enemy board and a good body.

Frostburn as a one-of as a control tool.

Aspect of the Mountain has good synergy with Walls.


Lyonar: 2-4

Songhai: 3-1

Magmar: 2-0

Abyssian: 1-3

Vanar: 2-1

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Voice them all below.



You ever try out the 3/3 bloodsurge that I can’t remember the name of? Pretty fun, not super effective, but could maybe work in this deck as a wall swarm (?)

Also: Kara? Maybe not better than Faie, but BBS+Embla sounds fun…


Myriad could be cool, but its anti synergistic with Kara’s BBS.


Those two inquiries were separate, Myriad in the list you have now or Kara in the list you have now, not both. Just seein if you’ve tried either


I tried Myriad once or twice. It would be better if we get to choose the location for the wall it spawns. I won a match with only one wall from Myriad, cuz +4/+4 from Winter’s Wake is pretty strong already


Wow. This is amazing.


I would defs use Mara instead. I have recently chaged this deck a fair bit. I did grind to gold at about 90% win rate. I was winning roughly 65%-70% in ranks 10 - 5.

my biggest issue was removal. but the deck can snowball very fast




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