Ryan's Deck Labs: EGGMAR!


Hey guys, since I haven’t done a deck lab for Magmar except my Starhorn Penny Arcade, I felt like it would be nice to revisit the mean green lizard faction. Today, we’re gonna talk about Eggmar.


So Counterplay as we all know, keep trying to make Egg Magmar a thing, as seen by the many cards they implemented. Today, we appease our developer gods by making a Magmar deck…centered around making omelettes.

I think I can make Eggmar work.



Alright, this is gonna be a wild ride, so hold on.

Chrysalis Burst + Morin Khur. Very obvious. Spawn 4 random Magmar minions for 9 mana. Why not.

Thumping Wave + Elucidator. Again, very obvious, 8 mana deal 10 damage to anything.

Drogon + Grove Lion. Obviously you can’t do both on the same turn, but if you play Grove Lion, then Drogon the turn after, you can use your General to clear anything safely. Since you will be bashing a lot of things with Morin-Khur and your BBS, a shield is always welcome.

Slithar Elder -> Morin-Khur. Again, a 2 turn combo, but very very devastating.

Dreadnought -> Eggs. 2 Turn combos are going to be our whole deck, and Dreadnought + Chrysalis Burst is one. Cos why not.


Nothing yet. Still testing it, and I’m very open to ideas. So far, rocking a 73% winrate, so I’m just looking for anything I can do about this omelette of a deck.

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Voice them all below.

GL and HF. Especially that last bit.

Have Fun.



No Valknu? I’m disappointed.


It’s not that good anyways.


Seriously? Seems like a great card.


I thought it was ironic.
Great for Cassys Ping? Or Skorn? Or Alcuin? :wink:
I’m not so shure.

Edit: This is not an answer to RyanH but to kvewgir.


Not really a combo. Slithar eggs are laid at the end turn, spawn at start, how can you hatch themwith Morin-Khur?

I suppose you can suicide an Elder on your turn and then respawn it but that is very, very situational.


Cause it was, it still is


Spelling Error, should be “8 mana deal 10 damage to enemy face.”


4+3=8 ?
Am I missing something?


I do realize that in competitive play it wouldn’t work that well but… no Wild Inceptors or Vet(ruvian)* Silithar hurt me :cry:

*'cause he got nerfed too


Made me smile, then made me cry


The extra one comes from the heavy cost on your soul from using such a disgustingly bursty combo.


What soul? That was lost as soon as they put Elucidator and Thumping Wave in the same deck.


Ok, I’ve been wondering this. Why is there so much dislike for Thumping Wave which is 3M when there’s Aspect of the Fox for 1M. Is the benefits it provides really op for the 2 extra mana it costs?


Well, not only does it provide a lot of burst, but it’s a removal spell as well (and one that doesn’t proc death effects). It’s mostly the power when combined with Elucidator, which is a 5/4 rush minion for 4. That means on turn 7, if the enemy can get you to 10 health from the current board state, you lose. Also, it doesn’t matter where on the board you are.


Is that absurd though? How many 2 card combos for turn 7 provide 10 damage?


It’s the versatility. Sure, AotF is absolutely a stupid card in its own right but it does have the downside of leaving your opponent with a 3/3 that they can use as they see fit. TWave has the versatility of being able to transform something (which is a pseudo-dispel, like AotF) but it can also generate 5 face damage. The 3/3 bunny is also a battle pet which means the player cannot control it, so you can easily choose what it suicides into. The spell only costs 3 mana. Killing Edge costs 3 and can generate 4 face damage and also draw a card under the best circumstances, it doesn’t even double as pseudo-dispel removal.


5 face damage bro, and on a rush minion it’s ridiculous


Do we want the 173. Thumping Wave discussion or do we want to make Eggheads great again?
I’ll give the deck a try tomorrow and am curious if it works!


Eggmar would be way better if wild inceptor cost 3 mana.