Ryan's Deck Labs: DERVISH BASTION!


Hey guys, RyanH here. Today I’m very proud to present my latest Deck Lab, Dervish Bastion. As usual, Deck Labs indicate decks that have been field tested, and Stupidest Decks are for decks that are pure theorycrafting.

Let’s begin.


As we all know, there are many “tribes” in Duelyst: Dervish, Arcanyst, Vespyr, Warmaster…and Structure. Today we’re going to be talking about the last one.

Basically, Structures are minions that can’t attack nor move (unless buffed by Stone to Spears), but have some sort of ongoing effect. We know them as Obelysks, and one other:


No, not the Overwatch hero, but this:

The only Neutral Structure in this game. It hasn’t seen play (like much of the other Structures) simply because well…its slow. It can’t move, which kills your movement, and the effect doesn’t really help all that much.

Let’s talk about something else: the even health / odd health theory.

Now, why is something like Healing Mystic played over say, Skyrock Golem?

The answer is because Healing Mystic (besides having a better effect) has a 2 / 3 body, vs Skyrock Golem who has 3 / 2. This one point difference is enough to determine if a card is viable. Think about it: Healing Mystic gets to put in 4 damage on the Enemy General (assuming they both bash each other), while Skyrock only gets to put in 3. Simply put, a minion that can survive 2 General hits is better than a minion who only survives one.

You’re probably thinking: duh, of course! Now, what 2 Health minion does let’s say…Vetruvian have?

That’s right: Iron Dervishes. If you want to buff their health, you’d either run Windstorm Obelysk (which is garbage) or Inner Oasis, which requires a lot of setup.

This is where Bastion comes in.

Your 0/6 becomes 0/7, taking 4 hits to destroy. Your 2/2 becomes 2/3s. Your Nimbus becomes 3/9.

I believe I can make Bastion work.



All of this should be pretty self explanatory, but let’s explain some syngergies so you know what to do.

  1. Bastion + Bastion + Bastion. +2 Health to each of your Bastions, and +3 to the rest. Takes very long time to setup, but if you get this off? Nothing is going to stop you (except Plasma Storm).

  2. Orb Weaver + Iron Dervish + Bastion. Your 2/2s are now 2/3s. Congratulations.

  3. Star’s Fury + Fireblaze Obelysk. Spawn a 3/2 Rush in front of everything. Bonus points if you have multiple Fireblaze Obelsyks up.

  4. Circle of Dessication + Structures. Whenever you feel like you’re being overwhelmed, hit that big reset button.

But what do I do when my Obelysks are dispelled?

Use them as reach. Spawn minions in unexpected positions. Use them to bodyblock.


The only one that matters:

LILITHE VARIAX: 1-0 (so far)

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Voice them below!

GL, and HF. Especially that last bit.

Have Fun.



Ryan, have you only done one match of testing?

Either way, I’ve always been fond of Bastion. Used to run him in a Lyonar deck that gives +1 health to another minion at the end of your turn. If you get both down, any minion you place is almost guaranteed to stick.


As a Magmar player I am biased in saying that this deck does not look very threatening.

I really like Structure decks as a concept though so…best of luck.


Surprised there are no Wind Slicers. The card is underwhelming, but was designed specifically for this type of strategy.

Cool idea as usual, glad to see some unplayed strategies being fleshed out.


I tried it.

Its super super bad.


As one in the STEM field, this is insulting towards labs and “testing” everywhere :angry:

So, comment and concern: Please do at least 4 games before qualifying a deck as tested or a deck lab.

Turning the tone…:slight_smile:

Take out:
Orb Weavers

Put in:
Golden Mantella
-4/3 is much nicer than 4/2, and would provide another minion on board to get the health buff.

-This deck literally has nothing to get it started except for 3 standard obelysks on T1P1. High profile dispel bait = obelysks not being dispelled. Additionally, if it survives, assists in placing Bastions on back row/corners.

-optional because staple & 3/4 is pretty good, but alternatively could look for something more thematic

This deck is/was simply lacking any real damage until late, and there was by no means anything to assist real survivability till late.

@RyanH Don’t give up on this one! :slight_smile: :wink:


You can “test” using any number of matches. There is no magic number that is coined, official or otherwise, regarding what constitutes a “tested” deck. I will agree that one match does not prove much of anything, but he indeed tested it for at least one match. Your IRL work provides little authority, this is a game, not some sort of facility. In the fighting game community we often refer using practice mode as “hitting the lab,” so that should give you a hint to the important of context when addressing definitions that can change depending on the culture it is being used in.


My intention was that it would be both serious and silly (due to the over-seriousness nature of the comment).

Conveyance within the internet can be difficult at times. xD


I don’t like the idea of losing sojourner and orb weaver, the former seems necessary for draw while the latter is thematic and combos nicely.

I love the idea of golden mantella though! Could trade well when Bastion isn’t up, and is wonderfully thematic


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