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Hey guys, I’m not gonna post a legal disclaimer here, nor am I going to say anything about how viable it is going to S-rank, because that’s all for the climb this month (February). If you’re new, there are definitely better factions than Vetruvian at the moment, so just keep that in mind.

The name is RegalHawk, aka my smurf account I use to do dumb shit, add me as a friend on there. I won’t be streaming cos my PC is crap.


So as we all know, Vetruvian is in the dumps right now (relatively), and Sajj is just totally shafted. We can all trace this back to the Siphon Energy nerf, where CP decided range wasn’t going to be part of Vetruvian’s faction identity anymore (but Blast is?). Anyways, I’ve tried very hard to make a serious Sajj that will hopefully do good. I tried earlier with the deck called “Desperation”, and although that was nice it wasn’t very consistent.

Consider this deck an upgrade.

The Deck:


Card Explanations:

Minions: The Bread of our Deck.

Ephemeral Shroud is our only source of “ranged” dispel since all the others either hurt us too much, or they’re just garbage. (Siphon, Lightbender, Tethermancer, Ironclad)

Healing Mystic is obviously good, but only as a two of, since we won’t be needing it too too much.

Manaforger is a supreme card in Vetruvian. 0 Mana Blindscorches and Scion’s First Wishes, 1 Mana Bone Swarms and Rasha’s Curses, and 4 Mana Star’s Fury.

Falcius is obviously a staple, help clear minions, etc etc.

Repulsor Beast is another new inclusion. This is because you can either use it to remove threats (Ironcliffe Guardian, I’m looking at you), or even pull in enemy minions (Shadow Sister Kelaino) that are out of your reach.

Primus Shieldmaster is also a new card in our deck. This is because I realised you need something to put you through the mid game, and this is a perfect pick. Also, Manaforger -> Shieldmaster + 0 mana Scion’s First Wish.

Spelljammer serves as our card draw. More often than not, you’ll be playing 2+ cards per turn, meaning your hand is slowly diminishing over time.

Starfire Scarab is great. Pro tip: drop it down the middle so that no matter what, the Scarab can reach for it next turn. Like I said in my earlier deck, this thing is a persistent pain in the ass, and will either start pinging the enemy for 4 / 5 (Scion’s First Wish) every single turn, as well as clear any minions in the way.

Sunset Paragon is needed here, because I noticed factions like Lyonar and Magmar have super big minions that can overwhelm you quickly. Drop this and watch the tears flow.

Aymara Healer is again, a faction staple and your only reliable lategame option. Plus Provoke is huge in this game, and the Dying Wish certainly doesn’t hurt. (Well, it actually hurts for your opponent, and heals you. But you get the point.)

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak will be here to seal the deal, so to speak. For example, imagine this: after doing some meticulous maths (oh dear christ), you realised that the enemy has 18 health, but you only have a Scarab (who has Scion’s First Wish on), your General, and a Bone Swarm in hand. But suddenly! Nosh-Rak shows up to save the day! And then you win. The end.

Spells: The Butter of our Deck.

Blindscorch has amazing utility, especially when Falcius isn’t around. And like I said, since your General is used as a beating stick, she will be taking a lot of damage unless you take care of her well.

Scion’s First Wish is amazing, and even more so with Manaforger. It gives survivability, trading reach and cycles a card, all for 0 / 1 Mana.

Bone Swarm might seem very questionable, but it proved its worth after testing. Earlier on, this can flat out wipe the opponent’s board (which is obviously very good), and later on it serves as a good way to finish off anything that you can’t deal with by yourself.

Rasha’s Curse is another obvious pick, since as you noticed our deck doesn’t have many expendable “pings”, we need a way to get rid of Artifacts like Arclyte Regalia and Ghost Azalea.

Star’s Fury is the answer to: “what if my opponent plays around Starfire Scarab?”. If you see the opponent starting to spread his minions apart, punish them with this spell. Plus, with Manaforger, you can lower the cost down to 4 mana, moving it to the “early game” section.

Comments? Concerns? Compliments? Voice them all below!

Remember, GL and HF. Especially that last bit.

Have Fun.

–RyanH / RegalHawk.


I think you don’t run enough 2drops, especially considering you don’t have any good 3 mana plays. If you miss turn 1 as player 1 and your opponent plays a 3drop above his general you have basically lost. I would cut either Bone Swarm or Rasha’s Curse for two Sojourners, and cut one Spelljammer for a Healing Mystic. Maybe cut the remaining Spelljammers for Sparks, those might work well with Manaforger. Also 5 mana Autarch’s Gifts seems good.


why so many topic on forum? mb better 1 topick and update deck?


This deck looks like it can really be something with a few improvements… Like swaping the spelljammers for sparks due to the sinergy with your manaforger…


Legitimately really like this, seems very well-rounded and thought out/practiced.

Sadly though, I prefer a bit of garlic to my buttered toast :smile:


Not to be rude, but did any of you actually test it out yet before adding inputs for change?


No, I haven’t, but I played control Sajj a bit before RotB, and know some of the pitfalls and weaknesses. This deck won’t draw a 2drop on turn 1 13% of the time, and without decent comeback cards (which Vet doesn’t have) that means you’ll most likely lose.


Maybe because thread are autolocked after a couple of weeks.


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