RyanH's S-Rank Compendium Of Decks for Every General! [Bloodborn]


I’m Ryan Henry, and this is my forum thread. I post decks here with my pre-alpha S-Rank skills and my favorite General, Big Faie. Everything in here has a story and a tryhard name. One thing I’ve learnt after a year – you never know WHAT the f$&k I was thinking when I made these decks.

Hi all! RyanH here. I’m a Duelyst player who has been playing since pre-alpha, and I’ve sat through every iteration of the game. I’ve hit Diamond and S-rank pretty much every season (with exceptions to those I had IRL stuff with) if you must know.

Some of you might remember my earlier compendium of decks for the Shim’Zar expansion. Well, I’m very proud to say that I’m back with Chapter 2, Rise of the Bloodborn Edition.

We all know that the new, small but powerful expansion gave us a ton of cards to work with. This means, it’s time for another meta shakeup, which means new decks. Hallelujah!

As the title suggests, I will be posting a deck for every General, themed around the Bloodborn expansion. Some are competitive, some are fun.

If you want to know what I personally think of these cards, check out my quick one-sentence analysis of all the cards here.


Regicide -- Argeon Tempo


It’s called Regicide cos the word sounds cool, and also it’s what Argeon did in his lore. Read a book!

Card Choices

Slo is really good. 1/4 Provoke for 0 mana? Yes please. Cap tiles, block Elucidators, clean your house, do your taxes; there’s nothing this dude can’t do.

Bloodtear Alchemist is really good for finishing off stuff.

Azurite Lion is a great minion. 2/3 Celerity is always good.

Prism Barrier is REALLY good. Forcefield is already annoying as is, but now you can give it to anything? Yes. Please.

Sun Bloom is great for dispelling things.

Windblade Adept is also a good card with superb attack that kills most 2 and some 3 drops.

Saberspine Tiger can be used in conjunction with Holy Immolation, Roar, whatever, you name it.

Scintilla lets you survive the endless wave of damage coming your way. Plus, the body is superb too.

Silverguard Knight is the best 3 drop. Ever.

Blistering Skorn is to counter those pesky swarm decks. The body isn’t bad either.

Holy Immolation is obviously a good card.

Trinity Oath solves the problem of draw in Lyonar. Seriously. 1 card cycle and draw 2, AND heal 3? Value overload!

Night Watcher is to save you from Stars Fury, Elucidator, Saberspine Tigers, you name it, he stops it.

Sunbreaker and his Tempest will ensure that you’re the only person placing minions on the board.

Sunsteel Defender is an overall solid minion, with a great body and Forcefield to boot.

Sky Phalanx is here as your backup. Since this decks lacks any late game “whumph”, Sky Phalanx can help you in case you ever need it. This deck plays like a mid-range deck however, so hopefully the Phalanx only helps seal the deal or equalise the board.

Divinity -- Zi'ran Heal / Control


Why is this called Divinity? Because praise the sun! \ [T] /

Card Choices

Slo is staple since Burn Magmar is a thing. Plus, free minion!

Aegis Barrier is always good, even better with Excelsious.

Sundrop Potion is your backup of backups. Also good on minions.

Azurite Lion is, and always will be, a great minion. 2/3 Celerity for 2 mana is always good.

Healing Mystic over Azure Herald, because we have too much General healing in this deck.

Windblade Adept is good. 4/3 for 2. 'Nuff said.

Scintilla, so when you use your BBS on a minion you heal yourself too! This will come in play later.

Silverguard Knight is always good, and provokes are appreciated in the current meta.

Sunforge Lancer, because with the amount of times you’re healing yourself, you’ll be BUFF.

Lightbender, since new toys WILL be flying around.

Arclyte Regalia is even more important now that burn Magmar is dominant.

Holy Immolation is always good for obvious reasons.

Trinity Oath is arguably the best card for Lyonar in this expansion. Healing AND card draw? Yes.

Circle Of Life: healing, and damage. More, more, more.

Grove Lion is here to shield yourself. Whenever you’re about to be punched, or just using your super buffed up General to punch the enemy, Grove Lion ensures you are not counter-attacked.

Excelcious ex machina. Come lategame, when you’ve healed yourself enough to survive this game and the next, you drop this. This minion has it all: Provoke, Celerity, and a base of 6/6. Let’s do some maths:

Sundrop Potion x2 – 2 Counts of Healing
Healing Mystic x3 – 3 Counts of Healing
Scintilla x2 – 2 counts (if healing minion and general) for each Scintilla, 4 total.
Holy Immolation x3 – (if every Holy Immolation is healing) 3 Counts of Healing.
Trinity Oath x3 – 3 Counts of Healing
Circle of Life x2 – 2 Counts of Healing (if it heals your General).

In our cards alone, we get a whopping 17 counts of healing. That’s + 17 / + 17 on a minion that has Celerity, Provoke AND 6/6 base body. With our minions and spells all expended, we can get a 23/23, Provoke, Celerity minion, and that’s not counting your BBS.



Treachery -- Kaleos Backstab


This deck is named Treachery, because the only thing you will be doing is backstabbing people!

Card Choices

Inner Focus is an obvious staple, basically gives rush or reactivates your Backstab ninjas.

Juxtaposition is to be used against people who think "oh I have a minion behind me, I’m good*. SPOILERS: you’re not.

Katara is possibly the best 1 drop ever. 1 mana 1/3 can withstand 2 General hits, but it’s the Backstab (3) that takes first place here.

Mist Dragon Seal is another obvious pick, gives buffs, moves minions.

Obscuring Blow is good on your General as well as things like Chakri Avatar or Twilight Fox.

Mirror Meld is for a super buffed Katara or Chakri Avatar.

Chakri Avatar is a staple since we’re going to be casting spells all day long, might as well get some buffs out of it.

Kaido Assassin is always a good choice.

Phoenix Fire is here as a way to remove minions. Otherwise, how the hell are you going to remove them?

Killing Edge is a powerful draw mechanic and a really strong buff.

Gore Horn is another immensely powerful but slow Backstab minion. While the payoff is huge, don’t expect much mileage out of this minion since it will most likely be removed ASAP.

Ki Beholder lets us keep a problematic minion Rooted, setting it up for Backstab or just making sure it doesn’t do anything. Plus, it’s ranged with 3 attack.

Twilight Fox seems to be an obvious pick, but the reason I included 2 is because you might not have enough Backstab to make this work.

Onyx Bear Seal is for those minions that are particularly problematic; watch out for enemy buffs on it though.

Heaven’s Eclipse is always a good pick; you will need to draw spells to ensure your minions are buff and backstabbing.

Bedlam -- Reva Midrange


Bedlam means chaos and confusion, which is exactly what you’ll be inflicting upon the opponent.

Card Choices

Now before we start, Midrange Reva? What the hell is this? Well, let me explain…

Inner Focus. Standard shit.

Juxtaposition is also pretty standard too.

Katara, good minion, good stats, great backstab. Moving on.

Mist Dragon Seal for anything you want really.

Chakri Avatar is also pretty standard stuff. We cast spells. This dude likes it when we cast spells.

Phoenix Fire in our deck should be used to control most of the time. Don’t go face like an idiot.

Mirror Meld is for your uber buffed Chakri or Katara.

Killing Edge for dem buffs.

Ki Beholder is also a very good card. Root stuff, has ranged, all around good stuff.

Lantern Fox gives us even more Phoenix Fires.

Four Winds Magi is also pretty staple. We’re casting spells.

Spelljammer for our draws.


HAMON BLADESEEKER IS HERE! “But why?” Because. For 5 mana, you get 8/8 body (!!!), negligible downsides, can’t be dispelled (so if you buff it and they dispel it, you now get an 8/8. Woops). And…


Your opponent won’t know what hit them.


Starfall -- Zirix Good Stuff


It’s called Starfall, for you will crush them like a shower of meteors and with the strength of a star.

Card Choices

Bloodtear Alchemist is a really good card, end of story. 3 damage for 1 mana, destroys ranged units, bridges damage gaps, etc.

Scion’s First Wish is a great stat buff and card cycle, can’t ask for more.

Cryptographer? In a Zirix deck? What the hell are you doing? Ryan! (You’ll see later.)

Ethereal Obelysk is not only a great 2 drop, but in our case serves as bait for removal. You’ll see why later…

Pax: another great 2 drop. 2/1 + 2/2 + 2/2 for 2 mana. Fantastic.

Scion’s Second Wish is a fantastic minion buff that can single-handedly win the game.

Falcius is a faction staple since it gives your General immunity AND damage amp.

Fireblaze Obelysk provides attack buffs to your Dervishes, which are good.

Saberspine Tiger is also another good card especially with Second Wish. But, be careful where you use it, since you want to survive until 9 mana at least.

Frostbone Naga. Seems like everyone forgot that she is a card. Well, she is. And it gives you AOE. And a 3/3 body. Let’s move on.

Spelljammer is needed for draw.

Dancing Blades is yet another forgotten card. Fantastic body, deals 3 damage, lots of utility.

Star’s Fury is here as an unorthodox AOE, but also as a finisher.

Aymara Healer is the Vetruvian faction staple.

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak is pretty important to our wincon. Your job is to create a big enough board, then have Nosh-Rak come and sweep up. Usually, you’d have Nosh-Rak, bring him low, then use Star’s Fury the next turn. In any case, the huge amount of damage deal with Nosh-Rak is always good. But then…

Your reaction when I run Meltdown

Meltdown is here! Drop this bad boy off at 8 mana, use BBS. Play your BBS so that it’s ready the next turn. You drop Nosh-Rak and BBS. Meltdown deals 14 damage.

Zweihander -- Sajj Control


This deck is named after the legendary German two-handed longsword, Zweihander. Because with this deck, your General might as well be wielding one. Now, onto the deck.

Card Choices

So as we all know, Vetruvian got some pretty interesting tools in this expansion. Since we’re Sajj, we only care about the following:

-Zephyr. This, and Falcius, and BBS? Yes.
-Autarch’s Gifts. Like I explained, all of Vetruvian’s Artifacts are good. Getting 2 of them for 1 card slot is pure value 100% of the time. More about this later.
-Grandmaster Nosh-Rak is also a very powerful card, since it doubles our damage output (50% off lethal!)

Now, onto the actual deck.

Scion’s First Wish is always good, since it buffs and gives card draw.

Azure Herald out-heals Mystic albeit at the cost of -1 attack (and +1 health). This is actually better however, since with First Wish you get +3 heal, a 2/5 body and a card cycle. A 2/5 body is better than a 3/4 buffed Mystic, since 2/5 needs 3 General hits to take care of, while 3/4 needs only 2. You also need the health.

Ephemeral Shroud is here because our poor Siphon got nerfed, and with all these new toys around someone needs to Dispel them.

Pax is always good. 2/1, 2/2 and 2/2 for 2 mana. C’mon. And plus, if they waste a dispel, that’s one less dispel you need to worry about.

Rasha’s Curse fixes the problem that are enemy artifacts. You’re the only person using them around here. Not them.

Falcius will be here wherever aritfacts are; it’s a natural pairing.

Frenzy is Sajj’s ultimate dream. Could you imagine? Hexblade with Frenzy, BBS with Frenzy, Falcius with Frenzy, Spinecleaver with Frenzy…my goodness! Zephyr makes those dreams a reality.

Sojourner helps with the card draw. Divine Spark is kinda mediocre.

Dioltas contests the board and has a great Dying Wish.

Starfire Scarab is here to help reinforce our curve, and to put out damage on the board.

So the main problem with Vetruvian artifacts was that although they were pretty good, they weren’t good enough to warrent 3 - 6 deckslots. With Autarch’s Gifts, those slots are minimized to 2, giving you much more room. Let’s look at this a bit more in depth by listing all the Vetruvian artifacts:

-Staff of Y’kir, +2 attack for 2 mana. Decent pull.
-Ankh, 3 mana for Blast. Great pull.
-Hexblade, 4 mana to make attacked units have 1 attack. Very situational, but great otherwise.
-Spinecleaver, 5 mana to spawn 0/4 enemy totems which ping the enemy General for 1 damage whenever the “end turn” button is hit. Best pull, 5 mana value.

If we do the maths here, unless you get Y’kir and Ankh, you’re going to get 6+ Mana value, not to mention the bonus deckslots you saved. Autarch’s Gifts indeed.

Aymara Healer will always be a solid include.

The Dominate Will is for some of the more powerful minions which I’m sure will be flying around, like R̶a̶g̶n̶a̶r̶o̶s̶,̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶F̶i̶r̶e̶l̶o̶r̶d̶ Meltdown, or Excelsious.

Grandmaster Nosh-Rak is here to finish the game. With things like Aymara Healer, Scarab, Dioltas, you should have enough damage to finish the game.


Myriad -- Lilithe Swarm / Variax


So I just looked up synonyms of swarm, and Myriad was one of them. I’m getting lazy.

Card Choices

Darkfire Sacrifice combined with Wraithlings can lead to some pretty devastating stuff, like a turn 2 Variax, Revenant, etc etc. Just all around good card, especially with your disposable assets.

Sphere of Darkness is ran even though we don’t have any Shadow Creep because it’s basically a Bloodtear Alchemist that cycles, which is always good.

Furiosa is absolutely core in Wraithling swarm for obvious reasons (witness me).

Azure Herald is for you to heal up, and gives you a pretty beefy body too.

Cryptographer isn’t really here for your normal wraithlings, but for your AWESOME wraithlings.

Daemonic Lure is your soft removal. As we all know, it’s pretty damn effective when you want something out of the way.

Gloomchaser will be our standard minion here, also works with Furiosa and Variax.

Ritual Banishing is another good pick with our assortment of easily disposable minions. 1/1 to destroy a 7/7 Meltdown? Sign me up.

Wraithling Swarm generates tons of wraithlings, and combined with Furiosa or Variax, this can lead to some pretty large Wraithlings.

Lightbender is here for mass dispel. Use it wisely and ensure your minions aren’t caught in the crossfire.

Shadow Sister Kelaino is already a faction staple, but with the amount of small individual pings, your healing will go through the roof.

Necrotic Sphere: So, turns out people who play value minions (ahem, Lyonar) like to box you in. Isn’t that odd, since you have this card…which you then use Variax’s BBS to buff…woops.

Rite of the Undervault over Spelljammer, because honestly you shouldn’t be running out of cards.

Grandmaster Variax is our bread and butter. Once you have it, nothing much can break you. 5/5s every turn AND buff your Wraithlings? OK!

Spectral Revenant, another faction staple. Easy removal, good body, great effect.

For the Swarm!

Malignancy -- Cassyva Variax / Creep


Malignancy, because like a cancer, your creep will spread across the board…then, when the time comes, untold horrors will burst forth!

Abyssal Crawler is because we want as much creep as possible. However, watch where the creep goes. The positioning matters when Variax comes into play.

Sphere of Darkness is a great card, spawn Shadow Creep and cycles for 1 mana.

Azure Herald is needed since our deck will need healing to move ourselves into the lategame, which is where our deck’s strength really lies.

Ephemeral Shroud is a cheap form of effective Dispel, which you’ll need.

Daemonic Lure is good to pull enemies in or to push enemies out.

Punish has obvious synergy with your BBS. Have fun executing I mean punishing your enemies!

Ooz gets us started on the right foot by giving us effective damage (which kills most 2 drops) as well as Shadow Creep generation.

Abyssal Juggernaut will carry us through the mid-late game with it’s massive and powerful body.

Shadow Sister Kelaino is also vital to our survival through the midgame. The healing is well appreciated.

Spelljammer is here in case you run out of cards at any point in time.

Klaxon is a powerful mid-late game minion. Provoke helps stall the enemy, and the Dying Wish also helps your win conditions.

Grandmaster Variax is best played when you have 6-8 Creeps near the enemy. You should probably play this the turn before your BBS is up. This is why positioning of your Shadow Creep matters so much; keep the enemy close.

Spectral Revenant is always a good card.

Obliterate is your final Hail Mary. Never use it unless it secures lethal, because this card nullifies Variax.


Decimate -- Starhorn Draw / Burn


It’s called Decimate because Decimus and draw power is the core of this deck. Yes. You heard me right. Decimus is viable.

What a time to be alive.

Card Choices

Bloodtear Alchemist helps you secure that 1 point of damage you need. You’ll need it.

Zyx, my new favorite card (and old friend). These small bodies quickly snowball when you put things like Razor Skin or Shiro Puppydragon on it. In addition, you can put Thumping Wave on it to turn this critter into a massive devil.

Flameblood Warlock is a pretty staple card of every aggro / burn deck.

Rancour is really powerful. With Flameblood Warlock, Elucidator and Tectonic Spikes this minion will have a huge attack count really quickly.

*Shiro Puppydragon is here to buff our smaller dudes. In others’ lists, they all ran Zyx but for some reason they didn’t run Mirkblood. Zyx, by itself, is pretty damn mediocre. And with the amount of minions you will have, Shiro is a worthy investment.

Young Slithar remains one of the hardest 2 mana minions to get rid of.

Saberspine Tigers, because who can forget those?

Vindicator will be very strong and serves a similar role to Rancour. Just keep it close because the body WILL be massive if you play your cards right.

Decimus is our side damage engine. With your BBS, Tectonic Plates, and Entropic Gaze, they will be drawing cards and taking damage; hopefully, you even mill off a card or two!

Elucidator is a powerful Rush minion; combine with Thumping Wave for magnificent results.

Makantor Warbeast is always a good pick in Magmar. You do you, buddy.

Mandrake will probably be 0 cost with the amount of dudes you’re summoning.


Entrophy -- Faie Walls (with help from Solafid)


Use Entrophy to make them freeze and waste away into nothing!

Card Choices

Snow Chaser will always be a good pick. Forever and ever.

Aspect of the Fox is sort of a board equaliser; if the enemy has a big buffed dude (like MELTDOWN!), then you turn it into a cuddly fox.

Bonechill Barrier serves as walls. Use them wisely to block off key positions.

Chromatic Cold is for those ranged minions or Kelainos. Use wisely.

Hearth-Sister puts your walls forwards, or roots out the enemy.

Frigid Corona is a really good card. Lock down minions, Generals, AND cycle a card.

Gravity Well is a very powerful card. Lock down the enemy totally. No escape.

Snow Elemental is a powerful minion that deals out a lot of damage with Bonechill Barrier and Snow Chasers.

Sojourner serves as card draw.

Enfeeble is for that goddamn Variax.

Spelljammer as a one of because we don’t need that much draw.

Frostburn is for AOE. If you need it.

Jax Truesight. It’s good. You have Razorback. Enough said.

Aspect of the Mountains, in case.


I hope you all enjoyed these decks. Although they may not be the best, they are certainly the most Bloodborn! Post questions, comments, or compliments below and I will be swift to answer!

And remember: Good luck, stay civil, and have fun.


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Control Sajj Experiments

The Man is Back!

I’ll be releasing decks as fast as I can, but for now Zweihander will be my first deck since Sajj is my favorite General. Expect more to come, so stay tuned!

(Fun Fact: if you go to the bottom of the page and set the notifications to Watching, you’ll be notified when there’s a new reply. That will most likely be me updating a new deck!)

Until then, good luck, have fun and stay civil.



Have you heard of the bagoum initiative?

there’s a deck builder there with a quick export to imgur function. It makes it much easier to read and analyze decklists :slight_smile:


I wasn’t aware of the fact that Bagoum was already updated (so fast :O), thanks for the heads up!


I think Hexblade are not -2 attack on enemy, but rather set their attack into 1


You’re absolutely right. The Hexblade I’m remembering is from Alpha. Thanks for heads up!


EDIT 1: Refined Zweihander, added images.


Neat, thanks for the decks man!


keep up the good job mate :slight_smile:


EDIT 2: Added Divinity – Zi’ran Heal / Control deck and images.


That should be Draining Wave, Dampening Wave is Magmar’s basic 0 mana spell card which makes your opponent’s minion can’t counterattack


EDIT 3: Added Malignancy – Variax Cassyva.


I’ve quite enjoyed the Zweihander deck so far, though I wonder about the latest iteration – no copies of Divine Spark in the latest version? Also, I appreciate how obnoxious Dioltas can be, but doesn’t Sand Sister Saon fit quite neatly in that slot, considering how much of the time we are gonna double/frenzy sweet Sajj? I mean, at the end of the day, keeping the board relatively free of nuisances until we can gas up with Aymara/Autarch’s/Dominate/Nosh-Rak is the goal, and Saon fits the curve and keeps Sajj damage relevant through the midgame curve.


Divine Spark is too overcoasted IMO without Abjudicator. Regarding Sand Sister, she doesn’t really have the board presence that Dioltas offers, nor does she offer the raw damage. With Sand Sister, your General is taking damage, while with Dioltas your General is taking 0 damage, and gets a nice 0/10 Provoke stone in the process.


EDIT 4: Added Decimate – Draw / Burn Starhorn.


Variax Cassyva <3
Or is it… Variax x Cassyva? After waifus will shipping come to Duelyst?


I’m already shipping Cryptographer with Furosa. OTP.


EDIT 5: Added Treachery – Kaleos Backstab and Entrophy – Faie Walls.


Quick question about the Songhai deck.

Given the fact that board is a massive condition in the game and almost any backstab usually use 2-3 cards setting.

How are you running a lethal with no proper card draw, another question.
With a growth in the number of magmar control decks which shuts you down boardwise in the early game what’s your win condition?

Do you think that onix jaguar can be placed instead of wolf given the small numbers of minions, making them more sticky and create more pressure when playing around circle of life and plasma storm?


I’ve made some amends to that deck.

First of all, I replaced Jaguar with Eclipse. I need more draw as you said.

I’ve also replaced Twilight Fox with Spelljammer.

IMO, I don’t think Magmar Control can remove every single one of our low cost minions, and if anything we have Inner Focus to deal immediate damage. I haven’t ran into too many of them however, but it’ll be something I will look at.

I’m also trying to make room for Four Winds Magi, using spell power as an alternate wincon.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely keep an eye out.