Ruby rifter lyonar something something


so i’m trying to create a whole thing around this magnificent card.
but it doesn’t work so well after all.

basically - the deck is obvious and the wincon is obvious.
ruby rifter + a.b ------> creating pressure, draw, tons of dmg.
ironcliffe + divine bond --> …
lion + everything ----> …

ideas? any suggestion?


I vote toss the Afterblaze for Scintilla, besides that I think it looks p good. I’d rather have more 3x minions and less spells in general though


Cards to synergize with ruby rifter that your deck presently doesn’t have:

Draining Wave (1 mana)
Tempest (2)
Sunbreaker?? (less suggested, 4)
Dreamgazer would be kinda funny (1)
Flameblood Warlock (2)
Sworn Avengers would harmonize (3)
Frostborn Naga (4)


Other suggestions are way more prudent, but you could totally go for a Painyonar deck using Ruby Rifter, especially with the new Draining Wave.

Ruby Rifter is a great card and a worthy top-end for your deck regardless.


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