Round Table Announcement


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up on some news, a new is Roundtable coming up!

Join us for our next installment of the Duelyst Roundtable on Friday the 16th. With us will be Keith Lee, Emil Anticev and Eric Lang! We’ll discuss the Shim’Zar expansion, our journey through PAX and other popular community topics!

We’ll have more news for you next week


These are always fun, especially post/pre patches. What I’m wondering the most is are we playing with the new cards in a way they predicted we would or is it entirely different from their own testing. That and the touchy questions about the problem cards.


But with Shim’zar released what will Keith have for spoilers. Guess will have to wait and see.

P.s. I would really like to have @unseven featured in one of these round tables to see what goes in to making the units themselves.


Is there a round up for the round table? I wasn’t around on friday so I missed the event.


Look up the VOD. It’s really not hard to find.


Here’s the direct link to that VOD: DUELYST Roundtable 08: Special Edition (Friday 16th, September):