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[Rotation Requiem] What are you happy and sad to see go? aka "that Sarlac thread"


i just made a simple comparison n things went “wild” pun intended (hs players) :slight_smile:


Hey, @thematsjo, it’s not too late to put ironcliffe heart and afterblaze to work, take a look.

I might actually craft heart just to try this out before it goes away.


Happy about:
Songhai-> Cancer Spear and Katara
Vanar-> Aspect of Shimzar
Vetruvian-> Falcius (I do love the card but has been too limiting for the Vet play Imo)

Sad about:
Vetruvian-> Whisper of the Sands, Psychic Conduit
Abyssian-> Obliterate


Oh don’t worry, I’ve been getting my time in with both :). Couldn’t find something for Dawn’s Eye though.



  • Dioltas/Sunsteel: if it wasn’t for Thunderhorn, these go-to neutral midranged threats should be a lot more problematic
  • Thumping Wave: This card became a lot more fair after thenerf, but it’s still pretty annoying that this hard removal card can serve as burst.
  • Crescent Spear: this card can burn in hell.
  • Falcius: this guy usually trades 2 for 1 with most earlygame plays. It’s like a mini Lavaslasher.
  • Altered Beast/ Aspect of Shimzar: primary cause of thunderhorn abuse.


  • Allomancer/Nimbus/Whispers of the Sand: obelysks are pretty fun. So sad that they’re gone.
  • Frostiva/Iceblade Druid/Verpyric Call: these are actually some pretty good Vespyr cards
  • Pretty much everything Abyssian: Creep and Dying Ramp are both fun, meme-y decks
  • Onyx Jaguar: and just when movement decks were starting to get some support
  • Inquisitor Kron: this guy has 6 or 7 unique pixel arts in one card! That’s crazy!


  • Lyonar was surprisingly boring, nothing significant was added to in in shimzar that was not either nerfed, moved to standard, or phased out.


Rotatey maka me a sad-sad:

  • Ki Beholder: Great 3 drop with amazing ability that won me games in late game topdecks against dropped EMP. Is a pretty fair card because 2 health is hella easy to remove

  • Battle Panddo: Just all around great card, I will miss this card like all the vet players miss Falcius (except this card is relatively fair compared to Falcius)

  • Onyx Jaguar: I have never really used this card, but it will still be missed. At least we still have Hamon to fill in that 5 drop slot

  • Afterblaze: This card is very fair (except with Divine Bond which should be rotated out in my opinion) almost like a opposite Killing Edge but with better draw which is really cool to me! I hope they put this card into the core set along with Killing Edge, please CPG.

  • Inquisitor Kron: Not a noteworthy card, rarely seen outside of Gauntlet, but I really like the art and its replace mechanics. Hoping that he is moved to Core because I can’t really see how he could have any bad interactions with cards in the future due to his RNG nature.

  • Crescent Spear: I should be sad as a Songhai main to see this card go, but to be honest, this card can be very aggravating to play against as all are artifacts. The +1 attack isn’t too bothersome as I would hate the card with or without, but adding +1 to spell damage really makes a difference, especially in a faction with so many face spells.

  • Katara: I am sort of ambivalent about this card. I’m not really happy or sad to see it being rotated as I stopped playing backstab minions a while ago seeing as how it is quite difficult to move them into the right spot but at the same time not have them too close in case of Lavaslasher or some other infamous card. I hope CPG supports more backstab in the future though so that I can start playing Killing Edge some more as it is a great card

Rotatey maka me a-happa:

  • Sun Wisp: Cheap and immediate draw with body, not horrible to play against, just salty that Songhai doesn’t get this kind of draw.

  • Falcius: I am a Songhai main, 'nuff said.

  • Whisper of the Sands: A lot of people seem to like this card, but I hate it. Cheap and immediate draw with great removal because your oblyske can be dispelled and this will still work meaning minimum 4 damage ALONG with draw. I probably wouldn’t hate this as much if some other problem cards in the faction wouldn’t be so heavily supported by this card cough LitD cough

  • Lava Lance and Lucent Beam: Super cheap damage for archetypes that can easily abuse them. Phoenix Fire is only slightly better because it can go face, but other than that it is super easy to have pregnora pop out an egg and play for 4 damage clearing any 3-4 drop or Ziran to gift her holy liquids onto her minions and play for 4 damage for only 2 mana.

  • Thumping Wave: Even with the nerf, still way too much burst in this card. In addition, it can also act as hard removal which is just bonkers. It is so easy to just flash out a Manakator/Elucidator and deal 9-10 damage immediately or use the card to remove your topdecked EMP.

  • Gro: Not the worse card, but unless you play T-horn, and even then, this card is a great P1 T1 play that I am very hard pressed to answer as it continually grows, would be nice if they brought it down to 3 HP at least go general attack and ping could kill it.

  • Aspect of Shimzar: Thunderhorn combos make this the worse. If they nerf T-horn so that his ability only procs on attack, then I won’t have any problems with this specific card.


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What? Why the thread become opened again?


That’s discoverable.



I’d like to tell you but I signed an NDA on that issue. :zipper_mouth_face:

I’m kidding, I think a mod accidentally locked it, and then unlocked it again.


It was system killing the thread after being inactive, but now the thread is immortal!


I would be happy to see all of Magmar rotated, that would be a nice Christmas present.


Very nice necro. :money_mouth_face:


I learned it from the best.


Ahhh, this takes me back. <3


I have no complaints.


Ah, the crimes we commited by killing this…


Someone should call otro and see if we can rotate him along with memories of sorrow.