[Rotation Requiem] What are you happy and sad to see go? aka "that Sarlac thread"


I will miss crescent spear and creep support, especially Azalea.

I didn’t play much with Azalea, and also with mirror meld, lurking fear, and Shim’ZAR vet and vanar artifacts. Now I don’t know if I still will have an opportunity.

Battle pets will not be missed much more after the rotation, cause they became dead right after the release of T-horn. I was sad then, now I’ve already buried them.


just hope there is a “wild ranked format” because these cards arent as seriously game changing like hearthstone all we needed was a yugioh limited or forbidden list and we would be good


The correct term is Forbidden & Limited list Btw.


I personally believe Yugioh relies too much on ban lists. It allows Konami to be careless when printing cards. Honestly, the number of changes that happens every time the list is updated is mind-warping.


thats why i would prefer it because this game reminds me so much of yugioh … new cards are always busted we have fun with it for a while before starting to complain about nerfing it so having cards limted or straight up banned would be the way to go rather than creating a water down version of broken cards (as im kinda hoping wont happen with this new expansion) because with key cards gone example falcius ppl will once again say this or that faction has lost its identity to keep up with meta


Well, Duelyst is a CCG, where developers can buff and nerf cards whenever. Maybe ban lists can be a more consistent method to regulate the card pool, but I won’t come to any conclusions until I see how the meta is like Shim’zar is rotated out and the new expansion is released.


The ban list is a better than rotation as I could play decks from 10 years ago as long as it isn’t on the ban list. It also may not seem like it, but it’s hard to balance around 10k cards, there is just 1 card that will absolutely be busted because of another. Also, In TCGs they can still errata cards, which is the same as buffing or nerfing, I could go on and on, but I’m tired right now.


You’re right. I’m reminded of the absolutely outrageous situation with Tyrant Neptune and LL, but we can talk about happenings like that all day. However, I would like to note that Duelyst does not have a card pool as big as Yugioh’s, therefore it should theoretically be easier to balance.


Which would make a banlist easier to manage as well.

Also we gotta note
Putting cards to 1 is the single worst thing you can do it they are not searchable, it turns a fair card to a degenerate card.


“Maxx c is fair it punishes overextending”


I know this was said as a joke, but I want to talk about this statement.

I was a person who said Maxx “C” should be at 3, but now when it’s gone I think the game is a far better place, as hand traps should only negate one thing, and not be flood gates. I think other hand traps like artifact Lancea and droll & lock bird should be banned because of this, the worst thing about Maxx “C” is that it was at 1 making it a floodgate, that was quickly and was incredibly sadly because it was at 1.


Dang dude hope I’m not playing Gren maju otk against you, you still play lancea


Lancea became popular side deck choice since YCS Atlanta, people found it to be busted as shit, you don’t even need an artifact engine, just 3x Lancea.


easier to balance lool devs extending expansion dates i thought it was every 3 months so i see they don’t got time for constant balances


Perhaps, but not quite. With a smaller card pool, banning a card would have an immense impact on their respective archetypes. At least in Yugioh where the card pool is huge, players are able to find replacements for a card if it is banned. If Goyo Guardian is banned, players can run other level 6 synchros like Blue Sirius. Of course, there are some exceptions where some cards are so overpowered but pivotal that they cannot be substituted, but that’s another example of how careless Konami is when balancing cards.

When rotation limits a certain archetype, players at least have hope that the said archetype will someday be available again as new expansions are released. On the other hand, cards will only be suspended from a ban list during the process of power creep, which is something that none of us wants.

Banlist Vs. Rotation

Catch me playing ojama darkworlds at YCS malefic world


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Should I create a thread about other card games, or would that be espionage?


“comparing other card games’ balance to Duelyst”


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