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[Rotation Requiem] What are you happy and sad to see go? aka "that Sarlac thread"


Hey everyone, nice to see you again. I haven’t been able to play for a bit but I’ve been picking things up again and I’ve been thinking about the upcoming rotation where Denizens of Shim’Zar will be leaving Standard (or whatever it’ll be called) somewhere in the coming weeks. I always enjoy looking ahead but this time I’ve been thinking about the cards I’ll be happy and sad to see go and I thought it’d be nice to take a moment to consider the cards we’ll enjoy or hate to lose in our daily grinds.

I really liked Shim’Zar and I’ll be sad to see Battle Pets go (I’m one of the few on that front, probably)) but more specifically I’m sad I never got to see Dawn’s Eye really work, ditto for Afterblaze and Irconfliffe Heart, but also Obliterate and Inquisitor Kron. I’m really happy to be saying goodbye to Whisper of the Sands, Thumping Wave, Aspect of Shim’Zar and Morin-Khur, and I’m a bit ambivalent about Falcius because I do like playing the card, especially with Sajj.

What are you going to miss most and least?


Gonna miss Winters wake as I just started to play a bit of ramp/wall vanar. Also Creep synergies.


gonna miss the creep, but i think rotating out azaleas and obliterate will open up space for more creep generation tools

ill be happy to see falcius, katara, and aspect of shimzar gone. good riddance.


I’m happy that crescent spear and Morin khur are going away, those two cards are so oppressive when they are played properly. Also thumping wave shouldn’t be a Magmar card so no more of this thankfully. I’m sad for sphere of darkness and obliterate simply because I’m an abyssian main but also for songhais beautiful cards like battle pando and onyx jaguar


Falcius will be in my heart forever.


So glad crescent spear will be gone, it promotes the two most (and only) uninteractive decks in this game, artifact hai and 8g8s.

Sad that ace will leaves us. ;~;


Here is the list of cards I’m glad will leave:
Morin-Khur and Aspect of the Shim’zar.
Edit: removed Sunriser from this list

And here is my list of stuff I will miss:
I will miss Falcius and whispers of the sands of course, as well as corpse Combustion (RIP my Dying wish decks). I also will miss Shadow creep and Lurking fear, everything Songhai loses except Ace, Crimson coil and KoH, Dawn’s Eye and many other cards.

Most of all I will miss Spinecleaver and Astral Crusader, even though they never became Viable these are two cards that I will be weeping over for the rest of my Duelyst life.


but sunriser is core


What? Must of mixed him up with Sunforge Lancer who was shim’zar but got moved to core.


Happy that Falcius leaves, sad about Spinecleaver, was a fun artifact.


I will, of course, miss everything Abyssian…:sunglasses:

But I will also miss Wailing Overdrive…it was fun to surprise opponents with it.

I will not really miss anything else all that much.
My decks have always tended to have more core set components than not.


Oh, I will miss a lot of stuff from Shimzar…

In random order for each faction:

  • Lyonar: Dawn’s Eye, Afterblaze
  • Songhai: Battle Pando, Onyx Jaguar
  • Vetruvian: Falcius, Psychic Conduit
  • Abyssian: the creep stuff and Lurking Fear
  • Magmar: Thumping wave (not so nice, but I played it too much)
  • Vanar: Winter’s wake, Vespyric call

There is no card I really hate, I’m just sad these cards will disappear…


Oh when you lot see what I have in store for you…


That’s…less than comforting. :sweat: lol


Jay, keep format planning in mind, if you wan’t to top a big tournament, make sure only a tightly knit group of players know the deck. If the deck is strong enough you can take the event by storm.


I just read the thread title as “Potation Requiem”. Kinda sums up my thoughts about rotation :stuck_out_tongue:


RIP Falcius
"He was a good soldier, we’ll all miss him dearly" - Zirix Starstrider


gonna miss Skorn and Funsteel


now that i think about it, wont cpg have to make a filter for the deckbuilding for “allowed” cards so people dont accidentally put in “removed” cards?


That would be handy.
A bit of both checks…
If any deck contains invalid cards, you won’t be able to select them in whichever format the cards are unusable.