Room mate just got into the game, needs some help


Hey there,
I’ve been playing Duelyst for a few weeks, and recently got my room mate into the game. He seems to really like it, but is somewhat struggling. He’s playing abyssian, and it seems hard to climb.
I’m wondering: Is the swarm archetype viable at all? What are the most important tactical advises for these kinds of decks?

On another note, does anyone actually still have a humble bundle code for the spirit orbs that I could give to him just to give him a head start? Unlikely right now, but I figured I might as well ask on his behalf as well. In that case, it’d be so awesome of you to PM me so that I can give it to him as a nice little surprise.


Welcome to the game :stuck_out_tongue:
There are giveaway topic in both the forum and reddit, u can participate in those. Theres also the discord server(its on duelyst page) for players to chat and share things.
Im not good at abyssian, but u should try Wintermule stream(25 abyss ribbons) to learn the faction, Hsuku or Grincher (deck tweaking) to get help with deck building and game play advises :smiley:


Abyssian Swarm isn’t in a good spot right now, there is a lot of AoE removal. I guess that it would make things better for him if he had 3 Bloodmon Priestesses.


Hey, I haven’t seen a giveaway thread here on the forums, could you send me the link?


Swarm abyssian is definitely viable, at least to diamond this season. And most likely S-rank, although I haven’t seen any posts about s-rank swarm in the month of November. Tell him he should really go for blood moon priestess and shadowdancer if he doesn’t already have them.

Also make sure he has a good curve/ draw ratio, I know that when I made my first abyssian swarm deck I had way too many cheap cards. Although you should have a lot of cheap cards in swarm abyssian because it’s very important to have a strong early game, just make sure he doesn’t overdo it.

In the early game it’s very important that your focus is on swarming, in the early game you should spend your generals health to protect your minions and keep them alive. DONT TRADE YOUR MINIONS UNLES YOU HAVE SOMETHING WITH DEATHWATCH, unless absolutely nessesary.


It depends on what you mean by viable. I’m pretty sure good players can easily hit high Gold with a budget swarm deck. It’s not the easiest deck to pilot though, not the strongest one all around.

A budget swarm deck definitely needs Bloodmoon Priestess and Shadowdancer to work fine. Also, Void Steal is an amazing card for the archetype and should be crafted. Finishers are typically expensive, but Shoulshatter Pact may work on a budget.


The best way to get help with decks is to post the decklist so we can give advice. It would be best if you get him visiting the forums himself, but if he doesn’t want to then you getting a hold of his decklist would also work.

I think a very important part of playing swarm is not over commiting. Once you already have strong board control it might be worth it to not invest more even if you can as you might get wiped by an AoE(Plasma Storm in particular)


Try some Shadow Creep decks. I’m having a lot of fun w Cassyva :slight_smile: doesnt need too many epic or legendary cards.


tell him that lyonar is better for beginners to use at low ranks - meanwhile use his spirit orbs to craft an abyssian collection

#10 :smiley:


Swarm abyss is not in the best spot right now but you can definitely climb with it to s-rank if you have the proper cards and know how to pilot it. However, I will assume that your friend doesnt since he just started. If I was him I’d craft ASAP 3 bloodmoon priestess and 2 shadowdancers, they can get the deck rolling. A couple of soulshatter pacts should be a nice budget finisher. Also void steal is a great addition to the deck. The problem of the abyssian faction is that to get any decent deck you need to have quite the spirit, there are lots of expensive things to craft. If you have any doubts, I can post a decklist or 2 here


I would give the same advice I give all new players - don’t go with Abyssian as your first faction. Really competetive decks require a ton of legendaries and without them the experience just becomes stale, disappointing and boring very quickly. There are ways to build Abyss without all the expensive cards, but considering the tough spot swarm finds itself in, I can’t really recommend them either.

Unless your friend is willing to buy some orbs, I would recommend going with either Lyonar or Vanar. Lyonar has a great tempo list which is very powerful, costing virtualy nothing:

Vanar have an efficient aggro list which got my friend into gold fairly easily:

Spelljammers can be replaced with Blazehounds without losing much efficiency.

I highly recommend playing these budget lists, they will help your friend get a better idea of how the game is played, how to pilot the decks and what to expect without being impeded by suboptimal lists.

And of course, forums and Discord chat are always willing to help, so go and ask!


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