Road to S rank Undying ziran decklist (october 2016) updated currently rank 3


So i have just updated this post and here it is my ziran deck currently rank 3 20 lyonar ribbons you can add me on duelyst if u want to see that i only used her. Some people thought i used other decks to reach this rank.
i removed all unwanted heal and made grandmaster my preferred healing option. fizz is there as a body to replace lasting judgment because i haven’t seen much abyssian swarm in the longest while its purely saij magmar and songhai that i see at this rank. Other healing effects seems like a waste it doesn’t present a body on board to deal with and u normally playing a catch up game trying to respond to your opponent. l kian is just here for consistency for having a hand.

tip whenever u draw solarius always keep him this deck makes solarius actually shine surprisingly. gud luck and i will provide you an update based on how far this deck can take me
and lastly for those who do not know u can one shot 6 health minions when u have regalia equipped by playing tempest first just thought i’ll put it out there… tempest over decimate to deal with ranged minions and crystalis burst. regalia is the go to turn 4 play and a turn 8 double stack play. 2 dawns eye gives consistency to make regalia work… i normally have one regalia one dawns eye equipped that normally overwhelms the opponent.

and like solarius depending on the state of the game u can chance it by turn 5 but if u draw into sky phalanx turn 6 keep it same rule applies to grandmaster zir… you almost always want to play solarius zir sky phalanx on curve this makes life a living hell for your opponent but only do this once u have full control of the game other than that just trade and burst them down effeciently with holy immo :slight_smile:

if they can run 3 aymara to finish u off i can run 3 zir to counter them… and also tip if u have zir out and aymara has two hp if u hit aymara and die while killing aymara, aymara dealing 5 damage to you as zir won’t hit.


The Lyonar God is back! I’ve been waiting for this thread for so long. Just like all your decks, It’s very unorthodox and I just love it. I need to test it first though to see it how well it performs before voicing my opinions in a more elaborate matter.

Thanks for posting!


Not related to the deck: You really might consider writing in a more ‘ordinary’ manner. Your ‘slang’ is very damn exhausting and annoying to read, and tbh your real life way of speech isn’t an excuse. I mean i am from southern Germany, and most germans wouldn’t understand my accent if i wrote it out, so i just write in standard german, because it makes it way easier for people to understand my points.


aww my apologies for being a jamaican :slight_smile: i will edit to make it standard english


i see that u really hate ranged stuff there xD inb4 3 decimate
too bad i dont have all those shiny legs to play this cool deck :cry: i thought this was ArtiVet because of that 17k cost


I like the decklist and I don’t use Healonar myself but…

  1. Why no Martyrdom? Most Argeon lists are aggro/tempo but it seems to fit right into this deck.
  2. Isn’t the curve a bit high with so many 4 drops?

Edit: Didn’t see the decimates


decimate is there right under lightchaser…no matrydom becuz the buff from lancers as well and having dawns eye u kill anything that comes your way

its a pretty decent curve to me it grants stronger threats and can combo turn 8-9 with holy immo and circle of life


ye songhai is a thing one good decimate on 3 minions especially buffed ones is clutch. its cool if u just starting out but at least u can get there soon u can youtube megamogwai or scarzig budget list they recently posted if u dont have the gold now


i posted this right as i got to diamond. but i will be fine tuning the deck like dropping sky phalanx and dawns’ eye to one so i can hopefully edit this and call it offical s rank healonar :slight_smile:


That’s basically like if I said “sorry for being french I will edit to make it from french to english”

He 's not even getting the sarcasm, how cute.

Everything about you is just amazing:
-Your name
-Your youtube channel
-Your decks
-Your writing style

plz never change.


Looks cool, unfortunately I’m 12 legendaries short. Jeez this is expensive.


tbh it more because i dont really want to craft expensive lyonar stuff :stuck_out_tongue: i do have 8000 spirit to throw away but i want to save it for the next expansion xD


I really like the deck concept, I’ve always wanted to try out Radiant Dragoon more. This will also give me a reason to play my prismatic Skywind Glaves :smile:.


Is Skywind Glaives any good? I tried running 2x in a Lyonar Zoo deck right when the expansion dropped, but I didn’t feel like it was that impactful. This deck has a lot less cannon fodder than my deck did so I am kinda skeptical.

You are the S-ranker, so I defer to your judgement but is it a card you are unsure of/expirimenting with, or does it have a definite place in your deck?


The deck is so expensive. Honestly this is the first time I’ve seen a 17k spirit cost deck.


nah title says road to s rank im a diamond player this deck got me there


this deck is best recommended for persons who already have the cards until i make an s rank healonar deck its not yet official


This deck is painfully slow, especially going first. I’ve played against you a few times already and I don’t think I was pressured at all, for god sakes you don’t have a single turn 1 play besides passing if you don’t run lightchaser!

This list is also abysmally weak against Vetruvian having basically 0 ways to answer Nimbus, Aymara, or Dominate Will on something like Elyx. Also basically everything in this entire deck dies to Plasma Storm which definitely isn’t a plus because the game drags on so long they will almost certainly draw it.

You go to diamond with this list yeah but it’s going to be a rough ride for you to hit S with it unless you tune it to be much much faster. You have more 6 drops than you do 2 drops…

I’ve been tinkering with Heal Lyonar as well but my list is way more Mid-range than yours and is less reliant on equipment.


i know i know thats why im gunna post this…below


sorry guys but this deck is absolute trash gosh the meta is really painful in diamond i will delete this post in a couple hours i feel so bad getting to diamond is easy but once you are there u better control the game by turn 6 or its over im not gunna give up hope on this deck tho im still working on it and yes 2 drops are (oh god cant believe im saying this) a must falling behind early is huge tempo lost so the problem is having 2 drops and curving into bigger hand while running out of cards in hand solarius will need to come to the rescue here however im switching to a more regalia oriented decklist meaning i might have at least 1 or no 4 drop minion we will see as i do my best to reach s rank this season for the first time