Rmoriar1 vs. TheToyMaster - Finals - November's Duelyst World Championship Qualifier 2016 - Casted by Mogwai, JuveyD, and LeTigress!



What strange decks those are. Never have I seen so many Night Watchers before as I did in this video. Are there any deck lists available? And is there an obvious reason why the meta of this tournament is so different from the usual ranked meta? Is it because of the tournament mode? Why is everybody running Dancing Blades, Sojourners and Night Watchers?


Well usually tournament decks are always different from meta decks because mostly those we are accustomed to are rush based decks. For efficient ladder climbing and well everyone on the ladder just net decks so ull see the same 3 decks everywhere. But tournament decks are usually midrange decks because they are the most consistent, sojourner is probably one of the more consistent draw cards, night watcher demolishes vetruvian/rush minions and the forcefield makes it consistent also. Well and we all know dancing blades is just amazing when it comes to flexibility.


Tournaments are different from normal ranked play in that the variety of decks you could face is much, much more limited. For example, the first tournaments after the expansion released, pretty much everybody had some sort of burn magmar, and if you expected it, you would tech against it. This can be cyclical.

In some tournament formats, like the one that’s BO5-you-have-to-win-with-each-deck-you-brought, you can do some pretty targeted hate. For example, Nowayitsj said that one of the tournaments he won, he won because he knew everybody was gonna bring Reva, and just brought 3 anti-Reva decks.


And of course J’s Reva was always banned so it never sees play


Really liked the first couple of games I watched. In contrast to ladder which seems to be mostly fast aggressive decks in this tournament one could actually see some nice control matches. Kinda sad I lack the cards to try them myself but I am definitely happy to see longer control games with proper long term decision making are happening in Duelyst.


Though it’s important to note these games happened before the expansion.


Yeah it is interesting, I remember watching a match between 2 Control Argeons and I would not be suprised if that type of mirror match has never taken place on the ladder.


Was this one of those tournaments? The shown decks didn’t seem overly techy.

That doesn’t make much sense though, does it? In both tournaments and in the ladder I want a deck that wins as much as possible (with the exception of tech decks which can compensate for bad match-ups against the field by being very strong in their designated match-ups). If my goal is to win, then I would want decks that win as often as possible – no matter if I’m on the ladder or in a tournament, no?

So why all those slow, somewhat durdle-y decks? What was the bogeyman of that tournament that everybody had to run Night Watchers and lots of removal/sustain?


Night Watcher is fantastic in Argeon decks particularly. Not only does it help shore up the not particularly good Vetruvian matchup AND significantly hose a few key cards in Magmar, but with Roar it becomes a 4/4 with Forcefield, which is quite formidable on its own. It’s a better Sunsteel Defender! Forcefield is such a strong ability…


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