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Rizen + Verdant Fulmination?


It just occured to me that Verdant Fulmination would be super funny on a Rizen-spammed field. :smiley: That would make for a great screenshot.

I don’t have enough of these two cards to try and achieve this gimmick though. :disappointed_relieved:
If any Magmar scientist wants to make my day, please comment on or try the deck below.

The design revolves around a Golem package back bone, Decispikes combo for a sensible chance of winning, and assorted must-answer minions to increase the chances of Rizen sticking and doing its magic.

Ain’t it a flawless plan?


Some Komodo Hunters would probably rise Risen production.


OMG rizen is my nemesis as i include gor and sarlac in most of my decks :open_mouth:


@tobiahu what an honor! :smiley: Yes I like that this deck has a funny counter to Abyssian pop-up spam.

I was also wondering how Rizen would fare against Cataclysmic Fault decks. If anyone has knowledge please let me know.


That’s excellent, but what would you replace?
The best I can think of is:
-3 Thunderhorn
-3 Thumping Wave
+3 Komodo Hunter
+3 Homeostatic Rebuke


Im missing both the main cards for this deck


Often times, if you’re running a meme deck and include a meta finisher, you’re going to be looking for that finisher.

Go full meme man! It’ll hurt, but will be way more satisfying that way!


I would probably get rid of ragebinder. Thunderhorn is synergetic to Komodo Hunters.


A couple of progenitors would be cool, but I dont know if it would actually be good.


So, Black Locusts.


Oh yes hail black locusts i love these card xD


Where are the Molokis and Oropsis? Verdant only really works in that combo. With Rizen and Black Locust Molokis are better suited than Oropsis.

Not sure why the Hulk. You have a high number of 4 drops so you don’t want to miss the tile.

And Ragnora makes a better fit than Starhorn :slight_smile:


Hi @boronian! I hoped you would chime in. :smiley: How would you attempt this minion swarm + grow idea? Could you elaborate a deck list?


I kept your Rizen and Black Locust for the memes :slight_smile:

It is a slight variant of @rhacker93’s Growmar deck you can find on his patreon or on Duelspot. I had a lot of success and fun with it so I tried to fit in the Rizen and Locust. I cut Bloodbound Mentor and Bloodtear for them.

Now it is even more expensive :smiley:


If you have the cards, I hope you can punch me with that next time we meet in the game!


I don’t have 3 Black Locusts :frowning: Only 1 according to my collection sheet. So you are save right now because I don’t feel like crafting them :wink:

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