Rise of the Kaleos!... Oops, I mean Bloodborn


With Rise of the Bloodborn, my favorite general, Kaleos, has gotten some shiny new tools. I’m probably among the outliers that think Songhai actually got mostly good cards this expansion, but I digress. I’ve been theorycrafting with Geomancer and Obscuring Blow decks, but I’m curious to see what others have come up with as well.

Feel free to post some of your decks including the new cards, we Kaleos players gotta stick together :slight_smile:

Geomancer Kaleos:

A hybrid of Geomancer and Keeper of the Vale Kaleos. The deck looks pretty weird at first I’m sure, but it’s actually been pretty functional for me so far (of course, this could just be because of people experimenting with the new forming meta). The deck runs only high value minions to maximize on Keeper of the Vale pulls, getting things like Geomancer, Fox, and Alkyone back can be very impactful late-game. For this reason we don’t run Reva (from what I’ve been told, the Heartseekers can be brought back). The goal of the deck is simple, survive until the late game and burn your opponent down with the immense amount of spells in the deck and endless Phoenix Fires.

More decks coming soon as I theorycraft & test.


Get rid of that keeper and add in a twilight fox and some backstabbing stuff, wanna see some memes be made tonight bud


Oh trust me, I have a Twilight Fox deck. And boy oh boy is it a meme if I’ve ever seen one. I’m going to have to play a real deck after this MemeFox deck ruins my match history with big red Xs.


A new deck! Woohoo, Twilight Fox you’re actually not half bad!

Twilight Kaleos

This incredibly expensive (but slightly less expensive than the last one) deck uses one of my favorite cards art-wise, which is the new Twilight Fox. I have made several decks trying to utilize Twilight Fox and this is the only one that performs consistently well and has actually boosted me up a few ranks on ladder (Diamond 4 currently, occasionally up against S-Rankers).

Twilight Fox, when you get the hang of it, is incredibly satisfying and fun to use. The long game of cat and mouse, your opponent is just finally running out of threats. You manage to clean up his board using yours, then the Fox comes down. You BBS and equip the Mask of Shadows you’ve been saving for the entire game, and top it off with an Obscuring Blow. And he never saw it coming.

In all seriousness, I think Twilight Fox is playable. How playable is still up in the air, but it’s better than I thought it’d be when it was first revealed. In this deck, it works as basically our mid-late game win condition while it can also be used very flexibly to remove threats.

There’s a certain nuance to playing it for sure, but I’ve even been able to get it to work against Lilithe (not dedicated Swarm, but still had a lot of minions) using this deck. It can straight up win games for you when you’ve got a Mask of Shadows equipped, however, even without one you still will have backstab minions and Obscuring Blow. As if all that wasn’t enough, if you use it on an empty board your opponent’s General will almost certainly be in backstab territory for the rest of the game.

On to card analysis…

Katara / Kaido

Despite these two being the bread-and-butter one/two drops of any Kaleos deck, I did not use them when I was first drafting Twilight Fox decks (I had a fundamentally different concept of Twilight Fox at the time). Now, however, I see how impactful these can be. They supplement Twilight Fox’s ability in that you don’t necessarily need a Mask of Shadows or Obscuring Blow to capitalize effectively. This is critical to the deck’s consistency, and also the reason why I’m running Kaido instead of Chakri.

Tusk Boar

A decent utility minion, I think it’s especially good with Ethereal Blades and Obscuring Blow. This unit can translate into 8 burst damage or it can remove an enemy minion using Obscuring Blow for free essentially. It’s also useful in a lot of match ups to deny the mana tile as Player 1, which can be critical to stopping double two drop situations from getting out of hand. All-and-all this helps us out in a lot of situations, but isn’t important enough to run 3-of.

Primus Fist

This is also more of a utility minion and probably less important than Tusk Boar. I mainly threw this in because our deck doesn’t run any dedicated removal, so damage removal ends up being how we deal with our opponent’s board most of the time. It’s also a catalyst for our buff spells as well as just contributing to board presence. I think Healing Mystic or any other two drop could fit this slot though.

Ki Beholder

Probably one of Songhai’s best three drops and lately even better on the ladder due to people removing answers from their decks in favor of aggro cards. There’s not much to say about this other than the fact that you’re basically getting a stun and a ranged 3/2 body for 3 mana. Yes please. Well, maybe one thing- this also helps with keeping your opponent’s board tame (combo’d with inner focus) which helps you actually pull relevant targets with Twilight Fox. This is maybe interchangeable with Songhai’s other three drops though, so, to each their own.

Sojourner / Spelljammer

Sojourner is surprisingly good in Kaleos. Both of these cards are surprisingly even better with Obscuring Blow. Teleport these behind an enemy minion and you’ve got a big body that’s drawing you cards and not taking any counterattack damage. Our deck runs the risk of running out of steam so we’re running two draw engines, and these are two of the best. (We’re not running Lantern Fox due to the anti-synergy with Obscuring Blow)


This is basically our alternate win condition. I believe it has synergy with Twilight Fox as you can remove an enemy minion with Phoenix Fire and essentially force an enemy unit of your choice to be teleported behind you, but I’m not actually 100% sure if Twilight Fox’s ability resolves before or after an enemy unit dies. Other than that, this puts our opponent on a clock and just in general helps with our ability to control the board and push damage. Thanks to this I’ve gotten that last bit of damage I need for a lot of lethals. It’s also pretty hilarious ramping this out on turn two with double Katara.

Ethereal Blades

I quite like this card. Turn two it creates incredibly favorable trades if you have a body, mid and late game it pushes a lot of damage. And again, it has a really nice synergy with all the backstab we’re running. Overall I feel it’s an important card to make sure we can deal enough damage to actually win the game.

That’s a quick overview of my new venture. A common question might be why we’re not running Mist Walking or Silhouette Tracers. One reason is deck space, but another is that I never felt like it was super necessary. Often, one Twilight Fox proc is all you need so additional teleportation feels completely dead at times. It’s also usually not worth even playing cards like that even if you could get a backstab off, so, yeah.

Have fun.

Songhai for Songhais

It would resolve after the unit dies.

As for the deck it looks awesome; I wanted to try and make something like this but I currently lack the cards, probably will for the next week or so.


Why tech 3 Geomancers? 2 seems better to me, however does your general get dispelled a lot?


It’s a core component of the deck. Two is “enough” but three gives me a much higher chance of playing it every game, which is the goal.

Also Geomancer’s effect can’t be dispelled.


I know the feel… I have so many deck ideas but so little spirit. I’d definitely recommend a Twilight fox deck when you have the cards for it, super fun.


He probably means when kaleos has backstb


Very fun concepts, I’ll try them both once i have enough gold.

How do they behave against Starhorn? He gives you cards 24/7, but aren’t you still dead on turn 6, given you don’t run healing?


I cannot really comment with 100% accuracy on the matter, but I have lost very little matches vs. Magmar. I don’t think you need to take them into any special account whilst playing Songhai. I am honestly kind of surprised at how much trouble people seem to be having with Starhorn because it seems really easy to handle to me.

The current ladder has just been picking grounds for me. I think Songhai actually just has the best matchup vs. Magmar in general right now. People don’t realize how much damage output the new spells give Songhai, we can very easily burst Starhorn down because he damages himself too much. Plus, he’s feeding us cards every turn which Songhai LOVES (it literally just turns the game on easy mode, 99% of the challenge of playing Songhai is managing your resources).

Our early game is solid because of Inner Focus/Twin Strike/Whatever tempo plays to easily remove Magmar’s low HP minions and thanks to the addition of things like Geomancer, Cobra Strike, Twilight Fox, etc, we can dominate the late game vs. Magmar as well. Songhai also has a ton of value minions that will simply kill you if not dealt with, which doesn’t bode well for decks only running 3x Thumping Wave. I think if you do run into trouble with Starhorn, you can try to include maybe Healing Mystics or 4WM, but I doubt it would be necessary.


I always feel kaido is underpower compared to other factions the windblade adept and crystal cloaker all got +2 but not kaio, so I use gore horn instead as my back stab unit.

dont you have problem with swarm deck? how about some battle panda?


I wouldn’t say I have too much trouble against swarm decks, no. I think Battle Panddo is a good card but I would be hesitant to include it in my Twilight Fox deck since it’s ability requires it to take damage, which doesn’t play well with Obscuring Blow. I think you might be able to play it instead of Ki Beholder if you do have trouble with swarm.


using twilight im sure you dont want to get the wraithling behind you. and I dont see any AOE card in your deck im just wondering why you dont get swarm


UPDATE: Hit S-rank with my Twilight Fox deck (from Diamond 5 to S)! Here’s the version of the list that ended up making it to S:

The changes:

Ethereal Blades -> Phoenix Fire -> -1x copy

I ended up just switching out the blades for Phoenix Fires. I found that there were a lot of 3 HP priority minions (bloodmoon, rancour, etc) in the meta so PF just seemed more flexible and better overall for the deck. Ethereal Blades is a good card, but not what the deck needed. I also then took out a copy of Phoenix Fire as I found myself drawing it more than I really needed to, at two copies it feels solid.

-1x Mask of Shadows -> +2x Killing Edge

This was mostly following after Zoochz’s changes to the deck ( he played the deck on stream and made a video on it! :slight_smile: Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdSodv---fQ ). The Killing Edges represent a lot of raw power, and it can be applied on things like Sojourner and Spelljammer that tend to stick on the board longer. The deck was actually having issues with capitalizing on my opponent’s slow turns, so this helps a lot.

I really actually want to run 2x MoS, but it’s the only card we can actually safely remove without causing “collateral changes” so to speak. Since this deck runs a ton of draw it’s also not as big of a deal to run 2 ofs or 1 ofs.

Battle Panddo -> Ki Beholder

I actually just made this change so I’m not sure how good it is. As I told @thechoxenone I usually didn’t have many problems with swarm, but I started playing more and it seems I was just going against a lot of people with bad draws or something. Furosa can be a huge problem and Battle Panddo actually counters her since unlike Skorn or a single Ghost Lightning, Battle Panddo can (and usually will) proc twice.

Taking out Ki Beholder somewhat removes one of our “soft answers” in some matchups, but the meta is leaning less and less towards huge threats anyways. It can also deals by-the-way damage to the opponent General so that’s nice. Overall I think it’s still an interchangeable slot for the deck, so go with what you’d like.

I’m pretty happy with the current version of the deck and I feel like Twilight Fox is pretty strong. I’ve got a ridiculously high amount of games with the card and my verdict is that it is definitely playable to S completely viable on ladder (with relative ease, even) but I have no idea how competitive/tournament viable it is. I guess we’ll find out along the way!


Updated decklist 12/26/16: https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/5khgnn/srank_twilight_fox_kaleos_decklist_breakdown/

tl;dr Battle Panddo change didn’t work out in non-Abyss matchup, swapped Geomancer for Zendo. Decklist has had a 70% WR over the past 20 games, so not half bad.


Finally got around to making a video on the deck. First video with commentary so sorry about the relatively mediocre mic quality (using a headset).


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