Rise of the Bloodborn Spoiler Compendium [+Enfeeble & Grandmaster Nosh-Rak]


Rise of the Bloodborn Spoiler Compendium


So, Duelyst’s second expansion should be dropping around the start of the new year! The expansion introduces cards that revolve around Bloodborn Spells, some using a new keyword called Blood Surge. This keyword reads: “Activate this ability whenever you cast your Bloodborn Spell.”

I’ll be updating this thread more or less every day, waiting a little bit each time for the official reveal threads to calm down: this is just a compendium thread after all.

Design symmetry suggests that every Faction will get at least one card that morphs the player’s BBS and at least two cards with the Blood Surge keyword. CPG has announced the expansion includes 39 cards, and from the currently spoilers we can infer that there are likely to be 6 new cards for each Faction (4 Minions and 2 Spells), and 3 new Neutral Minions. A wrinkle in this hypothesis is the reveal of Horror Burster that doesn’t follow the trend of the other reveals. It’s not currently known why this is.

@shoujokagero established that each Faction should only be getting one Legendary each to fit the Orb system, meaning that the Factions will have asymmetrical Legendary Minions: some getting Blood Surge Legendaries, others getting something else.

There’s a thread on the Duelyst Subreddit that covers this subject as well, see here: https://redd.it/5g4c6j (thanks @raqyee)

Revealed Cards


*=There’s a structural irregularity that projects Abyssian as getting 7 rather than 6 new cards. We’ll see if this is actually the case.

Common Minion - Furosa

Rare Minion - Horror Burster

Rare Spell - Punish

Epic Spell - Necrotic Sphere


[details=Common Minion - Scintilla]


Rare Minion - Sunbreaker

Legendary Minion - Excelsious

Epic Spell - Trinity Oath


Common Minion - Thraex

[details=Legendary Minion - Drogon]


Rare Spell - Tectonic Spikes


Common Minion - Whiplash

Rare Minion - Geomancer

Legendary Minion - Twilight Fox


Legendary Minion - Grandmaster Embla

Rare Spell - Concealing Shroud

Epic Spell - Enfeeble *NEW*


Common Minion - Zephyr

Legendary Minion - Grandmaster Nosh-Rak *NEW*

Rare Spell - Stone to Spears


Rare Minion - Sanguinar

Legendary Minion - Meltdown


Details on the new expansion?
Rise of the Bloodborn Pack Information+ Card Reveals

There’s also this as an alternative - https://redd.it/5g4c6j


Yeah, today should be revealed Vanar card! :blush: Yeeeeeeeee!!! :heart_eyes: :grin:


Added Vanar’s Grandmaster Embla!


Added a bunch of new spoilers, rushed Horror Burster a bit though.


There is a typo Burster not Buster


Just added on eight new reveals, bringing us op to date!


I think rarities doesn’t matter much with how the rise of the bloodborn orb mechanics, so the symmetrical aspect must be from the flavor text, something like 2 blood surge minion, 1 bbs morphing minion, 2 spells, and 1 minion with existing flavor text, it’s still just a theory though, would have to wait until the expansion hits, or more cards are spoiled


Seeing the other factions spells makes me wonder how bonkers Songhai rare and epic spells will be :hushed:


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