Rise of The Bloodborn: Songhai



I’ll keep this part brief as you’ve most likely come to see the lists but as you may know we got very few cards to support the classic “fast” Reva archetype. However out of all the new cards ethereal blades looks like it has potential, to some extent that is…

In general, across card games, if you line up decks of equal power level the fastest of these will likely have the most potential and win rate. As such I’m posting the two fastest lists I’ve made which hold their own and don’t delve into the suicide realm of decks (flameblood warlock) as these can take the control out of your hands and overcommit to aggression.

Card Analysis

Sabre spine seal is highly underrated after the nerf - the reason why its perfect for a blaze hound list is because you’re playing fast; its damage efficient and perfect for removing the key 5 hit point minions such as silver guard knight - a role which ethereal can’t do.

The ethereal list runs sojourners; this gives you a higher chance of having a minion stick to unlock ethereal’s greater potential of 4 damage - this makes up for the fact that this list appears slightly slower.

A single heavens eclipse should be understood by everyone by now but just incase - more than one means your could pull it from playing your first heavens - really bad. 10 draw cards total in both of these decks is perfect.

Ethereal List:

Sabre List:

Comments and critiques are always appreciated. Side Note going from rank 18 to 5 with the sabre list I lost about 3 games, peaking at a 20 win streak, too easy.


Neat deck, I’ll certainly try it out once I get enough spirit.


R.i.p Kaleos (still best general for songhai to me)


Deathstrike Seal Heart Seeker though.


Deathstrike seal works perfectly with battle pando


Huh, never thought of that. I’ll make sure to abuse it!


prefer deathstrike on ki beholder (i’m kind of a monkey racist XD)


Kaleos is probably in a far better spot than he was pre-expansion (of the new cards, Obscuring Blow is light years better with Kaleos than Reva if you build your deck correctly). People make two big mistakes when they play Kaleos. (1) They build his decks like he’s Reva and (2) They build his decks with gimmicks.

If you play Kaleos with the intent of making good decks it’s plenty possible. I’d even go to say you can make decks that, while they will have different strengths, are just as viable as Reva decks. Unfortunately, cards that are actually quite powerful (Onyx Jaguar, Twilight Fox, Geomancer, etc) get bad reps due to people just trying to mix them with memes (Paddo, Mist Walking, etc). But, what can you do… :sweat: /rant

On topic:

Decks look pretty solid. I haven’t seen Saberspine in a Songhai list in awhile, so props to that. I might be inclined to find space to include Zendo in the Ethereal Blades list; but if you’re not having trouble finishing games it’s probably unnecessary. Good stuff.


Paddo is good meme though.


7.8/10 Not enough “Rise of The Bloodborn” spells.
Other than that, cool decks!


Thats because most of the new cards just are too weak for songhai :smiley: Thankyou for your comment tho, would have loved to have more viable new reva songhai cards!


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