Rise of the Bloodborn Poll Thread - Cast Your Votes Now!


Hello everyone! Though I’ve kept the thread up to date and spread links, the volume of responses ever since the expansion came out had been pretty light. I am aiming to release some nice infographic-style thingy early next week, so time is running out!

Please cast your votes over the expansion cards, which will be listed in reverse order to follow. I’m sure we’ll all have fun looking over the results, and even more fun looking over them in 1.5 months or so, to see how wrong or how right we all were.

Rating categories:

  • Meta-Defining (5/5).

  • Very good (4/5).

  • Playable (3/5).

  • Bad (2/5).

  • Disenchant it! (terrible) (1/5) (If you could! And due to power considerations, not hating the faction and such!).

Final Slew of Cards:

Name | Poll | Card Image |
Draining Wave | Poll | Image
Prism Barrier | Poll | Image
Obscuring Blow | Poll | Image
Ethereal Blades | Poll | Image
Cobra Strike | Poll | Image
Divine Spark | Poll | Image
Incinera | Poll | Image
Autarch’s Gifts | Poll | Image
Aphotic Drain | Poll | Image
Grandmaster Variax | Poll | Image
Rancour | Poll | Image
Entropic Gaze | Poll | Image
Valknu’s Seal | Poll | Image
Frigid Corona | Poll | Image
Myriad | Poll | Image
Sleet Dasher | Poll | Image
Cryptographer | Poll | Image

All the other cards, in reverse reveal order:

Name | Poll | Discussion Thread | Card Image |
Enfeeble | Poll | Discussion | Image
Grandmaster Nosh-Rak | Poll | Discussion | Image
Twilight Fox | Poll | Discussion | Image
Concealing Shroud | Poll | Discussion | Image
Scintilla | Poll | Discussion | Image
Drogon | Poll | Discussion | Image
Stone to Spears | Poll | Discussion | Image
Furosa | Poll | Discussion | Image
Meltdown | Poll | Discussion | Image
Trinity Oath | Poll | Discussion | Image
Thraex | Poll | Discussion | Image
Horror Burster | Poll | Discussion | Image
Whiplash | Poll | Discussion | Image
Necrotic Sphere | Poll | Discussion | Image
Sunbreaker | Poll | Discussion | Image
Sanguinar | Poll | Discussion | Image
Grandmaster Embla | Poll | Discussion | Image
Tectonic Spikes | Poll | Discussion | Image
Zephyr | Poll | Discussion | Image
Punish | Poll | Discussion | Image
Geomancer | Poll | Discussion | Image
Excelsious | Poll | Discussion | Image


Will be interesting to see the results for this one -

Maybe next time the list with all the cards would be given before the expansion drops so we can have a ‘pre-release’ opinion data to compare to ‘post-release’ opinions :smiley:


I wish. I made that request known last expansion too. HS gives all the cards like 2-3 days before expansion drops…


Hey everyone,

One of the things that the Duelyst community needs is community expansion evaluation. It’s really important as a community for us to be able to look back a few months from now and see how certain cards ended up affecting the meta compared to our expectations. Hearthpwn does this very well.

I’m not allowed to say any more, but let’s just say that if there aren’t enough votes, a fleshed-out community evaluation analysis can’t be made :thinking:


I am typing this because I feel that rating how good a card is isn’t as valuable as giving feedback on the cards.

My biggest problem is with Entropic Gaze, Tectonic Spikes and Rancour. The reason being these deal damage and draw cards are such wasted potential for Starhorn, they could have made cards that mill the opponent, allow you to draw from their deck (copies to keep it reasonably balanced) or cards that reduce hand size rather than these hyper aggressive decks that you can’t keep up with. I main magmar and love starhorn but these new decks are uninteractive to verse and aren’t all that fun to play.

To a lesser degree is Draining Wave, although I think it would be fine as a two mana card since damaging yourself can be great for healyonar.

Honestly though I think the rest of this set is great but the Meta desperately needs to slow down and the aforementioned cards should probably be nerfed or changed around, but I may just be a whiny little bastard who doesn’t know what they are talking about.


Draw from the enemy deck is an excellent idea. And very Starhorn. Will have to wait for the next expansion.


Entropic gaze is the most ridiculous ones here I think, deal 4 damage to opponent and both player draws card, it should be either deal 2 damage both player draw card or deal 4 damage enemy draw card


The feedback to give over the cards is very valuable, and these polls aren’t meant to replace that, but to complement that, both as a fun side-activity, and to engender such discussions when the results are shared.


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