Rise of the Bloodborn Pack Information+ Card Reveals


To find out all about how the packs for Rise of the Bloodborn will work and for some more card spoilers check here courtesy of PCGamer: http://www.pcgamer.com/duelysts-next-expansion-is-out-this-week-take-a-look-at-six-new-cards/


Awwww yeah, thank you!

“None of the cards from this set are craftable or disenchantable, and once you’ve acquired a certain card, you won’t ever see it in an orb again.”


This is some crazy stuff, looks like CPG’s been pulling a lot of over time! Out this week! Christmas just came early. Gimme dat Furosa, gimme dat Scintilla.

First gut-feeling impressions:
Furosa: Wraithling swarm staple
Stone to Spears: Obelysk Tribal deck support (probably non-meta)
Drogon: Vaath Smash 2.0, meta-defining
Scintilla: Healyonar staple
Concealing Shroud: Cool, but I don’t expect to see it much Actually, this card might come to redefine the entire faction.
Twilight Fox: A very pretty meme card due to existing Songhai 3-drops with more reliable effects



I think your wish has come true with the business model part of things :?)

As for the cards, there really seems to be no end to the number of utterly crazy effects being printed. I’m excited :smile:


For the lazy:

Release date

December 15th, Thursday

[details=How to purchase orbs]Instead of paying 100 gold for five random cards, a Bloodborn orb will cost 300 gold and contain three copies of three different cards, so nine cards total. None of the cards from this set are craftable or disenchantable, and once you’ve acquired a certain card, you won’t ever see it in an orb again.

That means, with 39 different cards and three per pack, you only need to open 13 packs to guarantee you’ll have unlocked three copies of the whole set. Alternatively, you can buy the orbs for $3 each, or $20 for all 13. If you buy a few orbs individually before deciding to spend cold hard cash, the $20 option will also come with a refund on any gold you already spent on Bloodborn orbs.[/details]

[details=New 6 spoiled cards]http://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/opvDFTHtLFFrMQEWbxt59B-650-80.jpg



I’ll get into detail about the cards later, but I want to comment on the new orb system first:


  • Very friendly towards new players. There is a high probability of getting a playset of playables, even legendaries, by buying an orb
  • This set is just a really “feels good” set, since the randomness of packs is negated. You can get the full set for 3900 gold, which is easily obtainable in 2-3 months
  • 3 days to launch hype!


  • Since the rarity of these cards do not matter so much, due to this new system, the Gauntlet balance of cards like Geomancer is even more confusing


I can’t wait to not get the best common in the set for the next month :sweat_smile:


For people behind firewalls:

  1. Furosa, Common Abyssian Minion, 1 mana, 1/2. Blood Surge: Friendly Wraithlings gain +1/+1.

Furosa Poll.

  1. Stone to Spears, Rare Vetruvian Spell, 1 mana. A friendly Obelysk gains +3 Attack and may move and attack this turn and able.

Stone to Spears Poll.

  1. Drogon, Legendary Magmar Minion, 4 mana, 5/4. Blood Surge: Double your General’s Attack this turn.

Drogon Poll.

  1. Scintilla, Common Lyonar Minion, 3 mana, 3/4. Blood Surge: Restore 3 Health to your General.

Scintilla Poll.

  1. Concealing Shroud, Rare Vanar Spell, 2 mana. Your General takes no damage until your next turn.

Concealing Shroud Poll.

  1. Twilight Fox, Legendary Songhai Minion, 3 mana, 3/3. Blood Surge: Teleport a random enemy to the space behind your General.

Twilight Fox Poll.

If you missed any of the previous cards’ polls, they can all be found here! Please vote! I will also be collecting data after the set comes out, and will hopefully share the information organized in a nice way next week!


They’re all great cards :weary:


Pro: the Magmar cards look great
Cons: Not much Magmar cards
WTF, where is the Magmar Grandmaster
WTF, where is the support for the underplayed Magmar archetypes


Not all cards are revealed yet.


There will be 5-6 cards per faction, Neutral included. Not much. For Magmar 3 cards have been revealed, what are the odds that 2 cards will make 2 different archetypes viable?


I think Twilight Fox might be the worst card of all the ones revealed :confused:

edit: Maybe this card could be good. I don’t know, I’d have to see what else is in the expansion. The use cases of this card are just way too complex to accurately predict.


Idunno about you but I’m going full mask of shadows if I get it


Is there still a lower chance of getting legendaries? Or does the new system have equal odds, tbh I hope it’s still lower, the cards I want rn aren’t legendary😩

Also will there still be a monthly balance patch dropping, or no?

Also also, will there be the non pixel art for these cards like many of shimzars cards had?


dope love the set… i need couple hundred gold cant wait


You will get one common playset, one rare playset and then one epic or legendary playset.


Drop rate doesn’t matter as much this time. You’re guaranteed to get everything from the set in 13 orbs. That’s a lot better than the others.


I know, I was just curious about the odds of me getting the cards I want if I can’t buy 13 packs immediately :sweat_smile:

Also will it be possible to get prismatic variants of these cards?


What if they are going to nerf some of the cards (and it’s likely to happen seeing how undercosted and op some of them)? So we won’t get the full value refund since they can’t be disenchanted?


Love the new packs concept!