[Rise of the Bloodborn] Expansion Name Revealed


So Eric Lang just revealed the name of the Expansion: Rise of the Bloodborn.

Let the speculation continue.


Speculate what? We already knew expansion is going to be focused on BBS synergy. Oh well, at least the expansion has a neat acronym. Heh, Rob.


I know you’re the resident Grump and very, very anti-discussion but we’ve already had threads about what kind of minions will be in, what abilities they will have (multiple design threads centering around the blood-bond keyword), What the revealed pixel-art minions will do, what the Grandmasters will do for each faction, What spells and neutrals will be in the expansion that showcase the theme, what the lore behind the expansion is, etc…

Really speculation galore and it was already going on, hence the ‘continue’.


Maybe we can get some usable 5 drops this time around.


While we’re making Christmas Lists:
Personally I’d like some more useable Magmar 2 and 3 drops. :slight_smile:
We’ve got Young Silithar (and Gro but he’s not amazing as a start) and that’s about it.


I would love some love for egg-type Magmar.


Transforming weapons would be neat.


We need more Wall cards :slight_smile:


My Onyx Jaguar is upset. :frowning2:


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