Rise of the Bloodborn Discussion Thread


Hi guys, figured it’d be helpful to just have a place to throw any initial reactions, discussions etc into one place :smiley: Feel free to discuss anything related to Rise of the Bloodborn in here

We are super close to the release timing!

And for anyone who is interested you can vote on the various cards and how you feel about them here https://redd.it/5gvvov

Expansion landing page is out: https://duelyst.com/rise-of-the-bloodborn


2 common, 2 rare, 1 epic, 1 legendary (2 bloodsurge, 2 spell, 1 BBS minion, 1 crazy flavor text minion) for each faction plus 3 neutrals (1 common, 1 rare, 1 epic)?


All I can say is I’m hyped to play control vanar and a new and improved healyonar later today.


But how close? HOW CLOSE


Waited my whole Thursday here :sob:


Well, I don’t know how to feel about Magmar.

Seeing the new Abyssian cards gives me even more incentive to make them my second main over Songhai.


I’ve gone MAD from the wait, already cleaned my house, walked my dog, went to the bank and worked and the time refuses to pass.


Try to export a deck image from the manaspringru deckbuilder. It should help.


@Ryvirath you’re such a tease :weary::weary::weary:
Just show us the goods, and let us have it :weary:


Sorry but i had to do it xD


Just realized what the original meme text is. Holy crap xD


can you smell the smell?


Day 14 of Bloodborn spoilers

Darkness. Everything around me is darkness. As I reviewed for my biology exam, all I can think of are bad Magmar jokes. Why would Silithar Elder grow by the equation dN/dt = N*L if its stats indicate that it is a K-selected species? Why have the Magmar aspects not change beyond recognition due to schocastic forces like genetic drift, or gone extinct from Allee effects or inbreeding depression if there are only 13 of them?


I would laugh if I understood anything you just said.


But they don’t breed :confused:


Has the exact time been stated when the servers are going down?


It’s not the unbalanced cards it’s the wait that kills you


How do the Duelyst Biomes work? There are about seven similar sized continents each with a single large biome; (clockwise) Tundra, Temperate rainforest, desert, what-ever-the-heck-the-Abyssian-biome-is, tropical rain forest, scrubland, and the wallpaper biome


As a biology student i can only say i did worst when Altered Beast was announced.


As someone with a degree that was focused in genetics… I lol’ed