Rise of The Bloodborn: Decklists



Theory crafted a few lists based on my experience with the game, the meta and archetypes I’ve been interested in since beta. Thus I’ve focused on decks which aren’t mainstream or, in the case of the magmar list, are new styles.

I’m not going to delve into a deep analysis, as much as I’d love to I don’t have the time to write a thesis :wink: hope these lists inspire some thoughts and by all means please try them out!


Argeon Healyonar

Artifact Vetruvian

Drogon Burst

Any comments of any kind are always appreciated, hope this has helped!


What ranks have these decks been tested in and are they performing well?


They’re all theory crafts, I personally only play songhai but have hit S rank loads and have played since beta, currently at S, and know how to build a strong deck in general - I can see the magmar list performing the best, the other two archetypes have been deemed mediocre overall by everyone; so I would only make those if you have most of the cards anyway.


Quick update: The healyonar has been performing well at S rank along with the magmar list which is being used by a friend, I disenchant all vetruvian cards and thus haven’t been able to give it a spin - although on a personal note I can see the kiting supplied by both Incinera and Silhouette Tracer together being strong.

Spotlight: Sand trap has always had this strong feel about it and I think when paired with the kiting cards and Stars Fury it synergises beyond just a 2 mana pseudo removal spell which is great.


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