Rise of the Bloodborn Cassyva : same same?



With new expansion, I’d be curious to know after some testing days how you guys updated your Cassyva deck ?

My conclusions about RoB expansion are :

  • except “Punish”, all new cards are more tailored for Lilithe
  • GM Variax is not that good with Cass, you really need to have a well set creep board, and the fact your usual BBS is replaced leaves fewer options to generate more creep. Added to that, existing creeps can be dispelled or just occupied to counter the Awesome new BBS

So far, I’m about to make just this quick “Punish” change to my traditional “Fastyva” deck, should look like this :

(I guess changes would be the same for a standard “Control Cass” deck)

Any advice, ideas, something I’m missing from RoB ?

Of course, the easy path would be to switch to Lilithe, but I’m faithful, I won’t cheat on waifu, so I won’t take that as advice :wink:


Fastyva with no rite? Wat is this?


Oh fuck, I new I was forgetting something while copying it, gimme a minute to correct it :laughing:

Edit : fixed !
(I went berzerk clicking while building it and made everything 3 of each … and I’m sure I also clicked 3xRite while still being at 40 cards limit ! :upside_down:


That’s a pretty big change. She was already competing with the best and that keeps her there. Supporting less played Generals was a good move.

While Variax is not good for traditional Cass she does open up a new way to build her. More control/ramp, no obliterate, Azelia optional. Makes Shadow nova more playable. Something like this:


Or sort of budget:

Will it be top tier? Probably not. But diversity is good. It’s also sort of helps bring back budget Cass, that deck costs 960 spirit if you don’t count bloodborn stuff. Yea the actual investment is a bit bigger but eh, still cheaper then normal Cass.


I’ll vaguely quote someone much better than me on the matter of Punish in the creep cassy deck: “It allows you to run a fast version of the deck and you basically never have to worry about dealing with late game.”

Anyway, yeah. The deck didn’t change all that much and it was probably intended. CPG figured the archetype has enough direct support. About your deck specifically, only thing I see wrong with it is way too much draw. 3x Lure also probably isn’t needed now when Punish is in. No point in having a fast deck if all you keep drawing is removal rather than threats.


I don’t want Top Tier, but efficient enough to grind from mid-diamond :wink:
(need something to balance all chevrons I’m losing with funny KaleosFox deck)


I am going to put some testing into the two I just posted. I think they would work just fine for diamond.

Been meaning to put out a Cass Thread for awhile now. Perfectly happy to Pm you my current stuff if you like. Not quite ready to post it yet.

I am rather the opposite, fairly loyal to Lillith, and that’s why you have not seen much Cass stuff out of me yet.


Now i can comment normally :slight_smile:

Spelljammer seems redundant, are you sure you need them?

Also, I agree that 3 lure is overkill. I’m just not sure what to replace it with

EDIT: Grasp of agony is amazing with punish


Updated (see OP) !

  • Less card draw, removed 3xJammers, I guess you’re right 3xSphere + 3xRite is enough :wink:
  • Added Meltdown for more punchy late game (I play it in my VanarWisp and loving it)
  • Removed a Lure because Punish (but still stressed by Aymaras …)
  • Added back 3xGrasp (which I had in this deck before expansion actually)

With pleasure, send it, if it’s as good as your “Undying” one, I’ll be glad to check that !
Still eager to test it but not enough to spend spirit on crafting 2x more Unseven :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s my fastssyva soulreaper, decklist are at the bottom


Well finally got around to just making the thread:


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