Rift Mode Feedback


In the end, the mode looks half-baked at the very least. I think the lack of polishing is unfortunately one of the biggest issues the game has had in the last few months. It may sound absurd, but the game looked more polished to me when I started playing (May 2016).

I’d love seeing this game get massively successful, but a few amateurish choices by the devs definitely do not help.


I’d imagine that they’re either still gathering data, building the next patch, or both. These kind of things just fundamentally take awhile :smile:


As a computer scientist, I understand these things, but I think these are not so easy to accept after the product has exited the beta.

Duelyst is one of the best CCGs around, but it still feels rough around the edges when compared with worse games like Hearthstone and Shadowverse. I think the devs should study the polish of these games rather than their design.

Rift is a promising and fun mode, but it’s absurd that there is no reward for it and that it substituted for a while the Gauntlet, which is one of the best ways to gain gold and spirit. Also, there are several gameplay issues discussed here in the forum which leaves me puzzled about balancing. Has it been tested for a while?


Yeah, it’s strange that it had to replace gauntlet since it does seem like a beta feature.


I think their worry was simply not getting enough people to test it. The absurdly fast and loose matchmaking makes it playable even if only 2 people are playing at the same time, and cutting out gauntlet seems like another measure to shift as much of the playerbase into Rift as possible without completely deleting duelyst as we know it.

But if rift was going to be that beta I’m not sure what the benefit is of leaving the mode up for a whole month. With public test realms/environments you get most of the data in the first days or week anyways because people pop in and then lose interest. I’m not sure what CPG stands to gain from leaving it up for more than two weeks, the only thing they can realistically get is maybe more progression data. Meanwhile players who are tired of the mode can’t play gauntlet for another two and a half weeks. I don’t get it.


I guess there’s the rift tournament but idk why we’re hosting a tournament for such an incomplete feature. Seems like putting the cart before the horse.


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A pay-to-play mode that has absolutely no rewards, even first win of the day and win 3? Doesn’t this mean that this game mode is DOA? I mean, it’s fun, sure, and I might keep playing my free run a bit, but I can’t see actually paying gold or money to enter into one of these, seeing as that payment is a guaranteed loss. Even if you win, you lose.[/quote]
I know it’s been a while since I posted this comment, but I would like to retract my position. I understand why there are no rewards for a pay-mode, and I can’t argue against that reasoning. This mode is not for players like me. It wasn’t meant to be. It’s pay-to-play with no rewards to keep players like me out of it so the casuals have a place to play against other casuals. I understand this now, and it makes sense. If a Rift run lasts for one month, then players doing their dailies in Rift mode can have as many Rift runs as they need, and at the end of the month still have gold left over to buy packs. I call it a pay-mode, but really it’s more free-to-play than the regular game if all you play is Rift. My only concern would be it not generating enough interest to maintain a player base, but then that doesn’t really affect me, so I don’t really care.

I’m not losing anything by being excluded from this mode that I didn’t even know was coming out until the beta went live, so really, any criticisms of the mode by me can be ignored.

Side note: I didn’t keep playing my free run. I stopped playing after 6 games. It’s not that I was really bored, I just would rather play Ranked mode, and I guess that’s the point, isn’t it?


Actually, it’s not only with and for casuals. It’s also a nice breath if you want to play some match versus decks that won’t be Arcanyst Vanar or Golem Magmar 10 times in a row. Very refreshing, makes your brain heat with some new combo arising, full of surprise, requires constant adaptation.

Honestly I find it sometimes more tricky and demanding than Ladder when you see that usual Circulus|Metallurgist hit the board on first turn and you already know the fun just died.

Yeah, I used “fun” like … in a … game, you know, cause that’s all about it should be :wink:

With current Meta, I really hope they’re not going to remove Rift Mode even as clunky as it is right now … :pray:


Rift was the most disappointing thing since my son.


Let us choose the beginning basic deck would be better than putting 3x Bloodletter and 3x Dragonbone Golem yourself… It doesn’t make any sense. So my Vaath deck reached lvl 13 already, but I actually didn’t find it fun to keep playing. I’d either win like having a piece of cake or lose pathetically to players who have like 10 epic/ legendary cards…


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