Rift Mode Feedback


I agree. That’s why I wish instead of showing the players’ ribbons, maybe they should show the players’ score and deck level instead. That way it can tell us if we are being matched w/ the correct opponent.


yes 100% right; at least it would cause less frustration; understand me right, I dont believe dropping 4 turns in a row race-key rare being just luck, if I would see “16 upgrades” or smth that would at least sedate a little


After a lot more playtime in the mode, I have some more opinions (yay).

First of all, the is the most pay to win thing CPG has ever done, which is very surprising. Not a huge fan of that, running into Zaowi’s Cyclone Mask Adamantine Claws or that one Faie with Makantor and Regalia and Spiral can just feel unwinnable (I don’t even wanna know what Dragall’s running). It’s not that bad, just unusual.

Secondly, the matchmaking is whack. Rumor has it that the matchmaking only takes into account who’s queuing, and nothing else. Feeding me silver players makes it easy to hit the leaderboard, but it isn’t fun for either party.
It’s also matched me with the same person twice in a row on three separate equations, which was a bug in other gamemodes fixed a long time ago.

My final gripe is, of course, rewards. I have no problem with a lack of gauntlet-like rewards, but having no 3 win 15 gold or faction xp gain kinda sucks sometimes. You lose money by tipping, and I would love to use this mode to level and practice other factions.


Duelyst grows? Plz explain? Player base and Twitch viewers seem to be stagnating.
I don’t see what good it does for this - admittedly very promising - game to insult people in such a condescending way who offer constructive criticism in a thread where feedback was even asked for.


Just deducting from the growing number of player joining forums every week to whine :wink:


My current suggestions:

  1. Allow the user to choose their general or at the very least re-roll from the 4 initial generals so they can get the general of their choosing.

  2. Allow packs to be opened first, then to choose whether to save the pack or replace. The current scenario of replacing first while not knowing what you’re going to draw is counterproductive to maintaining curve or even viability as you aren’t guaranteed to get a better card from the pack than the card you’re replacing.


I’ve now reached a point where I don’t want to replace any of my cards. What do I do with the remaining levels? Seeing them “unspent” drives me crazy :persevere:


Looks like that’s what the “save” button is for.


Be forewarned that once you trade your basic card, it’s gone FOREVER! Scion wishes, etc… and you can’t get basic cards from other factions.


Just wanted to add that I DO really like everyone starting out with basic decks. It was instantly refreshing to not see some staple cards and see lesser-played cards everywhere, that’s really nice, even though the decks need some tweaking.


I would like if you guys introduced a mode where there was no drafting, you could just make a deck with cross faction, and see who could break the game the quickest.


It sucks to hell and back. Stop matching me with the same opponents within a few games. Hell, I was matched against the same opponent 4 times in a fucking row. Profanity required, because that is the worst matchmaking I have ever experienced in a game. This isn’t one time event. I have a record of several clumps of 2 & 3 matches against the same person. Very NOT FUN.

Call me boycott your new mode. Might even go on Duelyst leave again. Gone for 3 months and I come back to an interesting new mode only to be punched in the face.

Also, my second match was against someone with over 2000 wins (just in ribbons) with a well leveled/developed deck and I’m 200 wins (in ribbons) with a completely new deck?




Well, ribbons are not necessarily indicative of skill, but definitely attributable to persistence. Other than that, yeah. Kinda sux. I played exactly two matches; lost first, won second, got crate, and fin. Just not my cup of tea, I guess. :thinking:


This is just a test of the new gamemode. Not a gauntlet replacement. Not a permanent addition.

The devs are aware of the matchmaking issues and I’m sure when this mode releases permanently it will be far better than it is now.

Surely the dislike of a beta gamemode won’t cause you to take a leave from the game.


Games don’t generally release beta content unless they’re in…well…beta.

User feedback is valuable but we should be giving feedback on features and content, not bug testing their shitty coding.


Bug testing? The matchmaking isn’t a bug, it’s intentional.

The only bug we’ve found is the white light of death. You can call it shitty coding if you want but every game has bugs.


I like it but would love to see some kind of reward for a more fulfilling experience.
Perhaps a minor reward every few levels?

Also I’m not sure how the rating affects matchmaking if at all. Would love to be matched against decks of similar composition/level.

Another idea is to resign a rift run for exchange of some gold or spirit. I think that would make sense once you have multiple runs going and want to clear space.

Otherwise I enjoy it. Fun mode.


I’d like a better way to organize decks.
Perhaps categorizing by general.
I like the deck building & I don’t want to scroll & search thru 20+ decks.
Need to be able to name decks & delete for dust/gold, def!


um doesn’t the first rift win of the day count as a “first win of the day” ? Why isn’t the quest complete :persevere:


All other quests can be completed in rift except first win of the day.
They should fix that