Rift Mode Feedback


Faie has only like, 3 2drops (which is crystal cloaker), though has 3 fox and 3 chroma. I’d say it’s kind of ridiculous advantage with this kind of basic deck, even more that I have 2 pandoras on it now.


I haven’t even been able to start playing the mode yet. :disappointed_relieved:
For reasons:
A: update install failed
B: no time

So, do you have any extra salt to spare? Apparently the game thinks I should have more.


You’re missing on the free PRISMATIC SERPENTI

Seriously, that was just amazing to get.


Love the crossfaction, but hate starting with a deck I have not crafted. We should at least have the guantled draft to build the initial deck (with crossfaction cards, of course).
Also, just way too slow with so few replacements. Added to the RNG and you have to play a tone of games until you build something you can call your own.

Love the idea, needs improvement.


This mode has a LOT of problems and a LOT of potential. I love it but it definitely isn’t perfect. A few quick points:

-We can’t get basic cards, meaning cards like Silverguard Knight faction exclusive, which is counter intuitive to the spirit of the gamemode.
-Without the 5 starting levels, we usually start a run with a fully basic deck, which is no fun whatsoever. Considering the run costs 150g off the bat and gives no rewards, we should at least get those 5 levels when we buy a ticket.
-The mode is anti-newbie in a way, since it sucks up resources (gold and spirit) but doesn’t refund you like Gauntlet does. As I said, great fun, but a resource sapper that could potentially slow down a new player’s collection and perhaps enjoyment of the whole game.
-Opening each pack takes too long: click the button, click the card to replace, click all 6 shards, click the one you want, repeat another 4 times. Why not set it up like Gauntlet for speed’s sake?


I briefly tried it, it looks fun. A few comments on how to improve it:

  1. Rewards. We are all happy to test the new mode, but, if this going to enter the game, rewards should be granted to players, otherwise people will quickly lose interest.

  2. Initial decks. I picked a Zi’ran deck and it’s quite horrible. It would be much nicer if we could draft the initial deck from basic faction cards, at least partially.

This is my preliminary feedback, but I will be happy to add more after more testing.


This mode is definitely refreshing after playing so much Ranked Ladder games. Sure, it’s frustrating from a competitive standpoint since you have to be ready for pretty much anything, but this mode is probably meant to be more so for fun than competition anyway.

I’ve heard gripes about adding rewards to Rift Mode (most likely since Gauntlet does this), but you only pay 150 gold for UNLIMITED play, so to me, that seems like a great trade-off.

My main concern with Rift Mode is that I would like to see what cards I can choose from when swapping cards in my deck before having to choose which card to swap. I don’t know if this is to prolong the amount of time needed to get the cards you want for your “perfect” deck, and therefore give you more to work for, but I don’t think it would hurt to let people see their options before switching cards.


Picked Kaloes. But he’s been useless without my regular deck. Inner focus can’t be used on big minions, but If you get kaido, Chakri or Widow, expect removal. And then every turn you can maybe drop some one thing and try to get off some other thing, and maybe BBS, for fun. No swarm, no backstab synergy, very little removal, and too many spells.

I’ve had close games to be fair, but in this case the lose always comes from about 1 or 2 turns begging for anything for just 1-4 damage but ultimately dying because you have 2 spells and the golem you can’t replace because there’s no scroll bar.


pretty neat, though a reward attached to it would be welcomed. maybe level goals?


In terms of reward, I’m assuming we may get a reward at the end of the month based on the ratings reached with each run, but that may be a stretch. Maybe a system where they reward dust equal to your rating (or your rating plus a multiplier)? This could also help players get the dust necessary to craft key cards in the next expansion.


I agree w/ adding rewards. It seems fun but the only reason I will be playing this is to complete my daily quests since I’m not enjoying rank lately. It doesn’t even reward 15g for 3 wins w/c is kinda disappointing. If they add rewards or even the 15g for 3 wins I think more people will play this mode and even spend on it.


Another few things after more play:

-Apparently winning in this doesn’t count as the first win of the day? Maybe I was mistaken, but I’m pretty sure I had the quest and didn’t fulfill it until I played a game in the normal Ranked ladder.
-The menus are a little awkward, for example it ejects you to the deck select every time you play a game. Just a bit annoying.
-Seeing the stats, like the mana cost distribution and spell/minion/artifact numbers would be very helpful.
-The fact that you don’t get the set amount of gold every 3 wins is another deterrent to this otherwise amusing mode.

Why does it feel like we’re having things taken away from us when we play this gamemode? It’s heaps of fun, yet such a grind to get anywhere interesting. I hope you guys further update this gamemode before May ends.


I just got my 1st win of the day in rift. So either you’re mistaken or it only happens sometimes
edit: nevermind it happened to me too


This happened to me. But on turn 2.

Boy was I glad when that flash nerf hit xD


oops, that a pretty bad shot

Kelaino BRM is just a beautiful thing

then plasma storm natural happened. I’m not even kidding.


The starter decks are really terrible. I think they need some changes not just the best basics added of course (Healing Mystic, Tigers, etc.) because why should people replace cards then. But they need more 2 drops as an example. Often you miss on T1 because of that and lose the game then.

I really like the idea of the Rift mode as a casual ladder with no end to it. But the wins in it should count to your quest progression, not only the played games. And at a certain lvl you should get a little reward like a common crate key. Not too much but more than nothing.

Not sure though if you really want to disable Gauntlet for the whole month. Something like in beta seems to be better.


Another slight thing that caught my attention was that your current rank and ribbons are shown in this mode, whereas in gauntlet you couldn’t see either player’s ribbons or current rank. Not sure if this matters a lot to others, but just wanted to point it out.


I noticed the same! But I couldn’t put my finger on what bugged me in that. Thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:

As it’s so detached from main constructed, I felt the ribbons were unnecessary as well, and surprisingly disturbing. I’d rather have info on Rift levels and standings, or other Rift related information.


I think the rewards have been mentioned a lot already.

When I started I expected the same rewards as in gauntlet (because of the 150 g cost), but with way more people.
I’m not disappointed, it is a beta, but I would not play a lot of rift, if gauntlet was around.

Another great thing to have would be the ability to switch generals at some point.
Maybee once you reach lvl 10, but I have only reached lvl 5, so maybee there are some things I haven’t seen yet.


So can I commit to another game straight away, or is gauntlet coming back in the next days? Because I was looking forward for six weeks to make my work deadline and then be free to grind my favorite game atm (duelyst). Gauntlet would have given me the chance to make progress towards having more than one ladder deck to compete in Diamond+ and also have fun playing of course. And I am not even F2P, but for a new player the rewards are so important to catch up a little. I can’t believe you let new players down like that.