Rift Mode Feedback


I’m aware of that, but as someone who played Gauntlet, which is even more different than constructed, a lot (I’m getting close to 1000 wins), I’d say that if we were to measure how minion quality matters, Rift would be between Gauntlet and constructed, leaning towards constructed due to rerolls. Why? Simply, in Rift you have a solid basis that you can turn into a crazy deck step by step, in Gauntlet you needed more or less RNG to get an incredibly good deck, depending on the faction. In Rift rerolls allow to skip the RNG almost completely if you have a lot of dust, which makes it less of a great mode for new players and Duelyst desperately needs a newbie-friendly mode, IMO. Hence I’d like to see the reroll option removed to make it more fair for everyone.

Again - you have starter decks only at the start. The further you go, the crazier they become. Fountain of Youth was even one of the worst picks in Gauntlet, beaten by almost all Rare cards (and exceptions were as good as Sol), so if you picked that for some reason, it’d likely be your next replace - basically a wasted “upgrade”. Even in Sajj starter deck (not the best one for sure) I picked I saw no card that’s worse - golems are much more solid, Blindscorches are more reliable with BBS, Necroseers aren’t worse either and a single Putrid had already been replaced with removal. The rest of the deck - much better. I’m wondering what you’d replace into that card.

In contrary to Fountain it’s not one of the worst cards in the game, I can agree. However, imagine someone picked an Aymara in its spot. Then Storm Kage vs Revenant. A similar thing happened let’s say 10 times and you encounter that deck on level 20 (assuming you were able to reach it in the first place with this deck quality). The person got that high so they’re not terrible, do you think that on average you stand a chance with a deck consisting in 25% of memes against a deck that has one of the highest quality minions in their place?

As for removal, it’s much more likely than in Gauntlet since many starter decks have 3x of staple removal cards in the first place.

Or at least show 6 generals so that it’s 50% to get what you want like it was in Gauntlet.


Fountain of Youth is playable in Healyonar, which you can now do.

I’m playing mist-walking in my Vaath.


Too, many, S-Rank. xD.
Fun mode anyways.


The concept is superb. Really fun!

I would love to have more variation in general selection. Others have said as much as well. I had options between either of the Vetruvian generals (which I main), or either of the Vanar generals (something I’ve seen way too much as it is in Ladder). Either give a random general of a faction, or, as someone suggested, give six options in selection?

Other than that, I would strongly prefer first having the booster pack, and only then choosing which card to replace, in opposition to first ditching a card and only then getting something to replace it. You’d get more wacky combos if you knew what you’d be getting - instead of first ditching a fun out-of-faction card only to draw into a fun combo piece for it, you’d get to plan a bit ahead for those one-offs.

Oh, and by the way, I’d love to have at least some rewards for playing. :slight_smile: I mean, even something trivial. Randomised +10 spirit, +10 gold, something, every other level, or based on Rating? Just something wee random stuff to keep your interest.


In addition to wins not counting for (3=15 gold) it also seems wins do not count for 1st win of the day? Pls fix. Should not be a worse mode than Gauntlet.


I guess this has been said multiple times now, but not having rewards sucks. I’ve been gettng back into duelyst the past few days by playing gauntlet to get the ancient bonds cards and to learn what they do, but with rift mode i’ve lost motivation after leveling to 7. Its a funny little thing but with broken interactions, really bad rewards and even gauntlet being temporarily disabled it feels really damn stale.


I guess she has cards that make it more or less playable. The problem (of both Rift and Gauntlet, also budget options) is that Zir’an and few other generals are much less viable because they require specific higher rarity synergy cards. It’s not very likely to get e.g. Sunforge Lancer quickly, unless there’s a big bonus for class cards, but based on my current observations there either isn’t one or it’s small.


So if I save a group I lose my choice of card?? Dammit! I really wanted to choose a particular card and save the REST… is this intended? I just lost a levelup choice.

Also: I disliked the available generals at the start so I bought a new one for 150 gold, only to not get 5 card picks at the start. I must say it’s quite frustrating to go against higher level decks with a 100% basic deck.

Also: I think it would be good to get a few more than 5 picks quickly. Maybe make the first fights versus AI or so, so you can level quickly. For me the fun would be in deck collection, not fighting while the deck is still nowhere near any semblance of your idea.

Also: I think the order is wrong. You have to select the card to be replaced before you see your potential replacements. This makes for more gambling than necessary. Not satisfied with your Necroseer? Select it to be replaced: then pull zero card-draw and zero strong minions. Have this happen a few times in a row and you’re without lategame. It’s just way way more friendly if you can see your pulls and then decide: oh this would be a great substitute for my 2-drop, instead of for Necroseer.

Also: The basic decks could use some tweaking. My Lyonar one had only 3 2-drops iirc, which is very annoying often. They do not seem to have the same powerlevel (I get it, that’s hard to do, still, it’s feedback).

All in all I think this is cool and has merit, but improvements are very welcome.


No, Variax gives you the Lillithe Awesome BBS if you aren’t Cassyva.


Very fun so far, a nice break from ranked/gauntlet. However, having no rewards is a very bad play on CPG’s part honestly. I don’t understand why there are no rewards. This is supposed to be a replacement for gauntlet, for the time being; it costs the same, has a draft format, yet there are no rewards. Like even Ranked has rewards at the end of the month. Some may be saying that I just want free stuff, but that isn’t the case (of course I would not mind free stuff, like everyone else). If I’m a new player wanting to expand my collection and learn about the game a bit, sure I like this “Rift” gamemode, never seen something like this before, but there is no reward, no goal to fight for. You’re paying gold to not receive anything in return. I get that it’s only during May, but still, this seems quite unfriendly to new players, which is something Duelyst can not afford to be.

I (and others) will likely still play this mode a lot till it ends, but it’s something to think about for the future. My two cents.

Edit: like it has been said, I also expected more cross-faction options than the ones we are offered. I think 3 Faction/Neutral and 3 Other Factions would be a good balance per orb.
Edit 2: I just did a replace where I got 3/6 from other factions, so I guess it’s random then.


I really expected more variety of faction upgrade cards to choose from.
Majority of selections are same faction & neutrals.
That is really disappointing.


I love the main idea of this, but why removing gauntlet for it this month.
Rift mode would be played regardless if gauntlet would be there or not.
Why would i pay real money, for a new rift run without any rewards? Paying gold for it is fine, but i would rather spend real money on a gauntlet run.
If the mode stays longer than just one month, removing a deck would be nice.


So far I’m loving the new game mode. I’ve been getting a lot of neutral rather than cross faction options, but that’s just RNG.

I do have to say that I’m surprised at not getting faction XP for games though. Do you not get faction wins (for ribbons) too?


Shame that some people don’t seem to be able to have fun in Rift, even though its all about having fun with cross-faction cards. Think I got my first ever post match hate message from a guy in Rift.

But anyway the game mode itself is fun, just wonder if there is an end game to it and if there are rewards. Even if there isn’t, it’ll be pretty easy to setup a competition to see who can get the highest rating or something like that with a new deck within a time frame.

Don’t know if there is a bias towards neutrals/own faction cards since I haven’t been checking but so far using 3 out of 7 cards that are replacements are from other factions.


I got my prismatic serpenti :smile:, now i can forgot this mode and wait for gauntlet to be avaiable again



Just wanted to say thanks for all the feedback so far! Keep it coming for sure :smiley: This mode is tentative so feedback is super important for improvements in the future.


I’d love to see a milestone award considering there’s a rating for the game mode, a lot of players does feel disappointed with the mode not awarding anything at all (aside from fun).


Don’t know if you have rewards in mind, but maybe something like a free prismatic card whenever you hit a threshold in the ratings. Don’t know what the highest rating will be but if it is 2000 for example, then you could go for every 100 rating you gain (so at 500, 600 etc) you get a common card then it can switch to rare at some point, then to epics, then to legendaries. That way it would reward players who want to stick to the game mode or those who aren’t bothered about ranked/gauntlet but want a way to build up the card collection.


Really love the concept of the mode, and the ranking is very interesting as well! No doubt will play a lot of this!

[details=Slight personal rage]
For my first run, I had to choose between Kara, Cassyva, Starhorn, and Sajj. I choose Sajj.
My starting deck only had 6 2 drops and no healing. Being used to having 9 2 drops in my deck, and I found it very difficult to have powerful player 1 plays (although staff was also in the deck). Furthermore, I felt some starter decks were better compared to other factions, which can make it harder to start with factions (especially since the 5 free swaps only apply to your first draft).
My first and third losses were from a Vaath that has Trinity oath, scintilla, zephyr, and incinera. What hurt the most was that he used Sajj tools better than Sajj could.
My second loss was against a Reva who top decked spectral revanent in a match I was dominating.
I’ve only played 3 games in the new mode so far. I’m really feeling the salt right now guys. [/details]


Oh god, flash and kujata with variax :scream:

Jesus christ. I will probably have nightmares after reading that