Rift Mode Feedback


Nice gift crate


Its really fun & unpredictable so far but what the reward. I need a motivation to keep playing :slight_smile:


So far: Enjoying it reasonably well. However, I anticipate this will wear thin fairly quickly. Much of the fun of this game was anticipating all the plays your opponent could make, playing around them, and out-skilling them, or losing a hard-fought match and learning something.

The only times I’ve been really, truly frustrated with this game, nearly to the game-quittingly-displeased-point, was when I lost, and felt there was nothing I could have done, for reasons other than that the opponent’s answers lined up perfectly with my plays. When the opponent RNGeapers into my best minion, into Grimes giving a Peacekeeper and a Blue Conjuror. Or they turn 2 (or even turn 1) flash flash (flash) Juggernaut. Turn 1 Zyx on mana tile, double Darkfire Sacrifice into Variax, etc.

This mode is going to amplify that. Aegis barrier on a ranged minion with killing edge? Do I have crossbones, or AOE sufficient to destroy the minion? No? I just lost. Nothing I could have done. Aegis Barrier on any value-generator, really, if I don’t have tile-dispel or board-clearing AOE. And that’s just one thing I’ve already faced off against.

I expect that, unless (manual) care is taken to prevent these game-breaking combos, this game mode is just going to degenerate into the most-complained-about form of solitare: Who can draw and pull off their broken combo quicker to win. Some may find this appealing. I’d rather play against my opponent, than race to draw better than them.

I already want Gauntlet back.


I think it’s important to remember that it’s impossible to balance this mode. Luckily, this isn’t a gauntlet replacement, because if it were it would be failing miserably due to its inability to be competitive, as gauntlet can be.

As a brand new gamemode however, clearly built for fun by the lack of penalty for losing and the crazy combos possible, I think it’s great.


Can you please add the interface that shows the curve of your deck? (The column graph that shows the number of card in each mana slot). It is in gauntlet and the deck building interface, don’t see why not to include it.

Also, what does the “save upgrade” button do? I just click on one of 6 new cards that I want, and it goes into my deck, so I’m unsure what the button is there for. (I haven’t tried to click it yet, might be silly question)

I got the same re-roll bug mentioned by a few previous posts. I’ll end my run for now until it gets fixed.

Side note: This kind of mode does seem to be partially grind based (and money/spirit based too perhaps?), since you can fit your card with ever more crazy cards over time. (Using spirit to re-roll speeds this up ofc).


I want this thing, too, just wanted to post this suggestion here)

Also, is it possible to scroll your deck? I just can’t get rid of a final dragonbone golem(

Edit. Nevermind, it just didn’t work with my touchpad. With mouse it does work. Strange.


Do all the generals have awesome bloodborn spells now? Becuase I have an Argeon deck with Variax.


Bug workaround update: You can bypass the bug where card gems don’t appear by clicking where the “re-roll” button should be. It costs the spirit for a re-roll, but you no longer have a dead run due to the bug.


Dumb question:
Only 4 Generals to chose from? How can I get other Generals if I don’t like the 4?


I opened exacly same gift. Is it same for everybody?


I got a prismatic serpenti from the gift crate


The Paupers just have to save them for the next run


You have to buy another ticket. It’s like gauntlet, which only lets you choose from three factions.


so far it’s very interesting and kinda fun, but the randomness is so insane. i got cyclone mask as vaath and that felt super op, until i got 1 drop immolated by revas BBS, things like this are going to be insanely fun to do but chaotic randomness isn’t always the most fun thing to deal with


Please remove the RNG from the general selection. This is what happens if you actually want to play all generals:


I think there needs to be more opportunities to replace cards, because of the RNG involved.


Maybe first chose which card you want and second which card you want to replace?
I think my Faie Deck is weaker then the Starter Deck after the 5 replaces…


That’d be nice. I think all decks should start with 5 replaces, too.


The basic decks can be geared towards the original faction generals. So if you’re offered Cass, you start off worse than Lilithe.

I think alternate generals should have a starter deck pre-augmented with some faction commons.


Yeah, all of the starter decks seem to be geared towards the original generals, as far as I’ve seen so far. I think it’d be nice if three cards could be replaced with any one card to which you can build your deck to work with.