Rift Mode Feedback


Hey guys, let us know here how your feeling about Rift mode :smiley: Are you liking it, hating it, etc etc

Please send all bug related reports to https://duelyst.uservoice.com/ thanks!


QQ, Is there any difference in rewards when you compare rift to gauntlet? Gauntlet offered some nice rewards after we finished a run and wanted to know if rift was similar in this aspect.


Has there been any information on what (if any) rewards are available? And how you can “lose” a run?

The mode itself is actually rather fun, but I may have to postpone my run for now.


Is it just me or do you always get at least 1 legendary card as an option when you get to replace a card in the deck? Haven’t played a game yet was just setting up the first deck for tomorrow, but seemed to have a legendary card come up every time, including re-rolls.


the humble beginnings of the one true meme

wall cassyva


Kind a fun to mix different faction cards and try to make combos/symbioses.
Each match is less predictable, we have to be more carefull but at the same time we have more options to be aggressive .
Less “serious” than Gauntlet but more fun for sure ^^


Encountered a bug: Attempting to replace a card, after pressing re-roll, leaved the game just stuck with a single glowing orb in the center of the screen. Unable to navigate away from this screen without just leaving rift mode, and attempting to re-enter the run brings me back to this screen.

As a note: This mode is more pay2win than any so far, since you can convert IRL money into gold into orbs into spirit, which is consumed on card re-rolls. Meaning, if you pay more money, you have a better chance to get a deck constructed to your liking. This is… dangerous territory, to say the least. Given that the spirit costs seem to increase exponentially, there is eventually a limit, but still, for the long-term health of the game, I think the ability to do so is problematic. As a short-term method of milking players for dollars, it’s great, though.


Kinda curious if there is any in game goal/rewards for this mode. There is a rating system, but what does the rating do? I am guessing giving equal matchups, but is there more then that?

It is a really fun mode though. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Too many “discoverables” - you have to YOLO-click each button to know what will happen, but I guess soon enough a community-made tutorial will take care of that.

The idea itself is interesting. I’m not sure how levels/rewards/drop-outs work yet, but I definitely like that you’re extending a basic deck. not sure how I like faction randomness and “reroll to win” though, I guess I’ll update this post later.

Also, I don’t see a scrollbar in the card replace menu, even in full screen mode, on a 1366 x 768 screen. Anyone else with this problem?

EDIT: here’s my wider opinion: https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/683kqv/rift_mode_feels_extremely_halfbaked/dgviqhx/


I have not done a reroll yet and I am 8-0 now. I think the reroll option is less important then you think


That number doesn’t mean anything alone. You may have gotten lucky with card RNG and/or you may have encountered opponents with worse generals/decks. Not to mention it’s just the beggining, the higher you get the harder it is to get upgrades, so if you don’t pick optimally at any point it may matter at a later point. I predict rerolls to matter quite a bit, too.


So where/when does it end? YOu have to level all the way to 50?


It dosn’t end. You can keep playing your deck(s) as long as the mode is up :smiley:


With 6 options there will be almost every time at least 1 ok option. Maybe not always a broken option indeed, but at the start it is in my opinion to pick options to curve better. Even if there is no ok on curve card, you can pick an ok non-curve card, as long as your replaces don’t mess up your curve. At least that is how I experienced te start. At this moment it is to soon to tell for sure though :slight_smile:


That’s a factually incorrect generalization considering there are many cards that have low quality across all rarities. For example, I had to reroll on my 3rd or 4th upgrade because I was offered Black Locust, Calculator, Fountain of Youth and 3 other bad cards common/rare I don’t even remember.


So, as ridiculous and broken as the cross faction thing is going to be, I must admit, it was pretty fun to get lethal as Argeon by turning my BBS into Pheonix Fire. Granted, a Tempest, or Lucent Beam, or double bloodtear, or repulsor beast, or any number of other things would have worked, but the BBS PF lethal was funnier.


Embla into soul shatter makes me moist :weary:

Also this mode should at the very least give the 15 gold for every three wins, if it doesn’t then I wont be able to play it as much as i’d like :confused:


It is more opinion then fact. When a card is terrible on ranked, it doesn’t mean it is bad in this mode. These starter decks are more focussed on bigger stats then deck is ranked mode. Fountain of Youth can have an impact in the games cause of the starter decks. Black Locust can be strong too if there is no removal for it (which is not always in this mode) and I bet in the other 3 cards there are some decent ones as well in my opinion. Of course, they are not more then just ok in my opinion. Calculator is terrible yes XD.

This is all my opinion though and people can have different opinions :slight_smile:


I had a similar issue to @Xenoce: Tried to make a replace, didn’t re-roll or anything, but before showing up with new choices it got stuck on the white orb (as shown)

And no this isn’t an internet issue as I’ve never had any similar problems with Duelyst and I left the screen running for about 5-10 minutes to see if the issue would fix itself.

This really sucks as this mode looks really fun and I hadn’t played any matches yet…


I’ve only played a few matches but holy crap is this gamemode a blast. One of the first cards I was offered in my Reva deck was Grandmaster Variax, how could I pass that up? Seeing crazy decks and random cards is highly entertaining and fun.

My one complaint is that some of the basic decks seem very weak. For example, Songhai’s has Chakri Avatar (very weak until you draft a lot of spells, particularly positional ones) but Magmar’s still has powerful removal such as Natural Selection and Plasma Storm. Luckily the drafting can fix these (for example, I was offered a Deathstrike Seal) but until you can get better answers in your deck it’s hard not to feel outclassed.

Regardless, this is a fun mode with no penalty for losing, so it really doesn’t bother me at all currently.