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Ribbon Watch March '19 - Who has the most?


Kirabi started the Ribbon Watch some time ago and I updated it here and also here and want to continue it further because it is fun in my opinion.

Therefore exactly 3 months after the last one I proudly present the newest Ribbon Watch thread!

Ribbons are a fun part of Duelyst, It shows the work you put into one or more factions and into the game itself. I think it is cool to recognize who has the most in the game for one account, faction(s) and tournaments.

Over the last months I tried to collect as many names with a high number of ribbons as possible. I added everyone I found with more than 15 ribbons in one faction or / and more than 2 tournament ribbons.

Italicized names mean these players only have ribbons in that one faction.

Updated 03/18/2019

Vetruvian F8D (47) Amoore (37) Pulsetone (31) WhatAreTheOdds (29) Taki80 (24) Ispaxan (23) Phoinexflame (23) Leisu (21) Andzinsan (21) Timothysit (21) Atheistmantis (20) Hsuku (20) Icicle / Duelystofficial (20) Jim9137 (18) Grinch (17) Chreatorchaos (17) Excogitator (16)

Magmar Buffseverywhere / Vaathette (39) Kirabi (38) Sibon (38) Denoobz (31) Jigsawkiller (28) Trulster (28) Hempmind (28) Irishbastard (26) Chuyqwerty (24) Expyrienger (23) UN7 (23) Cebudude (22) Zaowi (22) 1pancakess (22) Flashblood (22) Audioloom (22) Hsuku (21) Annankee (21) Valzak (20) TheZohan (20) Tentickles (19) Drakkar666 (19) Acmemade (18) Biffbampow (18) Deathsadvocate (17) Pickleric (17) Moggin (16) Lyvern (16) VBCFBHC (16) JimmytheWelp (16) Yyjun (16)

Lyonar Powinthekissa (53) Warriorofsunlight (39) Kevin2Hard (35) xxxSeedxxx (31) Kieran (30) TheMightyballon (26) Meziljie (24) Shlanto (23) Sdish (23) Unksol (22) Zaowi (22) Lightningfeet (21) Hsuku (20) Solafid (20) Shinen (19) Collazo (17) Grinch (16) Rhacker93 (16)

Songhai Jogdahai (46) Nyawang (45) Moggin (38) Eurasianjay (36) Prostobot (35) Topdeckguru (34) Cancelthatlastmove (31) rgood (30) Fanggod (28) Laranjal (27) Xinnosuke (25) Hsuku (25) JosephStalin69 (25) DracoMoriarty (24) KingOnyx (19) GoodandBad (19) Grinch (19) Hempmind (19) Juanne (18) Starkly (18) Jebi (18) Cornbeef (18) Lel7 (17) Finki (17) Alplod (16)

Abyssian Njen (62) IplayonlyAbyssian (48) Zgleu (41) Althur (36) TM87 (35) Contac600 (34) IrishBastard (31) Cause4Concern (31) Blacknight69 (28) Variaxlover (26) Chokilit (24) Demonicremains (24) LoveDuelyst (23) BytetheDust (23) Loshinas (22) PrincessRessa (21) TrapsareWaifus (21) Hsuku (20) Cephalosporin (20) Deathsadvocate (20) Prostobot (19) SmashtheHamster (19) Senpainich (18) Oranos (17) Dragall (17) Jebi (16) Yukarin (16) Boiha (16) Acmemade (16) Acidgreen (16) Miguelosz (16) Raygetard (16)

Vanar Solafid (44) Sticks (44) Saneseed (39) Wardl (32) DHolly (29) Sylvermyst (22) Linkarl (22) Snowshot (19) Yukarin (19) Hsuku (18) Wimpish (18) Skeitho (17) BossZX007 (17) Juanne (16)

All in all on 1 account: Hsuku (125) Prostobot (101) Grinch (86) Solafid (81) TheZohan (80)

Tournaments Minmaxer (12) Briguy77 (9) NowayitsJ (9) Kolos (7) Lel7 (6) Sibon (6) Meziljie (6) Alphacentury (6) Zaowi (5) Solafid (4) Munkbusiness (4) Kieran (3) Seedy (3) Rhacker93 (3) Niklaren (3)

I am only one person, so I absolutely need your help to get all players with a lot of ribbons :slight_smile: So if you know anybody else who should be on this list please let me know so I can update it accordingly. It could also be that some people changed their name (it is even theoretically possible someone is named twice because of that) if you know of this please tell me. Let me also know if some of the numbers are outdated. Thanks for your support!


I have some updates for the Vetruvian section: WhatAreTheOdds now owns 29 ribbons and both myself and Ispaxan now have 23 ribbons.


Got it, thanks! :smiley:


Yay I’ve finally got my 16th Abyss ribbon :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m finally in!

Now going for 16 Abyss ribbons :stuck_out_tongue:


Just because I have 16 vet ribbons doesn’t mean I don’t play like a pleb.


I think Fazarminhaquepassa has changed their name to Laranjal.


Thanks for all the comments! I’m on a trip right now, so no edits possible till end of the week :pensive:

Then I will reply to everyone. Thanks for your patience!


I hope it is a great trip!

…I don’t have many ribbons, fyi. :sweat_smile:


Visiting Vienna and Bratislava (in Europe, just saying because I know there is at least one Vienna in the US too :wink:). And yes we are enjoying it a lot. Good and relaxed time.


Cornbeef has 18 now.


Gratulations @miguelosz! I checked every other day to see if you got 16 :wink: Like I did with Alplod till it was finally the case :smiley:

@randomex thanks I updated Cornbeef and changed the name (was confused first because I thought I already had done it but maybe something got overwritten with an older version)

@excogitator I added you too :wink:


I have 3 tourney ribbons. And 15.5 Songhai ones, I will work on it :wink:
What’s your cutoff for total on 1 account? (pretty sure i’m not enough, but am curious)


Updated it and waiting for the 16th Songhai ribbon :wink:

To be honest…I have no number for that, Kirabi started it and I went with it. Maybe I just do a Top 3 or 5. Therefore I don’t need a certain number and it is easier for me to keep track (which is hard enough already).

I don’t have Njen on my friend’s list (didn’t accept my invite), so they are probably pretty high up there too.

Who else do you know with a bunchload of ribbons? Added Solafid with 81. Prostobot with 101, though I am confused…shouldn’t he have gotten a tournament ribbon for winning the Gauntlet tournament?


Did some edits bump.


Pretty sure I was close to 50 total last I checked last year kappa but I’ll have a gander for old times sake.


If you are talking about the all ribbons in one account thing I decided to do only a top 5 thing to limit my work load. It is already pretty high checking accounts and going through the watch section etc. every other day.

I am pretty sure the top 5 are not correct but couldn’t find anyone else in the time I looked for them.


I won against you in ranked.


Thezohan has 80 ribbons altogether, so looks like he qualifies for the top 5 most ribbons on one account reward.


Thanks, could have thought of Zohan myself :slight_smile:

Updated it! Seedy got kicked out of the top 5 :wink: