Rewards for Conceded Opponent


If your opponents concede to you, it usually means you’ve played well and forced them to admit an early defeat. Why not reward the winner with some gold (5, for example) - from the system, not the tipper.


Now I’m positive you’re just messing with us.


The tears of your opponent should be reward enough.


No, it just crossed my mind after today’s match. I was doing the “150 damage to Generals” quest and my opponet conceded with 9 health left.


I really hope noone cries after playing a match against me. :slight_smile: But shouldn’t the game itself additionally reward good players? More gold means more possibilities to enter the gauntlet or buy orbs for better decks.


Maybe you’re right. I was basing my suggestion on my own behavior. I never ragequit matches (and I try to visit bathroom before starting a match :stuck_out_tongue: ). Some frustration is always involved, of course, but even when I was killed on the fourth turn with five 5/1 Wrathlings, I waited for them to kill me. :slight_smile:


I think that when your opponent concedes his remaining health counts towards your 150 damage mission. Think I seen I in last patch notes.


That is correct.


That is all right… Though I feel conceding saves time for both players. I prefer that instead of seeing those lovely last attack animations - regardless if I win or lose.

About extra rewards… I’m an F2P bum, so I like the idea. But I also feel CPG is generous enough already… and seeing the business model of the new expansion, that doesn’t seem to change.


@fispan, that’s good news. Haven’t seen this in the patch notes - will check.
@evanitis, I don’t think 5 extra gold will affect the monetary system that much, just a small thing of appreciating a good win (because some players rarely tip after conceding). Then again - I trust CPG judgement of fair balance of rewards. Great avatar, BTW, brings back memories of one of the first RPGs I’ve played.


nope :slight_smile: if you really played well, I’d pop up some smiley emo and said well played to you. And if you’re just a jackass who drew lethal or was trying to pile up or shit, I’d just love to hit concede as fast as possible before you do any stupid damage to my beloved General.


There are lots of stupid threads lately. I think the best we can do, is to ignore them, because every time I express my opinion on them (80% of a time it’s a simple “no” or “why the hell would you want that?!”) I get deleted. I understand why they delete me, I’m not complaining. But you guys are way to serious when it comes to discussion on those type of topics.


How? He didn’t say he plays osu. I don’t. Also, I have a weeb profile picture only because I find it cute. You don’t even have to watch anime to have something like this. Internet is a free space, you can be whoever you want.


Did you consider that when someone puts some thought into a topic that is important enough for him to create a thread on here, it’s not very useful (nor respectful) to reply by simply posting a straight-up opinion-based rejection without even trying to be constructive? Same is true for “being snarky” or sarcastic. If you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, then don’t. The world can do without it.


Oops. Also where does this “I made a thread therefore I put lots of effort and thought into it” comes from? I’d understand it if it was an elaborate thread with proper justification but this is just one sentence.

Being on topic, is it still needed for me to explain how would this feature could have a negative impact on the community? You know, the whole “why didn’t you concede when I had an obvious lethal you baddie!” thing.


Sometimes I do pile up damage for the finishing blow (but only when doing generals damage quest, otherwise I just go in for the kill with necessary units). I didn’t know people care so much for their Generals, though. :slight_smile: I’ll try to be gentler in the future (same as I stopped writing “Well played” when I was winning the match - I’ve read people see it as mockery and find offense in it, although I was really just thanking for a good game).

Thank you all for your replies. This thread was dedicated to a silly problem, it seems (so I agree with @raqyee now), but it helped me understand fellow players a bit better and I got some useful info on the patch that I missed.



“why didn’t you concede when I had an obvious lethal you baddie!” thing

people seriously can get frustrated over such things? yikes.


Literally 95% of my concedes come from
a) bad connection
b) real life issues
c) perfect openings

and then there is d) where i concede because i know they have lethal once they reveal a certain card and the very rare e) where i concede in the middle of a game because i know i don’t have a solution to the situation.

And lets be real here, most situations where you ‘played really good’ and made your opponent forfeit are more of a ’ i had a good matchup and insane draw’ type of thing, no measurement of skill.

Not to mention that you get enough gold in duelyst to grow your collection at a reasonable rate, so no reason to implement sth like this from this front either.

Oh yeah and i forgot f) the ‘i though i want to play but suddenly realized i don’t actually’ - concede.


There’s never enough gold. :slight_smile:

‘i though i want to play but suddenly realized i don’t actually’

notes down humans are fascinating species


Well there is a point at which being too generous might hurt the devlopers and therefore the game, and i’d rather have them continue to produce content than getting a lil bit more gold per day.

Did something like that never happen to you? Happens to me all the time, i start reading books and stop after one page, because i am like: in my mind this book used to be much better, better do something else. Maybe i am supposed to be a woman lol.

Yeah i just was sexist while joking, pls don’t get triggered, k?