Rewards at the end of this month


We won’t get any monthly cards so how about giving some more gold or a pack or two or maybe some random legendary? Seems fair right?


We’ll get rewards like we usually do. They just won’t be monthly cards but the existing cards in their respective rarities. Read patch notes for source.


Sweet, makes sense.


I remember the same thing has happened some months (random existing cardsof respective rarity instead of new monthlies) near the Shim’zar release, so this month will probably have the same configuration.


Wait, does that mean that the expansion will hit at the end of this month?

(Hush up reasonable voices in my head! Let me dream!)


Mid December. I’m still waiting for a patch though :slight_smile:


not at the end of november, but around end of december.


They should make it so we only get cards of respective rarity which we don’t have 3x yet (unless you have 3x everything of that rarity already). After all, monthlies were always cards we didn’t have yet. =S


I have Decimus yet, that cards are in game since the patch came out.


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