Reviving Swarm: where to start?


With the newly added tools abyssian got for the wraithling swarm archetype, it might actually become viable again - or so I thought.
Then I realized that I wasn’t sure at all where to take my deck.

Surely I did not intend to make yet another deathwatch deck with the slow to set up combo of deathwatcher and bloodmoon priestess? And just going for that sweet double deathfire crescendo/SGW, that rubbed me the wrong way as well. All the new tools that abyssian got - they do not synergize with deathwatch at all! Or rather, as soon as they are working, you don’t want to sacrifice your wraithlings but instead strengthen them.

Thus, I was dumbfounded: Was ramping with darkfire still a proper option, or was it now too situational, only relevant in the first two to three turns? Should I even try to play shadow dancers or deathfire crescendos, when my overall gameplan was instead to use furosa and related effects to get a swarm going and on the board?

I really struggled to streamline my deck, and it didn’t seem very consistent at all (mainly because it was really dependant on getting early furosa procs).

So how do we create a true swarm archetype without just going for burst damage again?
Of course, in the lategame, Variax is THE answer, but she is still incredibly slow if you’re looking at an empty board - and that can often spell out defeat, because just having big bodies does not win you games when there’s things like decimus spike around.

This is the current version of the deck I tried to build, but I am really not sure about it at all - and the direction to take it. Should I go for more deathwatch nonetheless? Should I attempt to stall the enemy by focusing on neutral minions or removal? Something else entirely? I’m just not sure. One thought I had was to at least add night watchers to deal with magmar aggression (and for those sweet free wins against Zirix)


still need the orbs for furosa and horror burster :cry: FeelsFree2PlayMan


Yeah well I just caved in and spent some $$$ - and got incredibly frustrated afterwards because I was stomped on in ladder.


Here is my interpretation of Swarm Abyssian. It has been preforming pretty well on my brief forays into high Diamond.

(the lone Azure Herald is a filler card, most likely to get replaced by a third copy of something)

This deck is by no means streamline, but it has been extremely satisfying to play. The main thing to note is that this deck does not commit fully to the Swarm theme. Every Swarm-like card in this deck is good on their own, so things like Skorn are less punishing. This is less of a swarm deck and more a mid-ranged deck with swarm elements.

Against Lyonar and Vetruvian, you can realistically stall the game to a point where Grandmaster Variax can win you the game through sheer tempo. Against Aggro Magmar, Capitalize on the fact that their main boardclear, Plasma Storm, is too slow for the deck. End the game early using Crescendo when Starhorn ignors your board. Maybe you can sustain your health if you manage to get a Keliano or a Shadowdancer (or both!) down, but there is little you can do against great draws other than retreat, set up swarm, and hope for a crescendo lethal or set up multiple gradual heals.

Update: It turns out, Furosa + Cryptographer in the early game puts a ton of pressure on Aggro Starhorn. Good luck going face if you have a board full of 2/2s and 3/3s by turn 2!

Update 2: I had a game where I faced 3 consecutive Aymara Healers while my opponent was ahead on board and life. I had a Shadowdancer and Keliano up and tanked that 30 point life swing and won with Variax


This is my current deck that has gotten me to diamond 2, although i don’t think i’ve plateaued yet

It’s a little weird, no furosa. variax or horror burster because i never drew then :anguished:
And if you’re wondering about all the 1 ofs it’s because i don’t have the spirit for the playset :confused:
But yeah, some interesting choice are void steal, which is a severely underplayed card and cryptographer, which is a great card for replenishing your swarm for 3 mana :smile:

Edit: changed to diamond 3 :wink:
Second edit: changed rank to diamond 2 :wink: :wink:


I’ve only been playing with horror buster decks so far and it’s amazing but needs it’s own deck type. Running it with priestess/dancer/fatties has led to some awkward situations.

Mech/swarm/horror buster might have some potential if I can figure out how to squeeze more card draw into it.


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