Revisiting Sunstone Templar: An Underrated Card?


So here’s a little dude you probably haven’t thought of in a while:

If you’re anything like me you probably haven’t considered playing Sunstone Templar in any of your decks for a good long while, and that’s probably all Tempo Argeon’s fault (as most things are). Argeon doesn’t have a lot of use for non-tempo 2-drop minions, and Sunstone Templar definitely comes from the counter play school of Duelyst.

With Rise of the Bloodborn coming up, and its–at least partial–attempt at a push for more control decks in the meta, could Sunstone Templar have what it takes to see play now? Has its time come? Well, let’s consider that idea while we wait.

First let’s try to get its effect in order: as far as I can tell, the dispel effect takes place prior to the enemy counterattack and after Templar’s counterattack. Meaning that if you attack with Templar the enemy is dispelled before counterattacking, but if Templar gets attacked the dispel doesn’t happen until after Templar’s made its counterattack. This makes Templar especially effective on the active turn, and encourages placing it just outside of the enemy’s reach in a lot of cases. Did I get this right?

The thing about Sunstone Templar is that (if I’m reading it right) it turns out to be quite the excellent counter to a veritable ton of early game plays, teaming it up with your General attack delivers quite the one-two punch in these cases. Let’s have a look, per Faction.

Abyssian: Gor, Ooz, Horror Burster (a worthy trade), Abyssal Juggernaut(!)

Lyonar: Windblade Adept, Lightchaser, Azurite Lion, Silverguard Knight, Sunforge Lancer (and her General buffs), anything under Divine Bond, Argeon’s BBS!

Magmar: Draws Natural Selection, Rex, Young Silithar, Gro, Thraex (and its buffs), Vaath’s BBS!

Songhai: (Buffed) Katara, Chakri Avatar, Lantern Fox(!), survives Phoenix Fire

Vanar: Snow Chaser(!), Crystal Cloaker, Crystal Wisp, Borean Bear, Fenrir Warmaster, Snow Rippler, ALL Walls

Vetruvian: ALL Structures, Pax, Pyromancer + Wish

Neutral: I’m not going through all these but you get the point

These are quite a bit of common threats (I didn’t even mention more uncommon ones) that can really mess you up early on. And while Templar (mostly) doesn’t trade with them by itself, it does help avoid a pretty wide range of common blowout threats that mess up your day. I imagine a card like this is difficult to evaluate because players can see it coming an will adjust their plays in accordance with its presence: you’ll likely never know if your Templar saved you from that P1T2 Katara + Mist + Killing Edge attack.

To me it seems like Templar might have a chance in upcoming Lyonar control decks, but maybe I’m missing something; what do you think? Anyone here with some significant play time?


The problem is that there are more playable cards, between this and azurite lion or (don’t remember the name) 2/3 zeal:get +2 atk…

And for the same mana you dispell instantly four tiles…

Useful against pet is the only pro of this card, it’s not even common so not even, how to say…noob-friendly(?)

Moreover, in this expansion the bbs change doesn’t seem to be dispellable on generals…

if it had rush would be played IMO…

Can’t say about the new expansion, maybe becomes more useful, who knows.


well it used to have rush: “3 mana 1/3 rush plus the current ability”. I think they should just make it a 2/3 and have its ability a zeal effect


Haven’t tried but isn’t that bad. Just that when you want to dispel you usually want it instant like Shroud. Not instant means harder to dispel what you want.
On the other side can be annoying to play against. It isn’t that easy to kill something 4 health without removal or something of yours dispelled. Unless you play golems :laughing:
The main strength of it is if it doesn’t die it can potentially dispel another thing. Heal it with say Ziran BBS and then attack again.
It isn’t an opening gambit so works better than shroud with Keeper.


Totally agree on Sunstone Templar, and if you are a Songhai player, there is his older brother, Celestial Phantom, I love it, especially with a IF for a fast cleaning :wink:


That is the problem with this card. The 2 drop slot is so highly contested by so many other good cards, they should buff it and more it to a diferent slot.


Staple in my Healing Zir’An deck. Really good card, excellent turn 1 as player 1, you see them struggle with the awkwardness when it’s their turn.
Has given me massive value over all my games.
Really underrated imo. Love the card.

Can confirm this. Attack a 9/15 Kolossus with it and get 1 retaliation damage.


Do you pack other sources of dispel alongside it? And do you bring any other 2-drops?

Thank you for clarifying too.


This card should be an alcanyst, it’d trigger well in alcanyst Lyonar decks and gain value with Owlbeast Sage and Zir’An BBS.


Other dispel? Only 1 Sunbloom. Do also run some straight up removal (Martyrdom).

As 2-drops I have 3 Azure Heralds, 3 Healing Mystics and 2 Lightchasers, and I seem to have only 2 Sunstone Templars now that I check my list… maybe I should make it 3, it serves me well. Could swap it for 1 Azure Herald.

Well I’ll change everything very soon anyways :smiley:


i personally think they should make templar lyonar’s only dispel option. with balance changes they’re making it so each faction has a different gimmick. songhai is ignoring the board. vet is the positioning faction, etc. Lyonar is all about minion combat so i think their dispel should be tied to that as well. either that or change sun bloom to dispel all spaces around a friendly minion or something


I enjoy using Sunstone Templar in my Argon Zoo decks. It plus blades makes for a nasty threat. I really wish it was a 3 core unit with taunt.


i liked it when it had rush instant dispel . oh well


i also wish stormblade could make your minions and general ignore stun aswell as provokes


Tried Tethermancer?


I have, but there are already plenty of cards fighting for the 4 core slot. It really is just a dream of mine.

As nice as it would be to have rush on it again, I don’t think the rush keyword fits in Lyonar.

It was just too abuseable back in the day.


Rush is definitely way too much and I actually expect the Templar to get better as-is now that Rancour and Vindicator are tearing up the ladder.


So I’ve been running this dude as a 3-of in my main Lyonar heal deck and It’s gotten me to the point where I have got to plagiarize that winged phrase: ‘Turns out it’s preeetty good.’

I love seeing my opponent’s cursor suddenly going still in confusion, then seeing them move the cursor over to check Templar’s ability, clearly thinking ‘what does this thing do again?’ Then I laugh as they agonize over how they can play their Ooz, Young Silithar or Chakri Avatar without just getting it dispelled xD.

At Rank 4 now without trying to actively ladder though; dunno about S-Ranks.


Copying your idea. Added 2 in my healonar deck.
Feels good to have someone to protect your back from backstabbers. Killing pax and surviving is good. Know that your opponent doesn’t want to buff and go face without removing this friend first.


As a Buffhai user, I wish you’d never made this post. +1 like.