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Revising Keywords

This little bundle of thoughts comes as some major considerations of design and purpose. I fell a few keywords are currently getting either underused or problematic. Underused for being too powerful to add anything else in the game using them or too situational to be played seriously besides a few staples, problematic for their design serves for certain specific ideas when in certain creatures but getting overbearing in others. It might be easier to explain what i mean case to case.

Forcefield: retooled as Forcefield:(n)

  • Reduce the first instance of damage this takes each turn by n.

So for comparison, transforming the very definition of Forcefield into the same as Arclyte Regalia’s and truly differing it from Invincibility. I will partially blame Removelyst’s actual shape to this in a minor sense, as the current version of Forcefield makes the most standard methods to slowly remove threats (trading and pinging) harder and harder to execute.
Think the following: when we talk about the medium-lower brackets of force-field users - Sapphire Seer, Sunbreaker, Zoetic Charm, Sunsteel, the intended purpose of Forcefield in their case is to basically deny face damage, values between 1 and 2. Driving a gigantic creature to kill a measly egg instead of taking it face is, imo, already punishing/delaying enough. While as it hits higher brackets such as Kraigon, those beasts essentially fully devolve into “REMOVE ME NOW ELSE YOU LOSE”, nor it helps that our newfound creatures with almost as much HP as a General are already hard to kill. By making Forcefield a little easier to bypass, one can start discussing into making both them and general megadamage spells (hello Deep Impact) more usable, opening space to reduce our quota of hard removal.

Deathwach: Broken down between Deathwatch and Souleater.

  • Deathwach: when an allied minion dies;
  • Souleater: when an enemy minion dies;

The idea to break this one down is simple: there are things that would be ok to churn you entire army onto foes/are built around said principle and you wouldn’t even mind if it didn’t trigger on enemy death (Bloodtide Priestess in particular goes as a good example), meanwhile other effects starts getting questionable, if not actually abusive, when anything and everything triggers it (UnderGate, theoretical Stygian Observer combos, a few Crescendo combos). One can start to discuss really cruel prizes for killing enemies if barring you from getting it seven times by simply swarming.

Infiltrate: make it a permanent state

  • Once this enters the enemy side;

By making Infiltrate effects a permanent state instead of temporary buffs, this opens space for some major shenanigans and revamping of the buff’s notion. First of all, it allows for infiltrate effects not to be necessarily absurd in order to be usable, maybe even making them one-time only events like OGs if able. Second, it allows one to improve Health or add other more long-lasting effects to it, as well craft cards around force-triggering the state/affecting units triggered with it differently.

A couple of bit more questionable ideas could be tweaking the Ranged and Flying Keywords into not being unlimited distance values, but that’s perhaps too game-changing for a single batch.

Overall opinions in those, as well for other keywords you feel might need tweaks?


I kinda like the deathwatch change, but knowing which card gets which version of it will affect several card playability (like shadowdancer getting souleater will make it A LOT worse)


I actuqlly thought about buffing infiltrate by -

5 mana, vanar minion

3/5, can’t be targeted by spells.
whenever a unit trigger infeltrate put “masters of the hunt” in your hand.

Master of the hunt.
1 mana vanar spell.

“Your are in your opponent land”

Enabling stow, waling and infeltrate all over the board.

This is the only card you need to make infeltrate good.

Dancer is, after all, designed with swarming in mind. The only current cards i could see using Souleater in their current design would be UnderGate (only Souleat) and Shadow Watcher (by having both). Crescendo, Observer and Grimwarm could need some revamping of their themes but generally feel like great spots for Souleater anyways.

Mixed feelings on that version of Dena, as it brings up one trait i’d love (being on enemy space wherever you actually stand) but under too many moving pieces to enact that. Just having that as his aura would suffice?

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Love those ideas. I believe your suggestions would open new card possiblities and make Duelyst more interesting.


Hmm, what if Deathwatch was solely an Allied minion perk. Im not saying that the Idea of Souleater is bad, but I simply cant imagine a card using only Souleater. Maybe we could rework Moonrider to Souleater: Summon a 4/4 fiend nearby, or this:
Spire of Souls
6pp 0/6 stucture
Souleater: Deal 6 damage to the closest enemy.
Incredible finishing potential, but lacks in stats and needs enemies to die.

I actually have no idea, but it will give the opening i think without breaking the stats due to broken og.
Plus - you get semi draw and your hard hit cards cost 1 more to boom from anywhere.

I guess there is a neex for refinement though.

Souleater designspace falls in the same area as “x, if it dies, z” spells, imo. Higher costed cards feels me better if paired with some spell-like effects to try and force-trigger it a first time - combining both your examples, imagine this Spire as a 7pp with OG: destroy a nearby enemy minion and SE: summon a 4/4 Fiend nearby. At lower levels we might see things such as…

Apprentice Rayser
4pp 4/5 Arcanyst
Souleater: Summon a Wraithling near that space.

Otherwise we can always have them as Deceptib0t-likes: powerful effects generally gated around it getting one proc due to having that much of an body.

Sorry, I don’t like it. Just don’t see the reason for reworking ANY of the existing keywords, they’re all fine. Keywords are good when simple, no reason to overcomplicate things.

Putting it here, so you know that there’s an opposite opinion. Hope you won’t go otro’s route on my reply :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like your change to Deathwatch, but it may complicate the game. How about leaving Deathwatch as it is, and adding Souleater as a new keyword?

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Fully understandable, heh. I might be a bit hardheaded but Not otro Headed in My Ways of Dealing with People. =w=

Anyways, i don’t see 'em as so complicated - we already saw much of that as the game already is, but not keyworded.

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Forcefield maybe, but separating Deathwatch into two different keywords makes it hard to track which death affects what having multiple minions on board. And controlling swarm is hard enough already.

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Questionable - the mindset of “kill as many of theirs while killing as little of mine” still is a valid guideline but i get ya, depending on context.

Question, tho: you mean piloting a swarm deck or keeping them down? Because i see this as the sort of tool to actually punish flunkie-storm decks.

I mean, playing with swarm. Controlling it as a player, not controlling it as an opponent :slight_smile:

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Just drag-select all of them at once and rush base with lings

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As far as I understand it I like the introduction of watered-down keywords. Withstand x would be the argentum Armor keyword. Souleater as a keyword without changing Deathwatch is also preferable. Duelyst already lost too many players thanks to card and rule revamps.
Yes to opening design space with new keywords
No to change of old cards

Lol. No looking at range? Yall are boosted

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I really could use the time to review it but people already are afraid of stuff so lesser, lel.

We already do have forms of limited-Flying with cards like Incinera and Orizuru.

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I think you meant Prongbok, Orizuru is actual flight/a powercreeped Dreadflayer.

But yeah, i wouldn’t mind to see more stuff like that or perhaps a normalization towards that.

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