Reverse pickpocket archetype?


So, we now have reinforced “take cards from the opponent’s deck” in Abyssian. That’s “steal Abyssian”.

How about the reverse, an angle where we

  • add bothersome cards to dilute the opponent’s deck
  • debuff random cards in their deck

Maybe it’s not in the Abyssian identity though. Which faction would be infiltration and sabotage? Does it fit in Vanar?

  • It could be an Abyssian theme
  • It’s better as a Vanar infiltration twist
  • Another faction entirely (show your lore-fu)
  • This is a terrible idea, go away

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Example cards (propose your own!)

2 mana minion (2/3)
Add 3 Swamp Entanglers to the opponent’s deck. They have -2 health.

1 mana spell
Two random minions of the opponent’s deck now act as battle pets. Draw a card.


What other faction, guys?
Vetruvian, because it’s mind-control-attrition-illusion-like?


I’d say it fits Vet (as a faction with mind play) or Vanar (which should stay as the most annoying faction).

But I also think this mechanic can be just left neutral and accessible to everyone.


So you want something like this?




this is one take on it. might need adjustment for balance though.


This is a cool idea, but it would be super annoying to play against (just like Abyssian)

That card would be extremely OP even if it didn’t give them -2 health. This is more balanced:

2 Mana Neutral Minion (2/2)
Add a Swamp Entangler to your opponent’s deck.

That is a really cool idea! However, this is more strategic:

1 Mana Neutral Spell
Turn a minion’s tribe to Battle Pet.


Ya think? :wink:



The more I think about it, the more I think it is bad design (like milling).


Actually there is already one such card in Duelyst - Sphynx. I wanted to make a Millmar deck with him since the card’s release, but I still lack too many expensive cards to try.

Also I’d like to point out that Abyssian’s cards put other cards in hand, so if you want an opposite effect you’re supposed to put something in opponent’s hand and not deck.


I’m inclined to agree with you. While it might look like it would be fun, it is much more likely to end up being very annoying at the best and disastrous at the worst. I like how you compare this to milling, Imagine what would happen if Mnemovore would be viable :sweat:


…Did you forget that songhai has Joseki?


sandswirl reader
hailstone prison

lemme know if i missed any


If we’re talking Sandswirl Reader, then you should name Bound Tormentor & Mind-cage Oni I guess.


Hailstone Prison?


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