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It depends on what you mean by competetive.

As an Abyssian main, Hai secondary (yes, I said that) I can say that Abyss is not much worse. Aggro Swarm, Crown Swarm, Wanderer, Aggro Cass, Lord Cass/Maehv, DW Maehv and Abomination Maehv are perfectly playable at least up to diamond. Arcanyst Lil is a bit forgotten, but is still powerful. Not that any of those decks are top ones, but isn’t it the same for most Hai decks you mentioned?


vanar actually got a very playable archtypes but most of them are skill based are require a high dooly level.


Theres a difference between competitive and playable decks. The songhai decks that i listed are all in the top 10 of power rankings (bar artifact), this is what i mean with competitive.
Abyss has a lot of playable decks but very few of them are recognize as truly competitive (aggro cass and probably crown swarm), same for vanar. That was the meaning of my statement.


Tierlist schmierlist.

Even the guys who make 'em laugh about what gets in. I hit top 10 with abyss arcanyst last month, with it, wanderer, and Hmmn’s hybrid take on xor (https://duelspot.com/deck/hybfrid-xor/) likely the top three strongest decks in the faction. #1 S was yung money @mrmana3 on reliquarian zirix. Reli-motherfoxing-quarian Zirix.

Point is, you gotta be digging pretty deep to blame lack of ladder success on an “uncompetitive decklist.” Anything can be competitive, let alone playable.


Who said that in ladder you cant be succesfull with those decks? As long as your winrate is above 50÷ and you have time to play alot of games everything is good in ladder.
However tierlist shows the strenght gap between the various decks and its undeniable that right now abyss and vanar have the short stick in that aspect.


the short answer is a hesitant maybe.

The long answer is absolutely flucking not. Wr with arc lilithe was 90+%. Knowledge of what is being run is key. Let us assume for a moment the tierlist is law, not all top 10 decks are run on ladder with equal frequency, and knowing what the noobs are netdecking is in is a good chunk of the battle.

For example, wanderer and ziran are both preyed upon by backline snowballers, which is why arc shidai is so popular. Were this an aggro meta, you bet your ass the latter wouldn’t be ranked as highly.

I would agree vanar lags slightly behind the others for lacking true cheese, but outside of magmar, every other faction has a ton of highly competitive decks which can be toggled to fit the meta or playstyle.

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I’d love to see your arc lil, if you don’t mind.

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Sure thing! Lightbender was the tech due to the glut of arc shidai and poop up in the top 20. Titrate to what’s popular.

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