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Reva the robomaker


getting back with an idea that has been cooking for a while

the idea behind that is - using seekers as a real back line threat, we can utilize our robo - ninjas into doing some damage.
with this - alot of control (that can turn into aggro real quick) tools are present and a bunch of zendos.

drifters are for everything from burst of dmg into early spiral or any other deal.

now - this is far from perfect but it seems to work well until now (1 lose, a few wins).

ideas, critics, whatever you got, storm it into here - help me make the engineer reva a thing to climb with.

The Tower of Babel

You are not scared of missing turn one and/or two I see.


my luck works hours to cover it.
i actually never had a problem with 3 to 6 two drops as long as i have a solid enough control and dmg tools (in vanar it works perfect, here well, we’ll see).


Feel like I’d run an architect, possibly over the bakezori. Smooth out the curve a little.


Funny you say that. I wanted to get rid of MDS but was like bakezori has synergy with it and you need him for draw. But with t2, we can get rid of it.

I would also get rid of EBlades, seems like a dead draw in a tempo oriented deck. I want Battle Pando, but I feel like it would be too many minions at that point. Gotatsu also seems bad outside of egg matchups. With t2 in, keeper could go up to 3. 1 off painter seems iffy to me, Maybe Paragon instead or Hamon for removal bait. The deck doesn’t have the tools to go lategame minion-less so I would advise something in there that can help lategame. Something memey like Sarugi or Dagona for Zendo synergy?

I’ll try this deck out for myself before making changes but those are my thoughts.


sees tons of aggro tools with no aggro turn-1 plays

sees manakite ramp with no real plays to capitalize bar maybe zendo + removal or early spiral, which the deck lacks the speed to utilize properly anyway


Agh. Reeeeeeeeeeee. Angry communist noises


good ideas have been thrown.

going back into my icy land for a while until i’ll have the courage to start learning songhai on a deep level.




@snowshot, don’t listen too much to the naysayers. I won’t say this deck is great but keep trying. I’m sure you will find something to satisfy you. If you have any questions, you can PM me. I’m not the greatest songhai player but I’ll try my best to help.


Still haven’t tested anything yet but thinking about this as a build core deck with tempo oriented plays and spiral finish overall making it a midrange deck, this is what I got:

EDIT: I feel bad playing this. It reminds me how much I hate playing songhai lately because everything good has to be a combo deck. There are no standalone good cards anymore, everything needs to be synergistic to the max to work. I miss midrange songhai before the expansion. I feel tempted to leave the faction because I feel limited in what can be done. 4/6 zendo, 4/5 thorn, 4/3 sunsteel, 3 backstab katara, 9/9 EMP. Maybe its not the faction but the game that has gone stale, idk.

In any case, I don’t like the deck too much, it requires you drawing the right stuff on curve, if you never get a t2 or rX opening, it can feel really bad. This is part of what I mean in that everything has to be synergistic, only half the deck is synergistic so if you don’t end up drawing that half, you fall on your face.


Do you think there’s a way to make Reva and the build cat ninja I to one deck that might work?


What about Hideatsu decks?


It already has been done. Henrykantor did it with reasonable success two team wars ago:

Note that the version with timekeeper is the older version. They were cut in the final iteration.


Songhai is one of the few faction with multiple competitive decks; arcanyst, artifact, aggro, wanderer, ebon ox.
What people that main vanar or abyssian should say than Lol


I’ll throw some drafts into the ring as well. Note these are unteched and untested; lightbender/emp or bloodtear may be needed. Good luck.

My general idea is that build isn’t strong enough to build (lol) around, but the sticky 0/10s synergize well with the old midrange KE/ big boi zendo plays.

Pm @starkopotamus on ladder for more, as he ran build a couple months ago


How do build minions interact with second self? do you get a fully built minion on your hand? does it have “build-triggered rush”? it does say exact after all


to answer my own question:
Scenario 1: second self a building

there’s 2 building “queues”. it follows the longer one, which is sad.
Scenario2: second self a built minion
Goes back to building form.

it gets worse later on. manakite doesn’t let you go past the 9 mana limit.

idk if i am okay with these constraints :frowning:


I mean, that doesn’t really change what I said. Regardless of the state of other factions this is how I feel about Songhai. I don’t play Vanar or Abyss so I can’t really comment on that.

@CHOISEOLJIN, I guess that is one deck that is not that synergistic, but I don’t consider it a good deck, it’s a very slow lategame oriented deck and if you lose tempo at any point, good luck. People are gonna disagree with me on this, but I truly think Ox is on the same level if not lower than the Abyssian trail. Come at me, moggin.


Smh you do know I made a deep run into S with my own build deck back then too.



Only love, my T H I C C n’burly fren.

Ladder is shit, so I don’t start there unless the deck finishes super high (hides moggin’s decklists under the bed).

Nothing is stopping you from posting, either :wink: