[Reva] S-rank spellhai control deck - let's burn the board :D


hello everyone this is my first time i wrote a topic here. so here i want to share my favorite faction Songhai, Reva build that made me reach to S-rank [rank 21] yesterday. after i stuck in rank 1 - 2 for 2 days finally i reach my first S-rank yaay yippey :smiley:

so this is the deck list :

this build was solid & had good synergy in each other.

this is a control based build deck, that’s mean it focused to control the board. it’s different than spellhai or combohai that focus on kill the general as fast as possible, it’s more tempo play. with ghost lightning, twin strike & phoenix fire plus crescent spear you can clear the board easilly, especially it will more effective againts alot of swarm & aggro deck in nowadays meta.

the problem with aggresive songhai is his hand, it can easily run out of hand, but this control deck has a great solid draw engine. this deck is made to play effective. the main strategy is control the board & deal damage the enemy general as it needs(depending from the situation) until you have enough mana to burst & make sure you can kill the general.

slow but sure :smiley:

ah… and sorry for my bad english :frowning:
C&C are always welcome

Need opinions about these decks

This looks like a worse version of Crankyhai - have you tried that out?


crankyhai?? what kind of build is that?