Reva goes Undefeated (12-0) in Gauntlet post Rise of the Bloodborne


Hey guys, in case you were wondering, Reva is still strong as ever post Rise of the Bloodborne expansion, although success with her still has a high dependence on your opponent’s deck. Meaning, if your opponent has a lot of answers to ranged + big guys, and you don’t get offered good removal you can still easily lose.

Below is a video showing the 5-0 to 12-0 games of an undefeated deck that had only 3 spells(!) and ran 8 two-drops.

I stream gauntlet every night from 11pm - 2am PST on my twitch channel. Feel free to stop by and say hi sometime! :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching!


Met u once in the run I think :slight_smile: good thing that you had all the necessary answers. Congratz on the great run anw


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