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Reva Arcanyst Deck Suggestions?


This is my first deck; I’m currently building an Arcanyst Deck for Songhai. This is the decklist I’m building towards. I have all the cards except for two Tri-Wings and two Lantern Foxes, which are substituted for Four-Winds Magi and Juxtaposition for now until I make the switch. So far the deck has been quite fun to play, and I’ve made it to Gold.

I’ve mostly been playing for fun, nothing competitive, but I would like to know the Duelyst community’s thoughts on the deck, especially because I’ve only been playing for a couple months. I used to run a slightly different deck Shidai with more arcanyst minions but I switched to Reva because Shidai’s BBS wasn’t very reliable except for spell-proc. I didn’t like the chance involved in hoping for Shidai’s BBS to give me card draw or backstab, since those were really the only ones I liked. I didn’t think Kaleos would fit (I might be wrong) because the teleport doesn’t do much. So I picked Reva for the offensive potential of the ranged Heartseekers. I’ll try and explain my reasoning behind some of the cards that are in the list.

Chakri, Owlbeast, Manaforger, and Kindling seem pretty integral to the arcanyst deck. Scroll Bandit is in there for a strong 2-drop that can steal spells, which I find is useful not only for me when I use out-of-faction spells, but it also reduces the chance that the opponent will be able to draw that spell. Panddo seems to draw more attention than I thought and it usually takes some sort of removal, which is good for preserving Owlbeast-Kindling combos. Lantern Fox was added recently because it generates those nice Phoenixes. I’ve never actually played with Trinity Wing but it seems like it gives pretty good value for a 5 drop, especially with the 3 1-drop spells.

Gotatsu is really good for drawing cards, Mist Dragon is good for repositioning and for setting up my Scroll Bandits. Deathstrike is good for board wiping with Panddo and for destroying specific minions with the Heartseekers. I added phoenix as minion removal but I usually end up using it on the enemy general instead. Killing edge occasionally gives me card draw on the Scroll Bandit, but otherwise it makes even a manaforger or heartseeker into a strong attacker.

I thought spiral technique was too slow, but someone suggested I add it. It turns out that it’s a really great finisher. For some reason I’ve been drawing a spiral consistently on turn 6 or 7 and not before that, which is just when I start needing it.

I ran Four-Winds and Prismatic Illusionist when I was still with Shidai, but I found that whenever I had the option between my four-drop minions (Owlbeast, Kindling, Four-Winds) I usually casted Owlbeast, and sometimes Kindling for a big swing turn. Prismatic Illusionist itself isn’t a problem, but it didn’t usually survive very long because I had to either cast it where the spawned Illusions would be close to the action or put it in the back where the Illusions don’t get to see much use.

I’ve gotten comments that the deck itself isn’t very focused, but I find that the combination of arcanyst-buffing and ranged offensive presence usually wins me the game. My worst match-ups so far are against the Artifact-Ascension Sajj decks… I’m always astonished at how effective they are.

Anyway, that’s generally the thinking behind this deck, so please tell me what you think!

EDIT: I switched Scroll Bandit for Araras Prophet to try it out.


Firstly, Shidai is for Arcanysts. You shouldn’t underestimate additional spell proc even just for the sake of proc.

Secondly, try Araras in place of manaforger. Not a must, but again, additional procs. I prefer it as a 2 drop to others in my later builds. Actually I run forger, araras and chakri in some builds omitting bandit and teleportation. But it is mostly a matter of preference.

Trinity Wing is also a matter of preference. Not a must. You may actually use 4WM - good vs artifact decks.

I’d definitely recommend running prismatic illu. If lefted unchecked it rocks. If not - the opponent just wasted some removal better used against something else.

Also, you may try barrage in place of spiral. Costs less, 2 spell procs for 1, more versatile.

For the reference you may find @eurasianjay’s or my outdated decks. Mine is within Songhai Trinity thread:


This is the arcanyst deck I’ve been using and it works decently.

As Alplod said, using Shidai for the extra procs for the sake of it is really good and sometimes the backstab and draw ones help a bit.

Second self has been working pretty well too as you can use it on any 4 drop or a buffed up chakri and its really good.

I usually play basically all my minions as if they are ranged to make it harder to remove and then mist dragon/juxta them in when needed.


I’m surprised by the lack of hard removal. What do you do against big bodies, namely EMP?

To the OP. Actually your deathstrike usage may justify Reva over Shidai. But I sadly don’t have enough time to test it to give more precise advises.


I feel games end faster than you might think because of kindling and chakri so you might not need a lot of hard removal.

Also, juxta can be good enough in a lot of situations.


Poison Panda is nice, but I think it’s more of a midrange tech than an Arcanyst one. I also personally recommend some Blue Conjurers for late-game.


Thanks for the feedback. I ran a deck similar to kite’s deck, but instead of Sparrowhawks I had Bamboozles. I’ve always been a big fan of Reva, and when I played for a month with Shidai, I found that I can’t always press the offensive as well as when I play with Reva. Reva’s heartseekers generally draw out a lot of enemy removal so I don’t have as much to worry about when casting minions.

However, since I have all the cards, I might as well make kite’s deck just to compare with my own.


I’m running this deck in low gold rn:

Thanks for the OPs suggestions, it’s a very fun deck. Deathstrike is pretty powerful, ranged is OP. But it’s low gold.

At the first glance after testing seems very good. Played 5 matches in low gold, all won.

A bit afraid of the lack of healing and not much artifact ping, but we’ll see.

What I have to say, it’s probably not less viable than Shidai approach. At least in low gold where I tested it.

Yeah, I’m in low gold.

Btw, illusionist is good, and I never needed barrage or spiral. But we’ll see.

EDIT. Also I doubt bandit’s usefulness in a list with so little backstab synergy. Maybe Araras is the way to go.


What’s more concerning is your complete lack of Juxtaposition.



Now I have to admit.

I’m just not proficient enough to play it properly.

On a serious note, probably yes, I should have it. I just copied OP’s list and tinkered just a little bit.


Personally I think Phoenix Barrage is even worse than Spiral Tech. Spiral at least gives 8 damage for 8, but for 7 mana with Phoenix Barrage + Phoenix Fire, you only get 6 damage.

I haven’t really run into the need for a lot of healing, thus far with testing.

I’m also in low gold atm.


@lonewolf56, playing my version of this deck in Diamond now, it’s still pretty good. Thanks again.

It’s really agressive, and doesn’t have the usual Arcanyst deck problem of having troubles if playing from behind. DSS helps with that.


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