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Returning player!


Recently thought, “Huh. I haven’t played Duelyst is awhile.”

Cue to an all-nighter of playing my 2016 Spell Reva deck and actually getting some wins XD I never considered myself a high-level player for Duelyst, I just never accumulated the spirit to make those decks. But I have some spare spirit after getting the 1k diamond special. Let me know if there’s a meta or strong Songhai deck I should consider!

Anyways, call me avyie, and it’s nice to meet you! A long while back, someone wrote Duelyst parody holiday lyrics called “Reva Baby” & I recorded it. Thinking about it & all the fun I had playing Reva is what reminded me of the game <3 My soundcloud name changed since then, so I don’t suppose the old link will work anymore, wherever it is haha. https://soundcloud.com/paperlatte/reva-baby/s-EjFIs


There are plenty tbh. Mantra shidai if you like spells, aggro reva, wanderer reva, midrange kaleos and ebon ox (usually played by kaleos). Cant link lists atm though


The meta is Wanderer.

It’s nice to know someone else likes Songhai. I suggest making a movement deck. They’re really fun (if you’re not going to succumb to Wanderer, you might as well just play fun decks even if they’re not super good).

Unfortunately, you came back the day before the End. Enjoy Duelyst while it lasts… :sob:







Welcome back. I swear, things are not as bad those two are making it look.


Songhai is just so fun and mobile. Abyssian is cool too, but Songhai always keeps my interest. I did read that things aren’t going so well right now XD Half a year without an update or dev squeak isn’t fun. But the queue times aren’t bad, at least as a Silver player. Thanks for the info!


Shidai looks so cool!! I need to make a deck with her. Thanks for suggestions!


Thanks! I’m still having fun so I’m not terribly worried ^^ I could understand being an active player and being worried after all those months without updates though :< I hope the devs come around soon


Hiya! Welcome back!

I remember Reva Baby…:slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you have a fun time!


Christ… You really can’t help yourself, can you?

PS Welcome back, Avyie :slight_smile:


I can, I just choose not to. :wink:


you might start from here https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/8yxdu7/shidai_mantrastorm_list_and_primer/

That’s a well written (not from me) guide.

I’m pretty sure you will find around the forums something from one of the best songhai players, @eurasianjay


Welcome back, nice to meet you!

Songhai can now do a lot of things, they even have a competitive no-spell deck with Hideatsu the Ebon Ox.

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