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Returning player, how do you beat Arcanyst Vanar?


The good Maehv deck has 3 Prophet, 3 Gnasher, 3 Mystic/Azure, 3 Sphere, 3 Whip, 3 dispel of your choice (Shroud is better), 3 draw engine (Neko or Jammer), and 3 Desolator. Look at Deathsadvocate’s tempo Maehv for an idea of where to start.

Very difficult to create a competitive Maehv deck that doesn’t have the above (although Rescue can substitute for Mystic or Azure).


If you want to safely farm a bit go full gauntlet :slight_smile:

And then i say:

  • choose a starting faction to main
  • craft all you need from that faction dusting almost everything from the factions you don’t like/won’t use.

Then you can start thinking about techs and laddering and meta and things like that…


You sure about that? Only faced ShidaiArcanyst recently and they were far from an easy match-up. I’d think Vanar is pretty comparable. 4+ health minions and a resilient value machine is pretty rough for Magmar. Not too mention the easy access to dispel and cheap single target removal


lasting judgement answers prismatic illusionist
martyrdom answers owlbeast
circle of life answers trinity wing


With the new nerfs to magmar cards, is it worth building towards a magmar deck still or should I go for something else for the first deck I make? Still just grinding gauntlet whenever I play currently to try to get enough orbs to make something


Magmar will still be strong, but I recommend building what you enjoy playing.


what I previously enjoyed playing was heal lyonar and swarm abyssian but apparently healyonar is bottom tier and I’m pretty sure swarm isn’t very good against plasma storm which I think I’ll still be seeing a lot of? So I’m not exactly sure what the best direction for me is at this time.

(also played midrange kara, but back when her bloodborne spell was different and before more than half the deck was nerfed lmao)


There is a swarm Lyonar deck which uses Sunforger that can be buffed out of Plasma Storm range. You might enjoy that, but I don’t know the deck list.


Search the forums for “Brome” and you should find most of these lists

as well as…other things


Rebuke is the biggest threat to Swarm right now imo. The ladder is diverse enough you could probably play either of those lists, but it’s so far from meta climbing will be more difficult.

I recommend big Lilithe if you’re looking for something similar to swarm. You can also kind of make it hybrid swarm by tossing in DFC, BTP or Shadowdancer.


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