Result of the nerfs


Given the holy nerfs on the latest patch, do you thing a new forgotten decks will be valid?
I started running my backstab-hamonzendo kelaos hybrid deck, and it’s so fun surprisingly it worked well too.
Which decks do you think will be good now to run ladder with??


Arcanyst Vanar is still the best, hands down. Hulk Vaath is still a close second. The biggest nerf to an actual viable deck was Kelaino.

Thus, I don’t think the meta is really going to shift.


Same as before. Vanar will maybe shift out Enfeeble, but it’s not hurting too much. Magmar even less so. Chryallis change is irrelevant, and Flash change only affects Juggernaut (and maybe Slither Elder). Nothing major is going to change.


the meltdown nerf is the only thing that will really affect vanar. maybe lyonar will do a bit better without enfeeble.

i feel sad that kelaino is being brought down to bloodmoon priestess level. the reason bp wasnt very good was the very fact it was a 3/3 and can die to phoenix fires, frostburn, and a lot of other things. it would have been better as a 2/4 than as a 3/3.

chrysalis burst was nerfed just to open up design space for egg stuff in the future. as it was there would be no way to add cheap egg hatch mechanics without breaking the game.

flash got what it deserved, nerfing the BS turn 2 concedes


I think even Keilano being a 1/4 would be better than a 3/3. The card is still absolutely bonkers IMO just toned down a bit.


Mechazor: (sees Enfeeble nerfed), (rubs mechanical hands together)


casually slides over a Chromatic Cold


shakes hands with a Hearthsister, selling his S0UL! for P0WER!


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