Required specs for duelyst on Mobile?


I was wondering about the specs on mobile when duelyst will be release . I’m planning to save money as early as now to buy the appropriate tablet for the game


It is still under development, I guess none can tell for sure.


I would say 1/1.5 GB of RAM, a recent enough Quad Core Snapdragon.
Probably something along the lines of a Galaxy S5


Hi there, we have not released any required specs for mobile, closer to launch we will be able to disclose all that information. :smiley:


So how is the mobile version coming along? In the roadmap it is listed before the next expansion. Is that still the plan?


good question I’d really like to know as well
Bus to school is killing me every morning 8D


Nothing to report on atm, the plan has not changed. We are scheduled for a Q1 2017 release.


thanks . but I think it would have a 2gb ram or more i guess . Hearthstone runs slow on my 1gb ram tablet. and they said it would be best to run it on a 2gb ram tablet . i guess we’ll have to wait


Thanks! Can’t wait :smiley:


I cant wait!! :smiley: thanks as always!


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