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[Report]Vahn3188 hacking Bloodsworn Gambler's Trigger%


Starting about turn 9 and a turn later- Excluding its initial attack, triggered 4x and 6x ea turn respectively, replay link,



No hack detected. Just a perfectly legit use of Gambler.


Cant open cuz mobile, how many times procked?


Starting about turn 9 and a turn later- Excluding its initial attack, triggered 4x and 6x ea turn respectively.


your kidding. please tell me you are kidding

  1. You shouldn’t be using the forums to report stuff, it can lead to harassment.
  2. Bloodsworn Gambler is just a really stupid card, and I wish it didn’t exist in this form.


I may’ve misclicked the send button on the report form immediate post game misclosing it, so reporting here in case.


Short answer: Gambler did just normal. You though made serious misplays. I’d like to give some advice if I may.

Long answer WITH PICTURES: Gambler was totally fine, but let’s take a chance to make it a constructive moment and reflect on the misplays you made. You seem to have already some notions of positioning, but you still made some mistakes: you didn’t pressure properly the opponent and you didn’t use your tools at best. Allow me to illustrate…

Since you’ll probaly deal with ranged minions, keep your Rasha’s for minions like Heartseekers, Keybeholder and… GAMBLER. Since the Fireblaze came late, I’d have played Locke on tile, just to have a body with provoke, or the heal priest boi.

Now, considering that your opponent had just milled a card, run away and played like a total scrub, I’d have tried boxing Reva on top with Locke+Day Watcher.
Also Fireblaze on the low tile might be a little too safe since you need to establish board dominance and Hai would have to use resources to get rid of you thick Obelysks…But this is arguable…
Instead the situation appeared like this afterwords:

Here you had the chance to kill Bonereaper with either Third Wish on Wind Dervish+Day Watcher+General and then either body block with the full health DW and double Lost in the Desert. The general would have been at two hp. Would die by Rasha’s, Boneswarm, BoA.
Basically you wasted an ez win right there.
So here’s the result of your actual turn:

Leaving BReaper alive was a huge mistake considering how your opponent positioned it, how easy would have been to kill it, how much hp you had, and your advantageous board presence.

… Still you had a chance to redeem yourself, as this was the scenario after the opponent’s turn:

Again chance for full clean in order: Dervish->Bonereaper, General->Paragon getting one tile closer, DayW->Heartseeker.
Clearly after that LitD x 2.

But as Duelyst has tought me: if you ain’t gonna do it, your opponent will, and will do with a spin fire punch in your private area :slight_smile:

Which means that you actually wasted your turn killing stuff with BoA, pushing with no reason Day Watcher super far leaving your opponent the chance to make a fool of you with one of the memeyest card in the game.

Hope this was useful.
I assume you are still getting familiar with a bunch of stuff in this game so let me suggest you what once somebody suggested me: against Reva use pressure with big bodies and provokes when you have them, and also preserve your tools to deal with out of reach enemies.
Reva’s lists hardly use healing (some play Herald and Mystic) but normally they’re full aggro, and with a list like yours, which even with the arguable twist of Day Watcher seems pretty decent, you would have really easily won this match.

Keep on playing, you’re on the right path :wink: !


This is perfect.


If it’s 50% chance to trigger, it’ll trigger once every 2 initial attack, but for above events’ improbable?


that isn’t true. the odds reset everytime it hits. it could hit 500 times if you where lucky/unlucky, then if they survive, it could hit 500 more times.


Some true simple maths explanation’ll help.


Sorry, that’s how probability works. Something that has extremely low probability won’t happen to a lot of people, but may still happen to you.


Getting hit four times is like 12,5% I think… not that improbable.


ok, you guys got it wrong. when you flip a coins and it lands on heads, does that mean next time that it has to land on tails? no. everytime he attack, he flips a coin. he can have anywhere from 1 attack to 15 attacks, to infinite attacks (if they happen to have a sarlac out). that is how it works. it really doesn’t matter what happened last time, at all.


TL;DR: Gambler high rolls =/= Hacks
Also, read up on Gambler’s Fallacy

And the probability, that you wanted:
Extra Attack on First Attack: 50%
2 Extra Consecutive Attacks: 25%
3 Extra Consecutive Attacks: 1.2.5%
4 Extra Consecutive Attacks: 6.025%
5 Extra Consecutive Attacks: 3.125%
6 Extra Consecutive Attacks: 1.5625%
7 Extra Consecutive Attacks: 0.78125%
8 Extra Consecutive Attacks: 0.390625%
9 Extra Consecutive Attacks: 0.19453125%

(This amount of RNG is still likelier than winning the lottery.)


It doesn’t work like that. If you flip a coin two times it’s entirely possible to get two heads or two tails.


It’s easy to test this by flipping a coin 100 times and recording them. You’ll get many instances of 3+ heads/tails in a row, and may easily get a 6+ as well.


This thread gave me a new idea: Day Watcher Gambler Zir’an.

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