[ Replay Suggestion / Discussion ] Viewpoint Selection


TL;DR: Implement the ability to choose which player’s perspective you are viewing from in the “Watch > Replays” listing (as well as in Friends List viewing as well) - there are other QoL things that would be nice, but this is biggest for me.

Long Version:

I run a series for another game under the title “Trials” - focused on dissecting matches between various players, usually in high-level play, though rarely to also showcase interesting deck concepts or entertaining (sometimes lucky) plays.

There is definitely a desire by my subs to see this series begin including Duelyst. I have to say, I love the majority of the design in Duelyst (the pause/real time/etc. functionality of the replays is exquisite) - the major hurdles I’m encountering though are player perspective.

Currently on the Watch>Replays list, it forces you to the perspective of the victor (this spoils the ending, players will know the winner before entering), and they’ll also only see the winner’s options and choices. I was considering masking the cards, but we still have the color indicators and initial mulligan that sadly still give this away.

Now, I could try friending all the higher-level players (and the players that submit games, as well as their opponents), but that would reach a disturbing level, and I can’t be guaranteed to have invites accepted… so it’d be extremely limiting.

there is an argument against this, in that the “hand reveal” is considered to allow easier reverse engineering, but since we already have the winner’s hand, I don’t see anything especially destructive about allowing us to view the loser’s hand as well.

In the UI perspective, could simply include a mid-line under the watch button, and clicking on the player’s side, would allow you to view the entire game from that perspective that time around (I can sync and edit around having to record it twice).

I really do miss the old Suggestions forum (I would’ve put it there if it still existed…but sadly, it does not) - I would rather have this discussion publicly so High-level players, other content creators, and average players could have the input on what they like/don’t like in the system as well (as it is important to have a community view, rather than strictly for my view, just for a series)

Revisiting a QoL topic - Replay viewpoint (and now Spectate)